Rewiring the System

Norquest Usurpt Democracy

I am a radical, made so by the monied wing nuts who use Norquist and his sort to destroy civil society where rules and laws are no longer for the smooth functioning for all people.

One of my pictures was used on ABC news last thanksgiving as the police BEAT woman sitting on the side lines as the battalion of militarized police stormed the port o potties in front of city hall. The news caster gave me her private line and said if I am Ever Bothered to Call Her First!

In my America! I raised a daughter and was a normal homemaker come to find out that I have a complete dossier. This told me by an acquaintance who has NSA connections. For what reason when and where I pick my nose becomes important?
Cory Doctorow predictions are current news!

I took a foto of a cop in Oakland taking a picture of me as though to intimidate me. I said we are both being watched and laughed in his face. He stepped down. Here I stand against the 85% who are having a Near Life experience bathed in religious appearance not giving any attention to the corporial fact that I Am My Brothers Keeper.

I am glad to stand with men and woman who are questioning what is going on.

I am nobody I am not a coder or a systems anything, yet the stroke of my fingers on the key board is collected! Where does all the Google Information go as it is siphoned through the Moffett Field down the road from where I sleep?

Our society is asleep in information Entertainment Manipulation that no longer poses as information or news. It is a tragidy that the world we will leave to our children is poisoned. Both ideas and ideals are long underground. Our water and soil is poisoned. The Tea Party is about destruction not building. Those who speak up are called delusional wack job.

I was at a party this week and someone asked as we sat in a circle telling jokes and listening to one another, she asked: Who is the FBI plant in this room. Imagine asking that a few years ago? And it was wondered in complete seriousness. It must have been me. I must be the FBI plant! I am neither smart or interesting enough for that to be true.


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