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A New York Minute

How many New Yorkers know the definition of the New York Minute?  ‘I doono da answer to dis ’cause  New Yorkers use the phrase correctly without needing to be telling the meaning’ says the guy at Third Street deli, ‘it’s in the water’!

A New York Minute is the time between when the street light turns green and it takes you to get your car through the intersection. That is the power of a well oiled system based on trust that the safe history is constant and Trust. All the past times I drove in that quarter of nanosecond, I trusted that I had somewhere to go and the perfect clear lane to use to get going. By the way, A nanosecond (ns) is one billionth of a second (10−9 or 1/1,000,000,000s). One nanosecond is the relation of one second as an equation of one second is to 31.7 years. The Ultimate Be Here Now is A Billion To One!

Ready, Set, Stop!

I am finding that traffic in New York City is less mean spirited and more trustworthy than most human traffic. Nice people exist in about the same ratio of a Billion to One!

In the two years of my battle with breast cancer I have the eyes wide open abandonment. People run away for truth, commitment and caring. I know that so many people have experienced this same suffering.  I guess it is an unspoken aspect of illness in western society. Friendship that feels just like the changing of a traffic light!



Your Home Town Stomach

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Yes, no matter how sophisticated I have become the ‘taste buds’ in my gut lead my life. My favorite foods are grown on my childhood hometown wind, water, and soil. That corduroy road with the well worn ditches riddled with rivulets of nostalgia like the smell coming from the kitchen when you open the front door after a long day in grade school.

I have a very special place for my grammar school breakfast. Real long slow cooking oat meal cooked just right so that each flake absorb just amount of water to be soft in the inside with desecrate individual boarders.  Just before serving my Grandmother would stir in a whole egg. My Grandmother had her eggs delivered from a local country farm by a man driving a wooden wagon with a shiny chestnut horse. The yolks were golden orange and full of deliciousness. The oats and the egg created a third flavor very different than each of the ingredients.  It is like any good relationship the ‘third person’ created when two people truly come together is a real treat.

I have a friend who has traveled the world. We have never talked about his Hometown Stomach but I have spun out some little stories completely made of imagination..

Do Not Mock Me On Rose Day

Happy Monday. Today is Rose Day, the day when you give people you care about a rose. It is a heart happy holiday. “Praise Mothers”, Japanese society adopted the second Sunday of May as the official date. It is a rather commercial holiday, and people typically give flowers such as red carnations and roses as gifts to Mothers and other special Woman friends.  If you do not get a rose is your heart feeling a little crack in it’s structure?


I remember each intersection when I felt my Heart being broken. I guess the veins and arteries demand conductivity driven by the word “With”.  My heart responds to the change in connection. Starting the complex story from scratch is not short and easy. I guess I am taking a risk by sharing a fact which I am sure  we all share since heart ache is a shared human experience. The series of affronts happen too often to too many people.

I guess it is the way we think about one another. I feel people are constantly modifying and reinforcing the walls that separate us one from the other

Huh? Happiness

I am trying NOT to find what I want outside myself. I really need to build a certain strength and loving esteem as I learn not to look for happiness from others. I want ‘others’ around me to collaborate on critical issues that have a bearing on my humanity. We are people in groups. Groups build Societies.  Life works when people get along.  We share thoughts, ideas, projects and ‘fun and games’, cooking and cleaning, cuddling and more…. etc! I need to find what really makes me happy inside myself.  It means that I have to relax all the working parts of my human and animal systems.

Last night I was in a huge room full of really intensely smart basically privately focused on the screens straight ahead. It was the big day for soldering class. Many of the most gregarious folks turn out for this ongoing option.  There are kits to make all sorts of blinking, singing, pulsing objects.  How do they put up with this chatty smiling redhead? I really enjoy my time in this club house Hacker Hang Out. The amazing part is that they know my name and are very friendly.

The Wonders of Noisebridge!

It is huge to be completely different from the people in the room. I do not code or work in coding language as those in the surrounding system of being and thinking at the Hacker Space. My life, both in thinking and working, does not involve the behind the scene, back door, of the computer world. I have a computer which I know how to turn on almost all of the time. Now I am into learning about things that Geeks do every day. I am an enthusiastic beginner. I used to have huge problems all the time. I was unhappy!  I have a friend who is my ‘go to guy’ when I get various viruses and worms. In the past they were arriving on the back of some attachment or such in an invisible Trogen Horse. Geeks woke me up to the joys of knowing a little more. One step at a time I hope to turn my HUH into Happiness.



