Rewiring the System

Push Forward

It is our only choice. It is the only thing to do. This is the most successful way to change the world. It is doing acts of kindness. In this way we will start to push forward, one little nice act at a time. Push Love forward out of your heart out into the world with spin so the push on the product moves  to touch the other persons heart. Push forward ‘gifting’ in kindness using words and deeds is the plan.

The nurse put the injection needle for the shot that will protect me in a small way against getting pneumonia. As her head bent slightly so she could see just precisely where to shoot the medicine I could see her eye glasses had the screw loose holding her glasses together. I mentioned the screw and that I noticed the problem. But she fell into a slump. Obviously she has a lot of little details to tke care of every day. I know how she feel. I have not gone through my mail for a month just because there is so much going on that some things are just piled up!  She slet me know with out using words, that getting it fixed was so complicated and to hard to  this week.  I tell her that I can go down to the eyeglasses shop on the ground floor across the street. She looks at me and says with the complete verbal handle: Are You Kidding!  But I persevere and tell her I will go now. She hands me her glasses in their nice weave case. It is simple for me to manage to take them into the shop. There is a long line but I step back to the workshop area. I say that I noticed the screw coming out of the Nurse who gave me my shot. He stopped what he was doing and picked out the precise tiny implement, turned a few twists on the ear peice intersection then turned to the other side nd tightened that one two. He stopped and cleaned the lenses and Smiled at me. I brought the glasses back in just a few minutes and for me it was not a big deal …For me it is the living kindness which lives in me. I feel that young people have to be trained to think of others and in this process actually think that We Are All In Life Together. We must be nice and live using Honest Ethical practices. We are the last remaining members of a pre singularity society.

After this doctor visit I was in need of something special for myself. I drove down to Union Square to get my rings cleaned. Then I walked into Sacks 5th Avenue on the corner. I walked around and allowed the various sales people to reach out to sell me stuff. One man gave me a flute of champaigne, clear and crisp though not to my taste for myriad reasons. I was looking around for a sun screen that will not bubble my skin! I have a horrid reaction to the Copertone spray on . I have to pick up a strong medicine to help clear up the thick inching rash. I went from one sales keosk to another but to no avail.

The last stop was next to the back door. I was on my way out. A nice man came u to me and asked me if I wanted a drink and handed me a sacks label bottled water! Then he tells me that I have a kind heart and hands me a lovely gift in a fashion forward package of wonderful spring colors for my face. He was pushing thr kindness forward. Each act of kindness with no reward or cost expected in return is very important.

Let us have the courage to change some things to have choice of life style. The collection of information by the NSA and now google and facebook and on an on Now Privacy Laws No Longer Apply.

Companies and not the Judicial system which was set up by our constitution have been swept aside. It is time to come together and move forward to take our country back from the corporations.




Fickel finger of fate


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