Rewiring the System

Standing On One Foot

I look like I am doing well but I am standing on one foot. I have two legs and they both can reach the ground but my weight is supported on my left foot.  I am not the only one who is teetering. One side of my body is supporting the other side which is lingering in a sort of dream land. My bodies physical reason for this behavior is beyond my understanding I wonder what information is being conveyed by my nervous system to my operating system between my ears?

Perhaps I am  as some one has suggested, that I am hiding my pink wings that are part of the flamingo. I am turning toward Flamingo behavior. I am one of the many animals,who has the ability to have half of my body go into a state of sleep. Is it possible that when one side is rested, I like the flamingo, will swap legs and let the other half sleep?

Standing On One Foot

For several weeks I have taken treatments to try and regain my balance. I must be getting better if I notice my body. I can feel that I am not standing on my two feet! I have to make an effort to tell my right foot to accept as much of the half of my weight so I can stand properly!



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