Rewiring the System

Suck It Up

Don’t cry for me,  suck it up, don’t cry for me! Sadness will not attack my soul,  I do not want you to cry for me…. Surrender your soul to me and do it with out fear, surrender your heart and soul to me with gladness and with all the love in your heart.

I had the great pleasure of watching the performance by Gloria Estefan, Jose Feliciano, and Sheila E. for the The President Obama family and friends.  In the conversation by the performer before the music, she said that No Llores meant Just Suck It Up and Move On , in the local vernacular. It seems like a good start in understanding Be Here Now salsa style.

Gloria opened the “In Performance at the White House: Fiesta Latina 2009” with “No Llores”. Also, at the end, Estefan together with Jennifer LopezThalíaMarc AnthonyJosé Feliciano, performed a rendition of her Spanish-language classic, “Mi Tierra“. With the White House as a background stage set the salsa rang out. Like any of the many Latino, Latina party complete with live music, out on the grass lawn, sometimes in a tent, this performance was monumental.

No Llores Don’t Cry
No llores, no llores, no llores, no llores x 4

Si vas a entregar el alma
Hazlo libre de temores.
Si del amor mucho se aprende
Se aprende más de los errores, ¡ay!

Deja de llorar, deja de llorar, deja de llorar
¡Ay! no llores, no no no ¡qué va!
Deja de sufrir y suelta los temores
¡Ay! no llores

Si un día no me quisieras
Dilo de frente y sin traiciones.
Toda la dicha que vivimos
Se queda en nuestros corazones

¡Ay! no llores por mí mi amor
No llores por mí, no llores por mí, no llores más
¡Ah! no llores por mí
No, no llores

El día que yo me muera
No quiero que me manden flores.
Lo que me des, dámelo en vida
No habrá razón pa’ que me llores

¡Ay! no llores, no llores por mí
No hay razón para que llores así
No te preocupes, deja el llanto
Y escucha mi canto que dice así

No llores, no llores, no llores por mí, por mí

Si no disfrutas de la vida nunca podrás ser feliz.
¡Ay! no llores, no llores, no llores, no llores por mí
Que la vida es muy corta pa’ seguir sufriendo así

¡Ay! no llores, no llores, no llores más
¡Ay! la vida es pa’ gozarla na’a más
Oye mi amor lo que yo quiero es que tú me digas
Que a mí tú no me vas a llorar jamás

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry x 4

If you are going to surrender your soul
Do it free of fear.
If one learns much from love
One learns much more from mistakes, oh!

Stop crying, stop crying, stop crying
Oh! don’t cry, no no no no way!
Stop suffering and let go of your fears
Oh! don’t cry

If one day you should not love me
Say it up front and without deceit (lit: treachery).
All the happiness that we lived through
Remains in our hearts

Oh! don’t cry for me my love
Don’t cry for me, don’t cry for me, don’t cry any more
Oh! don’t cry for me
No, don’t cry

The day that I die
I do not want them to send me flowers.
What you would give, give me it in life
There will be no (lit: it will not have) reason for you to cry for me

Oh! don’t cry, don’t cry for me
There is no reason for you to cry so
Do not worry, stop your crying
And listen to my song that goes (lit: says) like this

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry for me, for me

If you do not enjoy life you will never be able to be happy.
Oh! don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry for me
Life is too short to keep suffering this way

Oh! don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry any more
Oh! life is for enjoying, nothing else
Listen (lit: hear), my love. What I want is for you to tell me
That you are never going to cry for me

Understand Enjoyment: The show reminded me of all the suffering in the world and how just a little of unconditional love and a real partner to share the trip and travel and wonder of living together in a life of service to the greater good for Peace for all persons and beings.  She is a woman after my own heart. Her Integrity and morals mirror my belief that there is a man in this world and it is worth the patience until he finds you.  Romance is of such value that it is important to know what you want and wait for the Man who knows what you have to offer him at the end of the day. It is a tough world and Home must be a place to be cared for and to return the caring.

I have been alone inside myself for far too long and I am ready for that Moment…

Gloria became romantically involved with the Miami Sound Machine’s band leader, Emilio Estefan, in 1976. As she later revealed, “he was my first and only boyfriend.”  She and Emilio married on September 1, 1978. They have a son, Nayib, and a daughter, Emily Marie. The family lives in the Miami Beach, Florida.


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