Rewiring the System


If a thought grows out of the workings of the brain,  then a Conviction is the guidance that grows out of the Heart. Integrity is a conviction of self esteem working with in a family and out to a community and our Globe, this blue pearl.

It is not a clever argument, a conviction is a firm belief.  I believe that most often it is not verbally sharing a belief but the very living integrity that moves others into action. As a parent I had first hand proof that it was the way I moved, spoke, treated others, and lived my every day life that was the great teacher. It is my actions that I impressed on those under my care how to behave both in times of joy and those many times of struggle.


Just a few days ago while I was leaving an appointment I was told that she was glad I talked with her since I always leave her with a smile on her face! That could be none other than the conviction of joy in my heart that rounds out the sounds my words try to convey.

Conviction is a seed for understanding the infinite amount of time and energy each of us have to complete the thought, contained in a word and that string of words that brings people close to one another. The evidence is in the action that always speaks louder than words, thought without words we would all be miming with painted faces and stripped leggings.

I remember with great fondness the time I drove my dearest teacher and monks around on their errands. I would sometimes have a group of monks in my car on the way to the grocery store. There were times when visiting monks came to see my teacher and I was asked to take them window shopping. Most often they wanted to go to the poor part of town and look around in the thrift stores in that community. My teacher liked to go to great malls in various towns around where he lived.  People who view their lives as Spending Time, learn by watching the way true meditating servants of the common good live, is a great adventure and gift in itself. This also taught me to watch how people mirror my behavior.

There were no words shared but the conviction that was taught, is to always want to see every part of the world with no fear.  I walked with conviction born out of inner integrity where few choose to shop.

In fact, one day, long ago I was in such a very thrifty thrift store with three or four travelers when I found a big packing box of High Loft European Goose Down ‘Famous Label’ with the embossed coat of arms,  (Ralph Lauren), king size pillows for fifteen dollars each! What a great surprise. The next day I went to Bloomingdales and found the regular size of this same pillow for three hundred dollars each! I guess it was not being afraid to window shop deep within the wrong side of the tracks! Probably these pillows were not sold earlier because the usual clients did not know what they were or their exorbitant usual cost.

The conviction in my heart is: we are all worthy people! No matter how much stuff we have or how much it cost.


Hug This Emotion!

Yea, Reach out and hug my thoughts as I unload them on to this space.
I am wondering about the levels of our shared imagined material world… Material, If everything is material how can I live in the flow of particles which demand that I am kind to myself?
So I understand the things I can see, touch, and hug. I believe in the world of thought since childhood. I had a drawing of a bit of space with wings and the heading: Thoughts Have Wings. I know that emotions are as real as my toes even though I cannot reach out and grab an emotion.
Mother Of The World
I know that the thoughts I have as I go through life, as I drive in traffic, as I dance down the aisles of my well stocked grocery store move my body, mind and heart. I can feel the pitter patter when I see a dear friend approach. I shrink from confrontation with bilious sorts. The function of my senses bind me to the solid forms. I am ready to step into the energy which is magnetized by the action of where I choose to place my thoughts.
I had a great insight when His Holiness The Dalai Lama informed the world that Kindness is his religion. He shouted this into every media site in an effort to wake people up to the definition of Kindness. All kindness starts with Kindness To Yourself. Otherwise, unless you have a direct actual internal experience in your own life you have no real experience. All truth is truth that you have lived. That is the way you can know ‘stuff’.
People fool themselves that they understand grace, goodness, and kindness, all the time. You can tell who is actually knowledgable and who is putting on the airs by their behavior in words and actions. Truth is Love In Action, playing out on the breeze that is the breath of our Mother Nature.
Our Lady of Kibeho

Crystal clear sweet sharp clarity in taste and poise, touch and scent, in beauty for all eyes to see.


I left New York and the east coast of America for the weather and unanimity of the bay area but I do not long for my past as a ‘home’. In fact I went back for several weeks last year for my birthday. I saw all my dearest best friends and retraced the steps that helped build the person who has this life I now live. I noticed that I am traveling at an inner pace which is different than the outer wave length lived in those seasons that now will always be my past.


I am home in my heart and at peace as I strive to see the energy in its more refined layers of My Material World! Accomplishing everything everywhere without exception!

Any Minute Mindfulness

I am standing in the glistening azure water at the Lions Pool in a park in Oakland California. I have escaped from a family farces of verbal abuse that felt like a energy vampire had sucked all the joy out of my being.  Now I was standing in the water saying to my self over and over, ‘I Am Here Now.’ It felt like heavy lifting. Just saying the words of this mindful sentence was like dragging an entire building of historical emotions into the proper receptacle. That was then and this is now.  I was not going to get lost again. I had to tell myself that what had happened was not happening now. I struggled to take the time to look around at my surroundings and get my balance. I was working on being Mindful. At any minute now, I was mindful.