Costume Reality

Mother Nature sings every day. There are eight bars for every little thing.  People, places, and things resound, pop up, and hang around as part of the flow of habits strong attachment to our individual comfort zone…. Once you have a diamond you no longer have an interest in rhinestones. Rhinestones are certainly made of natural sand melted into glass with a slip of silver sort of foil on the base, none the less, they are not brilliantly hard and reflective of the Light.

Today I traveled over the tunnel for an experience of a lifetime. I thought I was going to join a group but instead I was asked to dance in the repetitive rhythm wreckage by the attack of costume jewelry. It was a lightheaded moment delivered without insight in any alley in the fabled Casbah where the Sultan is clothed in words clashing as crossed “scimitar” sparks.  Carefully selected people tend to be random no matter how hard you try to turn a paste rhinestone into a bauble of value.

On the road again, I am in the Mello Tone…

The little ring was very lovely.  It glistened in the late afternoon sunlight. It caught my attention. It was well designed. I wanted to open the possibility of a working relationship so I chose to talk about one womans ring. It is pretty. I did not need to know that it was some cheep decoration. It was fun listening to the deep fear of the natural vibrations of gems stones in favor of cut glass.

Once upon a time, said the princess, she took her gem ring off when she washed her hands, and she forgot to put it back on when she left the room. She came back and accused whoever was in the room at the time. As I sat and listened I was amazed that this Princess would choose to fight with whoever was present rather than take responsibility on her on forgetfulness.

I am sure each one of us can relate to this story. Each time I misplace my glasses, as is the current case, do I choose to accept the fact that I forgot to pay attention to my actions or do I blame people who are around me?   How can we create peace if we are snarling inside out mind and heart? How do I become the royal leader in my own life?

It is a world of choice in motion directed by our individual thought process. Getting to the seed of thought is a triumphal march of an Idea! The idea is Quality or Quantity. Peace Through Beauty.

Friday, I took some cash out of my home piggy bank. It is not a round happy pig but a folder where I put some part of all the money that comes into my life. I take a percentage out and put aside. I started doing this when I was a child. In my generation there was a school savings plan with the Philadelphia Savings Bank. That bank is no longer in business because the leadership in our national and global banking system no longer put the public good ahead of the good of the enormous forces of greed.

One day every week each student in my Mifflin Street School brought some change and we learned how to save and watch our little deposits grow. We each had a bank book where our money was registered. Teamwork between the adults and the children was a comfortable way to learn how to build habits of thrift as a strong base on which personal success can be built. Constant care of your own resources so they are available in times of desire or need. Do below as you would do above is a primary building principle to build lasting structures.

When I was a parent I wanted to pass on this habit of resource husbandry. We lived in Hopewell New Jersey. It is a wonderful small town with a local family quality as a suburb of busy Princeton. The long time residents worked hard to keep this quality safe and strong. It was a great place to live as a 4 year old. A wonderful three block walk to the dinner at the old and disused railroad station to have an afternoon snack. On our walk we passed the giant flower gardens of the Womans Garden Club. We all knew one another’s names which made for a magical safe place to live. Another few blocks down the Main Street was the small local bank where we would put part of my daughters weekly allowance. The bank president knew her name as she stood on a riser at the banking window, her corkscrew long curls danced with excitement. What wonderful warm afternoons we spent in an American Paradise.  I had a column about local politics for the Hopewell Valley News!  We lived just after the fork of West Broad on Louellen Street across from a church with an amazing Organ:

Hopewell Presbyterian Church 80 W Broad St, HopewellNJ 08525   (609) 466-0758 | Website | More Info

Hopewell has four major roads that travel through it. Route 518 Enters Hopewell from due west having come from Lambertville and then turns slightly northward, joining West Broad Street. Route 518 then runs through Hopewell and exits Hopewell in the East and heads towards Rocky Hill. Pennington Hopewell Road enters Hopewell from roughly the southwest, and immediately becomes West Broad street when it enters Hopewell. It connects Hopewell with Pennington to the south. Princeton Avenue, Route 569 starts at Broad Street and continues south and becomes Hopewell Princeton Road, and connects Hopewell with Princeton. Greenwood Avenue runs north out of Hopewell and connects Hopewell with Amwell

Everyone in my family knows that I always put whatever small part of what I have so that in times of need I can support whatever extra ordinary event erupts.

