Rewiring the System

Expanded Moral Horizon

‘Surviving Progress’
How do we survive our need for progress. Some people are swept up in the drive for more things with a sort of need for ownership zeal that defies my imagination.  This is an important film to see. The best aspect of the film extends a true definition of Economics. 
Economics is a juggling bogus theater creation by an international Oligarchy. This group has somehow pillaged our today away. How did less than 10% of the globes population keep the rest of us in a haze running in circles.  We are drugged by inordinate desire for things we really do not need.
Based on the best-selling book A Short History of Progress, this film  walks us through the major “progress traps” facing us in 2012 , into the next 20 years.
 I recommend that you and all of your living relatives go see this sobering longer view look at what we have allowed to happen to us as a human species.

It shows just how much more smoke, mirrors, and misdirection,  spins out by those leaders who are stomping around our planet.  They are relieved, ‘ that the trees are the right size’ since in the minds of Oligarchy their images are a supersize secret.   The ‘First World’ collective accomplishments are forecasting our own demise. If you have not searched You Tube for the many videos unter the heading of First World Problems now is the time to do it!

This evening I saw: ‘Surviving Progress’. Though it is not a love story it is a true tear jerking series of interviews. It is riveting.  Here is an organized statement of  where, when, and why, there is an Occupy Wall Street Movement here in the United States and around the world,!  This fine film lists the reasons for the  Occupy movement and makes the true and real point clearly.

The time is now for each one of us to start change our purchasing patterns to remove the legs that the Greedy Banks use to hold up the draining of our human resources.


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  1. las artes said,

    There is so much that could be said/needs to be known about this current political theater and the subject in general that these useful idiots are trying to raise awareness about. First of all, some of the participants in these protests who are legitimately upset with the billions of taxpayer money that the banks and firms received virtually as reward for reckless use and squandering of the trusting public’s investments are justified in their sentiments. Further justified are those sporting End The Fed signs as it indicates a more consumate understanding of the problem. Unfortunately the aforementioned only make up 1% of the crowd. The remaining “99%” while well-enough intentioned is made up of legions of indoctrinated, 20something leninists who have no idea what true capitalism is but have been told that it’s the cause of all their ails and needs to be abolished. Little do any of them know that the people looking down on them from their glass towers are the ones behind the “movement”.

    • Yes… You and I and those paying attention must find a way to lead. Thank you for posting. Some how your comment went to my spam folder. Why?

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