Rewiring the System

Santa Catalina Is America’s Galapagos

Posted in Health,Inner Power,Travel by rewiringangel on March 5, 2012
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Buffalo on Catalina

Timeless tidy golf carts travel along the streets. It is the transportation of choice of the local’s. The beautiful walkways and fabulous hiking trails are filled with flora and fauna which grow no where else on Earth!  Flipping Bright Orange Fish swimming in the lakes and collected rain water lake size cisterns tucked in scenic spots in the manicured wilds.

This island is a wonderful place to languish in the wonders of solitude, when daily reality becomes tiresome, leave it all behind!

The Ferry ride, as the song says, Is 26 Miles Across The Sea:

I took a bus ride around the reserve which I could not recommend. (Your experience might be pleasurable.) Every screw was loose and the road was rough, bumpy and winding. Try the Hummers or Vans to traverse the hills.

Of course going by foot is the finest adventure with the expansive views, great clean air, and all the time to go where your heart chooses. The moment you step foot on this island here you’ll see that freedom and fearlessness are a way of life.


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