Rewiring the System

Suicide: Earth Moved Under My Skin

Trust Issues: What does it mean to the inner being when they are put down, physically, mentally, and emotionally time after time? I want to hear how you are from you and not through the Grape Vine…

I am about to loose my Mind!

We are lovely intelligent people, both men and woman who are around the globe living singly scattered in the Diaspora. Once upon a time, ages ago, we coalesced, as molecules we congregated toward one another, where we could support each another. There was no grinding loneliness acid eating your entire world from the viscera inside. We worked together in such close proximity that the quality of each persons energy from the core to the skin was discernible.  We could know each other. Not a situation where ou can Say, I had no idea he was Depressed!  All energy both good and bad, comes and goes, yet unless people are known as they are in the here and now, people fall apart, reason sleeps as the scroll of sensation unwinds. Love One Another Is The Letter Of The Law. I can’t say this enough.

High achieving people unwind down and are lower functioning though the community does not recognize this bump in the road. No one asks, ‘How are you’? There is no touch of caring follow through. Who can I trust to hold my tender crumbs as my solid self crumbles under unexpressed emotions.

Passive aggressive lack of help as needed because of self involved selfishness  and personal outrage at little and big matters, cloud caring. Which one of us will take the responsibility to care about one other person and the pervasive falling apart of our social order? People get farther and farther apart emotionally,  intellectually, and physically as we imagine we are tourists in our own lives.

Sure, the Net holds our attention, but we each need someone to really know how we actually feel. Constant focus on the Internet allows no strong commitment, there is no skin in the game.

There IS A Person Behind Every Screen

Every Cell In My World Misses YOU

Every touch and every thought we  have sends out a wave of sound.  The waves blend into patterns which weave our world and build the beat, our pulsing rhythm. Being interested in knowing *What* is happening to you and what is going on inside you as you are sitting next to me as we look into the diode is Very Important.

Comorbidty, the pervasive illness of individuals and society is abrasion. I must want to apply the correct potus, the best special mission in making this unbalance right. It is a Marine style operation to save lives. Listed in the military acronym as a *DIET*,  Deep Infiltration and Extraction Team, to “leap frog” across great distances and apply the best effort to help a fellow traveler to pull them out of harms way and to heal.

I want to call up your inner special forces as courage.  

I want you to ask everyone in your circles How They Are Feeling, and what is going on in their lives and what emotions this stuff is generating.

Jargon in service to the platoon to work together with everyone having some ones back falls under the funny nomenclature: FARP.  Did you know it was developed in 1979 at HMX-1 as a means of immediate safety of people.  Often the identy of the helpers remains classified and unknown. It is time we step out from under cover and speak with the truth hidden in each one of our hearts.

This Day, when so many people feel like here is a holiday commemorating how single and alone they are, is the right time to pick up the phone and call. Make the world shaking connection: Hello, How Are You? I am thinking of you and wanted to call and connect.

Our Globe Is Shaking. The negativity we generate because of depression goes into the core of our planet. No energy is lost. It settles and reacts as the pressures build up.

Quaking Explossions




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