Rewiring the System

Never Two Without You

I have been single for a few years. It is a gap in life that we all share knowledge and empathy about. I have been wondering why we all seem to have a space where we are as Lone Wolves?  Only by knowing my self and loving, accepting all the aspects and the facets of aspects and the aspects with floating fruit will I enjoy this time between Hugs. The time I use to bring out my soft sweetness and struggle with the change I want to see and be will be the prime as a partner. We who are healthy want to be loved, deeply and truly for a long time through the ups and downs which make life and love such a ride.

My man has to be good with himself too. Clear mental, emotional, physical poise where the space he saw and worked to clean out in the Gap can be filled when two flaming hearts when they get magnetic together. Nothing is optional and the tender human, passionate physical,  come as gift to an ‘I’ the individual. We can wait and watch each other, them-self and myself as we rise ready to offer ourselves as a person come together with a person who wants me with a deep hunger . This is that spark I want to feel and share. Since  anything less is not clear ability for us to connect, come and become One Together.
It takes two balanced individuals to make a relationship. It takes two, Just me and you.

Tomorrow, I am not going to be prepared for the depth of the feelings that will wash over me when I am whisked into romance and recognition — but neither will the lucky person who inspires them. It is Hot, Lest I worry that’s a bad thing, I keep in mind that intensity is absolutely necessary to commitment

I am on a meditative path where my personal actions mean I an striving to live the integrity of my heart. I work to actualize Good in people I meet .  I am waiting for the person in my heart or in my dreams is wanting this sly eye dance. He has to have worked on his and their mental, emotional, spiritual recognition that happiness with one another is health. Life is a chain of Gratitude. As I look out into my minutes I do not have to struggle to see all the Blessings I have here in the beautiful house and all the wonders of good fortune. I am filled with joyfulness and  wonder. This makes me happy with my work and happy with my moments. I am ready to be swept off my feet and brought into a partnership, a real working unit of the human family.

I am often misunderstood since I wax poetic but there are people who I see face to face that feel my deep quiet core and delight in the bubbling mirth. I am waiting lady like and all here in the place where choices about what I think about can be used to serve the greater good for all people.

My morning starts with the normal splashes, we who have clear running water associate with the machination of morning; face and teeth, a comb through my hair and I am ready to sit and choose to place my consciousness in Peace both in the vertical staff along my spine and the horizontal wave that connects us all. Peace in every one of my cells, I call The Beloved. I ask that the Beloved comes into my consciousness so that I can have that one point to be attentive with.
Peace inside so that my reactions to events and my encounters with the flow that is ‘things as they really are’ work with us creating goodness
How long does it take to open a path between two strong creative and passionate individuals? I want to Open A Path for the flowing golden plasma that feeds everyone’s soul sustaining, supporting, and creating good connections.

No more My Way Or The Highway where Relationship falters because of omission in communication as well as sleepwalking thru life which does not allow for the attractive joy that deep feelings do in making both people strong and successful.


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  1. It Takes Two Baby! Baby It Takes Two.

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