Rewiring the System

Attention Blindness

Are you blind to ‘The Right Partner’, what are ‘ The right conditions’, Can we search for’ the right diversity’ in our caring for our human family? What will make me Happy? Who has the creds to cross my threshold? Is there a person who does not fit the greater outside mold who could help humanity and make me happy?

Normally,’ The Outsider’ is not allowed to speak, so that ‘the organization’ can preserve and substantiate their basic flaws. The weekend I saw the smooth Movie: The Sting’.

What time is is: you do this and do it on time You do it at the time I tell you . Is this a plan for creating a productive system

There were more than 30 people who worked in-sync to pull off the heist. With enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow. From different places, cultures Stop playing at games from a lower order for an assumed lower order people, getting a lower order result. I guess some smart people have to start calling up and actually talking with one another . It is time to go out for lunch. Come visit NOW!

I am invisible because of the distractions outside. Linear control of the electrical pumping of thoughts that happen in every human, yours and all the other peoples brains is keeping each of us as bags of stuff held within skin clicking … We meet to step out from behind the computer screen and have real face time looking at an other person or persons on a regular basis.

I am sad. I get typed words that have not materialized.Hold My Tender Heart in Your Hands This Day and Tomorrow

My heart can no longer take un intention no attention.


I feel a serious lack of respect from multiple stations. No flowers for Valentines day is a big deal. Blind to the purpose of attention is no excuse. Hey I am just blind to you, baby.  It is not that difficult to create Happiness that is gorgeous. Stop creating and preserving the problems you were created to solve.


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