Rewiring the System

Adam and Eve: Can You Love Without Freedom?

Tuesday 24 August 2004
Adam and Eve

Can you love without freedom?

I spend time thinking:
Your trajectory zigs
This way and that away.
Our friendship falters
For a dollop of freedom

I spend time watching
The wake waves cutting
The surface tension
Whitens the shimmering sea
Out into the ocean of life
Our little ‘almost’ wanders

I spend time drinking in your scent
Over and under the flow
Of life and its energy darts
Like so many pheromones searching its vector
Your oil wind borne billows
Filling my nostrils
Circulating yet
Missing your core.

I spend time listening to your heart
Scattering its waves,
Creating in the jaw, sending
Sounds your brain pumps out to
Tell the covered story
Of yes and no
So many no’s

I spend time tasting what you taste
Over and over the same old same old
You ask, is this what I can allow?
Zigging and zagging from yourself
Will you ever know now that you knew?
When it burned you, searing deeply.

The rules for being human
Start with freedom
To breathe in and out
And breathe in the other
Until another fills your lungs
With yourself.
This is the freedom to love.

How do ‘words’ grow out of thoughts?

How do we as prehensile thumb wielding human thinking persons form words to be breathed out into action?

From where do the sparkle ignited manganese seed of an idea come?

How does that need to communicate to the other side of your skin happen?

I have been wondering HOW all of the movement of sound gets started by a creative consciousness which communicates.
I am getting closer to a small understanding about being silent enough to find a certain solemnity which allows being able to view the continuous display of  Life.

It is amazingly hard to objectify the fluctuations of reactions and interactions at the same time participate with authenticity.

It is Loving intention

as attention

to each detail

at every intersection

that is the path

toward the ever continuous expanse.


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