Rewiring the System

Murder / Death, What Is The Difference

I have been thinking about the pressure and pain that pushes a person to the edge. I have been thinking about the seeds of sadness which are the kernel of stepping out of the Human Body into another series of choices. It is like walking on the skipping stones I tossed just down the hill from Harper’s Ferry dock.

This is the way this place looked when I was there

This is where John Brown captured the attention of the nation like no other abolitionist or slave owner before or since. He was killed by the Marines for his effort to free five men who happened to have a different color skin. A large group of people killed a few because those people were treated as possessions. This end of life happened for what reason?  It was Murder!

Walk Down To The Edge Of The River Where The United States Civil War Started

On 22 July 2011, a mass shooting took place at the AUF‘s summer camp, where 650 young people were staying.

The Red Circle Is The Island Camp

A young 33 year old man who spent 13 or more hours every day of the week “trained” for the attacks he carried out in Norway last summer using the computer game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and World of WarCraft. Anders Behring Breivik, arrived on Utøya dressed as a police officer and told those on the island that he was there for security reasons following the explosions in Oslo which took place a few hours before. He then began shooting at individuals, continuing until the police arrived one hour after the first alarm call. The suspect immediately surrendered. Combined, the attacks in Oslo and Utøya, (This island is largely forested, with some open spaces), left 77 dead, with 69 killed on the island, 55 of whom were teenagers. What is strange about this country is the strong racist mentality in the general population.

I delight in the Glowing Flower Of My Life

Lately I have been listening to the talk of life and death. I hear in the undercurrent that people talk more about their refusal to imagine mortality. It is a cycle of beginning with birth and ending with death.  Is the term used to describe the cessation of all biological functions an end? Is there more to the end than we know?  Not thinking about mortality can surface in the strange mental illness and murderous reaction into action. Knowing that there is an end to our mortal being makes every thought, emotion, and act sweeter and a richer experience. For some people the way to find that moment of intense richness is in violence. Choose to make the hard choices in life and enjoy the ride.



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