This is such a good thing!  That the word Mindfulness has entered the main stream vocabulary. It is a sign the masses have a notion that they have a brain service station.  At last I have some glimmer of understanding that my mind has some directing process in life.

Like driving in the evening, the headlights on a car serve to show us the path ahead. The actual understanding that our mind can function in this way to help us see where we are, and what is ahead, is a wonderful step. This is the first step for peacefulness. This works from the inside out for both the individual and global life.

This is True: Being A Good Person

This is True: Being A Good Person

Using the word, Mindfulness, in work places and in schools is a sign that populations are becoming aware of the existence of a mind. It shows there is an interest and hunger to become familiar with the concept of mind.  What is this aspect of my being and what does it actually do? The inner thoughts and tools are very ancient. You can search the concept and how it developed in India.

HHDL gave a teaching this year which you can take time to watch:

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.
~ Audre Lorde

For this, (Mindfulness), we have to forget things like “I should be mindful of this or that”. If you are mindful, you are already creating a separation (“I – am – mindful – of – ….”). Don’t be mindful, please! When you walk, just walk. Let the walk walk. Let the talk talk. Let the eating eat, the sitting sit, the work work. Let sleep sleep

Hurry up, at any minute I will be mindful!


I was not loved as a child. Watching TV last night, I heard a person, I believe it was Clay Aiken, on the Trump celebrity contest speaking so frankly about his experience of being unloved. It made me rigid. I sat up straight and listened with both my ears and heart. Certainly, this was a shared tinsel rigid reaction connecting collectively many people watching this show last night.

I was unwanted accident which caused my parents to divorce. They were the original Yuppie Couple. My mother was a successful stock broker with a corner office at 2 Penn Center Plaza. She managed a pool of ‘worker bee’ men in the adjacent opened room with many desks. My father was career Army Intelligence who felt it was not safe to have children in his line of work. When they married both agreed that they did not want children. Then the power of their passionate relationship with one another speed the sperm into the little miss muffet waiting egg.  My mother was 54 and my father was 10 years her senior. Surprise. I found myself in a family where no preparation for another human would be accommodated. They did not want anything to come between them.

At four years old I remember going through the attic and My Mother going on about how the diaphragm did not work and how I ruined her life! I did not understand what her words meant but the ice of her meaning cut my heart. It was the first of many heart breaks in my life.  When my Grandmother died I was put in horrid foster care. My mother took me to the court and had me declared an ‘Incorrigible Child’. That means she thought I was a criminal. I was eight years old! I have turned inside and developed a series of personality veneers to cover up my tender sweet self. I decided to love myself as best as possible and turn my attention to the truth that guided the universe.  Peace through Culture!

I met the last living leader of the Anasazi when the happy sweet couple came to meet HHDL in 1991 in NYC.  “Anasazi” is Navajo for “Ancient Ones” and true to this linage I feel a great heart connection to this group of Original Americans.  My father worked with the Navajo Nation in the late 1930’s until the end of the second world war in 1945. I remember the houses as I spent time in the house of the Chief. I was glad to find this picture which gives a visual to my personal memory:

In the central parts of the Navajo Nation, near the Black Mesa (Arizona), roads are often poorly maintained, and are sometimes in nearly unusable condition after very heavy rains.

I am glad to have touched the soil at the threshold of this Navajo Nation house. It connects me with the great flow of humanity around the globe. But the natural Animal Love for one another is something I had to pattern for myself as I watched family action in different situations in my travels. I never knew what it felt like to be truly loved unconditionally. It was the one thing I was sure I wanted to convey to my child from the very beginning.  Love is all there is. I look forward to this unconditional human caring.

Sad Truth

Actions speak Louder than Words.  I know this, since words are just warm air passing lips. Actions, on the other hand, move mountains and bring hearts together.  The True Gracious Character never uses language as a weapon that draws blood. True Character never speaks in a manner that sends sounds out toward another person that will Punch Pain into that persons Heart. Heart Ache is an attack on the very core of life. The increasing number of heart attacks in one manner are a collection of attacks until the organ just is so punched it gets broken.


Integrity never Injures. I need to understand the collective underpinning of that, which is “we are all in the same boat”.  (If this url is not hyperlink it is beyond my computer skills. I guess you will have to cut and paste!)

That it is ridiculous my watching me watching you trying to have your own boat. We are not going together anywhere. No part of this Me Me Mine is useful to either of us. I now must start rowing again since I seem to be a traitor of the normal ‘Me First’, Schadenfreude! I am rowing toward the collective to contact and connect with ship jumpers who are feeling the welcome to row all together now.

Clean your ears and listen: How does one prove that light travels faster than sound?

Easy: Observe how some people appear bright until one hears them speak..!

