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Saint Patrick’s Flute Song

Posted in Ilsa,Inner Power,Rewiring by rewiringangel on March 20, 2012
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You are perfect to me…

His name is Joseph. He is a student at University of California at Berkeley. Growing up in Los Angeles and coming to school where he intends to stay through more than one degree, means he lives in a dorm complex which happens to be just across the Sports Lane which goes by my front window. We could have had dinner together in the same Cafe where he takes his meals. This particular dorm houses the major JOCKS and the smartest students in the undergrad classes. This pairing was created by the University in an effort to get the Jocks to pattern their study and curtesy lives after the academic high achievers. Joseph did not know of this coupling though he did wonder at all the sports guys and wondered how come he was put in this physical fitness athletic prowess environment.

Tall and slim with the sparkle of clear intelligence Joseph walks into my building. He is here after writing a proposal for his cultural anthropology class to investigate the building which I call home.  He wondered about the process of aging since his grandparents moved into their retirement years with the  a quality of despair. The sadness they express through their bodies as they move toward the end of their lives.   responded to the effects of passing time and aging. Being afraid

He was resistant to follow the idea which might answer a question that has been bothering his mind about his human condition.

As I recover from my crisis of illness, my crisis in trust of those who I had thought of as friends as well as most of my medical professionals especially the psychiatrists and psychologists, and faith that the past cam be left behind in the pits of history.

I notice more and more how people seem to be adjusted to the profound laxity of soul that the first world has held up as a life to be aspired toward.

First World Biting Away At An Inner Life That Answers The Questions About The Process of Living and Meaning of Life.

Joseph is a wonderful help in this process of getting my ideas organized.


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