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My Letter To

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 22, 2012

Dear President Obama:

I am an angry American. I’m angry that you have chosen to break nearly every promise you made on the campaign trail. I did not vote for the Clinton’s, yet their staff are your staff. Are their choices your choices or are you under high pressure? I’m angry that you chose to continue the long tradition, started by your predecessors, of complete service and loyalty to corporate America and complete disregard for the American people. People voted for you because of the HOPE that this would be changed by your Presidency. I’m angry that, instead of being the President who made us proud to be Americans, helped us feel safe in our country, and strengthened our civil rights, you have brought shame to our country and expanded the continuing war against the American people and their civil rights. I’m angry that you’ve made Americans feel like criminals in their own land by continuing to give out of control agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI even more power to invade our privacy and ignore our Fourth Amendment rights. I’m angry that, at every turn of the road, at every single opportunity, you have betrayed us. You have sold us out. I feel unsafe from the police, who in my entire life were Public Servants, and now beat innocent Occupy Protestors. I am an ordinary stay at home mom and I am being tracked and my communication stored and searched. To what purpose? My Question is what sort of government is available to Citizens? I would like your personal reply to all the people who voted for you four years ago. Thank you, Ilsa

Ilsa Bartlett

“Don’t ever get so big or important that you can not hear and listen to every other person.”
-John Coltrane

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