Character Never Draws Blood, Character Never Punches You In The Heart

I absolutely LOVE Kucinich!



My evening out with my local musical circle finds me sitting next to people who just hold their breath!

Why? So I mention this in passing and am told he has been doing this since he was 5!  Breathing out is an idea that I wanted to convey to as many people possible. It is perfect as a beginning step in the long slog toward Self Knowledge.

There are a lot of words which are connected with individual progress when you are ready to start moving from a blob of slime to a true friend to a person a woman can count on when she is in real need. Do you want to feel compassion for yourself and others? More than a language compassion is action to be balanced and whole in thoughts and deeds. Avanti! Forward. You are involved and the place where you are sitting becomes wonderfully quiet.

It is flaunted as a word, but though you look it up in books and a dictionary, how can you figure the twists and turns of actually caring. I mean to start by caring for yourself at the beginning of your hike. It is not simple to progress for yourself yet alone going out of your way to care about another person.

Compassion is a virtue — one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnection and humanism — foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and personhood.  (Wikipedia)

The principle of compassion: Do to others what you would have them do to you.

The Compassion Of Mono-Tasking:  There are two schools of thought on this. One says: juggle tasks and get stuff done a little at a time. This type of incremental thinking is prone to mistakes. The other school of thought is a little more pure, and a lot more simple: Focus on one thing at a time, get it done and move on to the next task.

So start caring for yourself at least 5 minutes every hour by breathing out as forcefully and with as much grace you can. When all the air is out just relax and allow your inner organ Bellow such into your lungs a full measure of the vital air combination that you and I and all beings need to breath . We do this for the energy to be able to do what ever it is that we think we should do. Breath out and let the air return and Say 1. breath out and let the air return and say 1 and continue to do this until you are focused on the out breathing and can feel the return of the air into the crevices of your lung balloons, always saying 1.

it is the pink one and the blue one and the yellow one and the purple one

Breathing is not a hierarchal competition but a mono-tasking. This is important for your nervous system to take time out and just breath without making it a big deal about the ultimate universe. This is not a gag gift like any leap of faith. If you want to see how many breaths you can do in 5 minutes, just count 1 and that is how many 1 in time and space there is just 1. Then reach out to the ones who want you around and see how a few minutes of counting to 1 can smooth you out!

“All” Life Is Suffering

I live in an ideal temperate zone. I am “Riding” a three-wheeled third world conveyance in a fast lane turbo charged First World rocket ship (conveyance).  Financially I live on half below the poverty line, about three dollars a day to supply all my human survival needs. I live in a Wide country where there are an amazing diversity of transportation options. There are skates, skateboards, scooters, a variety of two and three wheeled options, though the best three-wheeled car is no longer in production! Along almost every road you see a wide spectrum of trucks and cars. Cars in every price bracket and of many colors move from place to place.

In many cities and the inhabited countryside most people choose to walk from place to place. In the great cities people do not own cars, yet around the world, it seems that the bourgeoisie define themselves by the shape and color of their car. Lifestyle Is a very trying ride indeed!

How are you actually exercising your choice? Are you walking, running, riding, being driven, or driving? Are you a prisoner of the marketing flow? Or do you find yourself being swept along by the force of the mass? We actually are flowing along like water never daunted by the rocks and slumps in the path. In a life of grace, with gratitude for the gift of life are you driving a luxury car?

Have you chosen to use out dated and outmoded connivances like a carriage on a freeway or sleigh on a sunny sandy beach?

The time to look at transportation choices raises questions as to the authenticity of your thoughtful attention about your how you are functioning as a member of the totality of all human beings on this globe.

Figuring out how you fit into the system reflected by what you use to get around from here to there where ever you are traveling, participates in the practical way insight into some meaning of your life as you fit into the greater unity of Life.

“All Life Is Suffering” is a current typical mantra banner clouding our understanding about our momentary here and now. Even in our happy moments there is this painful  background noise. What is this “suffering” publicized in the shinny clay-coated fashion pages and other popular magazines, books, TV and Movies? Perhaps it is desiring more than what we really need to live well and prosper? Time is the new currency.

‘The Eight Fold Path:

The Wheel form is often used to represent the Noble Eightfold Path

All eight elements of the Path begin with the word “right”, which translates the word samyañc (in Sanskrit) or sammā (in Pāli). These denote completion, togetherness, and coherence, and can also suggest the senses of “perfect” or “ideal”. ‘Samma’ is also translated as ‘wholesome’, ‘wise’ and ‘skillful’. The Noble Eightfold Path of The Buddha, who described it as the way leading to the cessation of suffering, “dukka”, and the achievement of self knowing and self-awakening. It is used to develop insight into the true nature of phenomena (or reality) and to eradicate greed, hatred, and delusion.

