Rewiring the System

Loving Jazz

When I was 9, I would sneak out of the house on South 6the Street near Snyder, when my Mother was asleep and walk into the Center City. One night I stood in the doorway of the Jazz club called the ‘Log Cabin’ on South Street at Broad in Philadelphia to listen to John Coltrane. This club was an important stop for the great musicians on their national or international tours.  I was just to young and small to be allowed in the club.

He was my heart sound. He was the sound that the tip of the creative arrow makes in the the sleeping mass.  John Coltrane was coding time and place. The real artist is of his time and place as a true mirror of the goings on. He expressed the repressed anger of the 1950’s .

I listened to My Favorite Things album every day I came home from junior high school.

I have long been interested in the intersection of the history of truth and how with a ‘collection of options’, people in general, and forward thinking individuals would create our human future. What to do with people who speak out?How to dig into the data stream in real time?
I love John Coltrane, his passion and fire, his musical comments, ‘speak out’ loudly about the anger of racism, touched me as a child and on into my teen years. This music and this man who listened to his fellow beings with his heart served to create my personality and core values that ‘I am my brothers keeper’. His time with Sun Ra, who played free concerts with his entire space cadet orkestra thrilled me. Many Jazz creators taught me to listen to life, listen without the barrier of ideology and ego. I guess in current parlance would be called Mindfulness.  Jazz really formed my mind. Dave Brubeck too.


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