Rewiring the System

Romney: What Are You Thinking? Seventh Inning Song!

Horse Ballet:

I can only imagine that the so called ‘closeness’ of the contest in our American presidential run off as litmus test showing the true racism across our country.The numbers must be a reflection of how many people cannot imagine a Black Man Doing so well as our leader. When Obama came into office our reputation around the world was in the pig stye. Obama behaving with respect to all people living on our one globe, lifted our country. We are cash flow strained but politically balanced. I am afraid that the behavior of Romney during his travels has spit out gaffs with a rudeness unparallelled in this century.

All the tooty-fruity about Romney as governor is a bunch of crap. HE WAS NOT A GOOD GOVERNOR AND IS NOT RESPECTED EITHER AS A CONSERVATIVE OR A LIBERAL Romney spent less than a  year in Massachusetts and the other three years in South and North Carolina planning this run for President. He was a horrid Governor.  Ask any Massachusetts resident, either Republican or Democrat.

Telling the British that their Olympics were not good enough! Again in his comments in Israel, he sparked conflict with both the Jews and the other various nationalities living on that strip of desert in the volatile Middle East. Then his prancing misplaced words in Poland spells international difficulty! I and many people I know, had an OMG! Moment. Romney is not able to lead our country. He would not grow our reputation in the world community. He will not care for the core American Values. How is this man a representative of the Republican Party?

Is the Romney run supported by Grover Norquist? Who gave Norquist all this power? And how can we bring Norquist down to the peoples level? I want a full on government investigation into his arm twisting which is hurting the country as a whole. After the 60 Minutes show how is Norquist able to still be afloat? Is the Legislative branch of our government in a straight jacket?–dressage/415194

Click on the June 12, 2012  and 19 too…Stephan Colbert video on Comedy Central.





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