Rewiring the System

Heart Breaking: Body And Soul

I cant get you out of my Heart!  My heart is sad and lonely and I can’t get you out of my mind either! Why am I stuck? Something must be wrong with my love Personal Navigation Divice, GPS!. How often do both, you and I,  struggle with unrequited desires for affection? Lately I have either unwanted pushed on me unwanted demands for a certain response or reply in interactions…. Or, though it is hard to conceive, that no contact is offered from the who and where I want it ever so much. I am sure I am not the only one  who from time to time wants to have attention, to want to have your attention.

Bring On My EPIC Fulfillment

Valentinos (male) or Valentina (female)

This morning  had a long conversation about the process and effort to maintain a relationship. There are times when the very person I want to have my back has left the building! My heart has not heard the door slamming.  I am hearing a tune that is out of rhythm with the curent song in a certain dance of the genders. I feel an actual ache in my physical being in the area of where my heart is in my body! OH My Aching Heart!

My overall well-being, including both emotional and physiological components, are affecting my heart health.

What is amazing is that this is a lesson learned over and over distinctly different with every person I let into my life.  As a person in the Human Race, I know we share this emotion. My heart is sad and lonely…

Why haven’t you seen it?



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