Rewiring the System

Sad Truth

Actions speak Louder than Words.  I know this, since words are just warm air passing lips. Actions, on the other hand, move mountains and bring hearts together.  The True Gracious Character never uses language as a weapon that draws blood. True Character never speaks in a manner that sends sounds out toward another person that will Punch Pain into that persons Heart. Heart Ache is an attack on the very core of life. The increasing number of heart attacks in one manner are a collection of attacks until the organ just is so punched it gets broken.


Integrity never Injures. I need to understand the collective underpinning of that, which is “we are all in the same boat”.  (If this url is not hyperlink it is beyond my computer skills. I guess you will have to cut and paste!)

That it is ridiculous my watching me watching you trying to have your own boat. We are not going together anywhere. No part of this Me Me Mine is useful to either of us. I now must start rowing again since I seem to be a traitor of the normal ‘Me First’, Schadenfreude! I am rowing toward the collective to contact and connect with ship jumpers who are feeling the welcome to row all together now.

Clean your ears and listen: How does one prove that light travels faster than sound?

Easy: Observe how some people appear bright until one hears them speak..!

Character Never Draws Blood, Character Never Punches You In The Heart

I absolutely LOVE Kucinich!



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