Rewiring the System

My War With Nature

Walk in the world with a soundless footstep, and please leave no foot print.

It is midnight of our souls and I ask you to look around in the darkened landscape and see with clarity using the inner light, the search light to guide us on our way. I ask that we hear all the laws intersecting with your opened heart.  I ask us to live simply with the gentleness of a deer.  I tell you that I feel the war inside my very being, My Human Being.

Today, I was cleaning out the bottom of my closet where I had stored my many pocket books, purses, shoulder bags, and wallets.  In a laundry basket style ‘Rubber Maid’ blue handled strong and sturdy square.  I have saved more bags than I will ever really need. I have one of each of the many stripes of Jacobs robe. Under the weight and burden of more than I need, I have lost the simplicity of the deer.

This is my Spring Cleaning First World Problem. Old Stuff: My handbags, my shoes, my shirt, my jeans, my trousers,  my home, my town, my state, my country, my race, my religion! Is there a connection to ourselves with what is more serious? I am really ready for a real spring cleaning. Today it is a trust issue. Do I trust that I will present myself well if I have less choices? Am I frightened by the little things that I thought I had overcome or put out of the way?

I am weighted down, over run, and over come with the sheer mass and number of my possessions. Even though each week I deliver a bag of clothing and stuff to people who might want what is extra to me.  I take bags of things to the goodwill collection, yet I seem to have more than I actually use.  I have so many articles of clothing that I love yet I don’t wear. I can only wear one shirt or jeans at a time.

I can’t sort my stuff alone. I need a friend to sit on the bed or in an easy chair to keep me company and give me their thoughts on what I should keep and what should I toss.  Tonight, after going through the container of handbags, I am only able to send one into the sack that I will send on its way away.  This is my continuing war with my nature.

Last night I followed the half mile wide  more than six hour path of a tornado moving at about forty miles an hour along the great planes. I listen to the radio warning people to get out of harms way and under ground. I watch the pictures of the TV feed of the destruction of the possessions of so many households.  All the stuff that defined the lifestyle of families lies scattered turned into rubble. I sit here in the relative safety away from the storms looking at the much loved things turned into toothpicks by the spring cleaning vengeance of Mother Nature!

I can hear the defining sucking silence resounding with earth shattering vigor.


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