Rewiring the System

Huh? Happiness

I am trying NOT to find what I want outside myself. I really need to build a certain strength and loving esteem as I learn not to look for happiness from others. I want ‘others’ around me to collaborate on critical issues that have a bearing on my humanity. We are people in groups. Groups build Societies.  Life works when people get along.  We share thoughts, ideas, projects and ‘fun and games’, cooking and cleaning, cuddling and more…. etc! I need to find what really makes me happy inside myself.  It means that I have to relax all the working parts of my human and animal systems.

Last night I was in a huge room full of really intensely smart basically privately focused on the screens straight ahead. It was the big day for soldering class. Many of the most gregarious folks turn out for this ongoing option.  There are kits to make all sorts of blinking, singing, pulsing objects.  How do they put up with this chatty smiling redhead? I really enjoy my time in this club house Hacker Hang Out. The amazing part is that they know my name and are very friendly.

The Wonders of Noisebridge!

It is huge to be completely different from the people in the room. I do not code or work in coding language as those in the surrounding system of being and thinking at the Hacker Space. My life, both in thinking and working, does not involve the behind the scene, back door, of the computer world. I have a computer which I know how to turn on almost all of the time. Now I am into learning about things that Geeks do every day. I am an enthusiastic beginner. I used to have huge problems all the time. I was unhappy!  I have a friend who is my ‘go to guy’ when I get various viruses and worms. In the past they were arriving on the back of some attachment or such in an invisible Trogen Horse. Geeks woke me up to the joys of knowing a little more. One step at a time I hope to turn my HUH into Happiness.




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  1. goossbears said,

    The contents of this post and its pic poignantly reminds me of Pirsig’s infamous 1974 philosophical novel ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values’ (ZAMM),

    ZAMM is a must-read, or a must RE-read, for all of us!

    Huh? Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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