Rewiring the System

Basic Manners in Nation Building

Is your speech true? When you speak to me, are you being certain that you are Kind in generating the directive thoughts? Is what you are suggesting, proposing, and planning, good for both of us, specifically and in the greater groups generally? Is this action important and a priority for working well in this time and this place? Community means coming together with a gift.

Together we are more capable and happy

Last week I was examined and found that the stress I have been exposed to from various vectors have broken my heart!

I go in at the first available appointment for an emergency sounding to see just how stressed and swollen my actual heart is at this time.  Stress is a major cause of Inflammation and the plack does break down the proper replication of the very building blocks of what makes us truly Human.

What is keeping me from saying what I feel?

What is Keeping me from saying what I feel ?

This was not my issue or my physical psychological case before Xmas. Lately, people just do not show up when they say from the person hired to do my laundry up the human connected chain. I wonder if this is more wide spread than I can imagine?  Someone says they are coming and there is no call and a total no show!  Isn’t it really important to be able to count on your friends and employees? People speak to one another with such confrontation and punch the very air in the surrounding space without a thought to the consequences.  Give and take , cause and effect, moves the atmosphere around our bodies and this very planet!

When I back away, I find a complete misunderstanding from the person, people who are talking with me. The misunderstanding is coming from their minds and confusing both thoughts and feelings which generate garbled communication. Words are misguided like a hammer missing the head of the nail and hitting the thumb! Ouch!

There is no connection between thought or appropriateness of what they are saying as a means of conversation and communication. Yesterday at the concert, the three woman talked through the first quarter of each piece of music. I turned after the last applause to explane why I had looked at them and each one of the three woman told me exactly, actually, and point blank, ‘ That they did not know they were speaking!’

Today in my own home I had to hold a mirror up for insight to occur. There is a  demand to explane yourself, over takes collegial conversation especially on a topic of mutual interest. It is tiring to have to hold boundaries up against verbal bullying and visceral to the gut attacks.  These uncultured sort of behaviors are unnecessary when loving flows from one to another. The unconditional human care flows like honey and is both expansive and contractive. Love in the action and Love in resting states make up everything that is Natural.

How very gracious it is to ask yourself:

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it beneficial?
Is it necessary?
And is it the right time?


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