Rewiring the System

Your Home Town Stomach

Posted in Consciousness,Home Made,Travel by rewiringangel on June 1, 2012
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Yes, no matter how sophisticated I have become the ‘taste buds’ in my gut lead my life. My favorite foods are grown on my childhood hometown wind, water, and soil. That corduroy road with the well worn ditches riddled with rivulets of nostalgia like the smell coming from the kitchen when you open the front door after a long day in grade school.

I have a very special place for my grammar school breakfast. Real long slow cooking oat meal cooked just right so that each flake absorb just amount of water to be soft in the inside with desecrate individual boarders.  Just before serving my Grandmother would stir in a whole egg. My Grandmother had her eggs delivered from a local country farm by a man driving a wooden wagon with a shiny chestnut horse. The yolks were golden orange and full of deliciousness. The oats and the egg created a third flavor very different than each of the ingredients.  It is like any good relationship the ‘third person’ created when two people truly come together is a real treat.

I have a friend who has traveled the world. We have never talked about his Hometown Stomach but I have spun out some little stories completely made of imagination..


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