Rewiring the System


What happens when you threaten the self-perception of the person in front of you?

It happened tonight to enough people entering the theater, that as I sat on the sidelines the man taking tickets came up to me and said …. (something like what I imagine a guardian angle fluttering said),

‘Maurice Sendak, would tell you, that when your conversation is seen by another as an attack, you should behave just like a child and turn around and let them see your back!’ Just take a minute and imagine what a child would do in the same situation. Then do what your inner child would do. You will be in the Night Kitchen among the stellar sparkle and your wish will come true.

Ahhhh MAURICE, You gave each of us a dance to do with the wild things. I will miss you.

25 years ago, or so, I bought my daughter the characters in the Wild Things which she has to this day sitting on the top shelf in her cloths closet to be ready in the event of intractable rigidity. Get ready to jump off the intersection where people act out of fear that their self image is under imagined attack.


Maurice Sendak
Born Maurice Bernard Sendak
June 10, 1928
Brooklyn, New York
Died May 8, 2012 (aged 83)
Danbury, Connecticut
  • Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Writer
Nationality American
Period 1947–2012
Genres Children’s literature
Notable work(s)
Notable award(s)

Maurice Bernard Sendak


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