The Noble Eightfold Path is often represented by means of the dharma wheel (dharmachakra), whose eight spokes represent the eight elements of the path.”


I Have The Craziest Feeling About 2012

“If there is love, there is hope to have real families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real peace. If the love within your mind is lost, if you continue to see other beings as enemies, then no matter how much knowledge or education you have, no matter how much material progress is made, only suffering and confusion will ensue.”

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The truth is that when we live with our eyes opened, we can make anything that is dangerous, difficult, or depressing into a positive process for ourselves and for others.

Every day I come into contact with people who are unable to function in the manner that allows them to have the whole cookie and not just the crumbs.  Have you noticed the widespread anxiety among the general public over the year 2012?

I Am Wonder Woman

Certainly this is going to be the beginning of a difficult decade, but today I have a line of credit with the moving molecules of everything we manage to understand. I have a friend who may or may not be my best friend first… I have a crazy feeling that this New Year is going to be very good for both of us.

Have I Been Good For You?

Have you grown and filled out as the deepening of your self knowledge? Are you a stronger individual since you have been reading and communicating with me? Has the irritation and negativity shown itself in such a way that you are able to change your habitual lock step?

Miss Mona Lisa Engine

See The Sunshine Surrounding Me As A Blanket of Goodness

Watching hair or grass grow is a function of our short sightedness. Those of us who work for the 5 year plan find their nervous system, and their body which the nervous system energies, to be bumped around by the hard boundaries constructed, created, and channeled by their view of reality. The Long View allows both the flow and the spark of Consciousness to expand. This expanded View finds the best path through the forest. Of all the intricate paths over hills and across creeks grace and ease moves you when you live as the Long Sighted Imagination. Because of the structure of matter & of the chemical bonds that underpin every organism, evolution is not random at all.  The word gullgubbe means “little old man of gold”, it is not able to be destroyed or a pushover as it has real value!


guldgubbar are art-objects

Just as your understanding of little things grows as you point your thought or heart on that site, so too your understanding expands to include the idea as ideal as the flow of life. We are, as light refracting particles, shimmering dust, or molecules, moving in space at the speed of light. As Bucky Fuller suggested we are pushed in the ever new forward direction traveling with out galaxy. Change is Constant! Beauty, all beautiful, from the most dusty to the most dense arrises in our line of vision as you and I stretch your eyes to the farthest focal just over the most distant pass. Point your thinking heart at the intersection. Choose to direct  your body, mind, and heart, into a dance with all other life and you will start to see your consciousness in action.

When you taste even a droplet of the path of truth, then all you want to do is follow that sweetness both inside and out. Gradually you can see your consciousness assemble itself . It is a thought puzzel at a higher turn of the spiral that introduced itself to your thinking mind as you watched the Blue Grasses of Kentucky wave in the warm air moving in a souther summer afternoon.

Grass Growing JoyFull Living

Grass Growing Is An Example to Train Our Mind To Watch Our Consciousness Grow To Encompass Seeing The Flow Of Joyful Life



3D Structural imaging

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a good article. Click here for more information.

Representation of consciousness from the seventeenth century.

Consciousness is a term that refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts. It has been defined as: subjectivityawareness, the ability toexperience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind. Despite the difficulty in definition, many philosophers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness is. As Max Velmans and Susan Schneider wrote in The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness: “Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.”

Philosophers since the time of Descartes andLocke have struggled to comprehend the nature of consciousness and pin down its essential properties. Issues of concern in the philosophy of consciousness include whether the concept is fundamentally valid; whether consciousness can ever be explained mechanistically; whether non-human consciousness exists and if so how it can be recognized; how consciousness relates to language; and whether it may ever be possible for computers or robots to be conscious. Perhaps the thorniest issue is whether consciousness can be understood in a way that does not require a dualistic distinction between mental and physical states or properties.

At one time consciousness was viewed with skepticism by many scientists, but in recent years it has become a significant topic of research in psychology and neuroscience. The primary focus is on understanding what it means biologically and psychologically forinformation to be present in consciousness—that is, on determining the neural and psychological correlates of consciousness. The majority of experimental studies assess consciousness by asking human subjects for a verbal report of their experiences (e.g., “tell me if you notice anything when I do this”). Issues of interest include phenomena such assubliminal perceptionblindsightdenial of impairment, and altered states of consciousnessproduced by psychoactive drugs or spiritual or meditative techniques.

In medicine, consciousness is assessed by observing a patient’s arousal and responsiveness, and can be seen as a continuum of states ranging from full alertness and comprehension, through disorientation, delirium, loss of meaningful communication, and finally loss of movement in response to painful stimuli. Issues of practical concern include how the presence of consciousness can be assessed in severely ill, comatose, or anesthetized people, and how to treat conditions in which consciousness is impaired or disrupted.