Rewiring the System

It Must Be True

Is Depression on the rise? It ought to be, if we face the kind of self-world we have created unto ourselves without seeing the way out of it.

Yes, if we actually face the full extent of the horror of this reality we ought to be VERY depressed. It would be a sentient, sensible and reasonable response.

I am wondering about the ones who are not ‘depressed’ by it !!! With what excuses they pursue their karma dodging.

So, feeling depressed is a very good starting point, a honest, genuine one. Then we, you and I, need to realize that our depression won’t get us anywhere. It is helplessly reactive. Rather, we need to realize how we are completely account-able in Cosmic Tension for our ‘self-world’, and the creative potential that comes with this realization. It is time to say It Must Be True. It is time to get cracked and let some of the horrible slime slither out of cracked and exploded places in our skin. It is time to let in the light of life and wake up to who we have become to one another.

Then we need to discover and master the most potent human resource there is, that:

Thinking frames what ‘IS’  each one of us as a self-world. This means, we can also wipe the slate clean intelligently and within reason in order to beget the self-world that manifests the Highest Good of all humanity together as one. We can stop being mean to each other. We can stop hurting each other with harsh hurting words. We can start to care.

I have been fighting cancer for almost two years and in that time the people in my family circle, the ones I would expect to be caring and to care for me have not. I believe is it a societal dysfunction. I believe that all around the United States there are people suffering who do not have a loving arm around their shoulders to give strength and comfort. I send out this missive in the hopes that some people will extend a little effort toward the people in your world.



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