I took out almost all of the saved money to pay for the medicines which help me to cope with my symptoms. Then I put the folder somewhere other than its usual place. It has been days since I saw this folder and I was concerned. At dinner this evening I join with my small family for a Sunday Easter/ Passover Meal. I want to tell my daughter that I have no idea where my glasses are and my folder where I keep my savings. When I mention that I misplaced my savings folder she looks up with great concern. But I return home and find that the folder on top of my dvd player. It must have been placed there when I was making my bed! I was light minded and not taking care to be present in my actions with my valuable stuff!

OK, Everything that has been strung out about the choices of real quality in emotion, thought, action, and where you choose to live and do the work in your little area of expertese.

G6: The Eye Of The Tiger: Shappa Keine Zeit

The fastest way to go… Fly like a G6. The best ride in the world… On one side the world is sad yet up above the painful atmospheres the chance to cooperate and make time for  one another so that, “The one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others”  will not over take our fragile human beings around the globe.

Yet world wide, we still have not enough time to be human. Objective examples of information sharing or Subjective which is seen as not credible. Which side is propaganda? I need to remember the lessons I have learned from my past. The sad spot that grew in my insides kept me from flying high.

The music distracts me from the quality of life swirling all around.  There is a power to love that roars like thunder… I am far away, yet I never wonder where I am! Today I was talking about emotions from a purely materialistic manner as though I could reach out and touch the colorful display as the feeling mix and move. The science of photography has not moved into this area of seeing feelings the way we see plasma particles accelerating the curves connecting and creating the small increments of the web of life. I am pulsing with emotions. I imagine the people in my circles can feel that I am full of passion, yet this passion is not a direct picture of what is truly going on inside of me. Bright red has a calming effect. I can’t hug Red unless it is expressed in some actual form. Music is as close to ‘Feelings into Form’ which moves me today. Some days just do not click so the songs with rhythms make it all work with what is really happening. And keep on singing.

Separate, cut in half, a country and the effects on the emotions of people. We must never forget, though each citizen is in an interesting phase of background and unknown.

Can I touch you with my words? Will what I am feeling reach and aid you? Can just thinking close caring thoughts life me? I invite the special guest of harmonious solitude. In this intersection we can flow and meet using the feelings quality of our human lives. Logic and thoughts shall not enter to the arena of feeling. Outside the box brings in the imagining that you are here and we, you and I, are creating something together. We can succeed when we allow clarity to communicate what we are feeling. A duty to the rainbow of possibility in real timber and time. Tolerant behavior of our own and others feelings will only make us stronger. Inner security trumps insecurity every time.

Feeling The Fear

I can remember time after time living out of the deep fear of rejection. I did not know at that moment when my head crested out of the Birth Canal that the stench of rejection was going to surround me with the trail of the sad fairy dust. It was a hazy more dust than star dust It was a trail and it was a foggy banner proceeding me when ever and where ever I go. To this day it comes calling. Welcome to my life.

I sat up in the perambulator covered in a creamy knit cap and a coverlet, bumping down the concrete slabs in Mount Holly NJ where my father was stationed. We were on the way to the small grocery store. I had a vivid image of the small jar of baby-food Blubby, lubby.. rubbery corn-starchy and very sweetVanilla pudding. There was the splashing half sitting and half standing bath in the kitchen sink with beautiful beech wood cabinets

You’re the one desire, but your love is burning like fire
Jah soul, jah man
Connect – R pon di place
Rapping on..

I need some water, cause I’m getting so dry
Your love is burning like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
Cause your love is burning like the sun in July.

Sing it UP!

Burning, just like the sun glowing,mmm
Shining, just like the love we have
Let me feel it, I wanna touch your skin, yeah
Let me kiss it, I wanna taste the sin,yeah

Sing it UP!

I need some water, cause I’m getting so dry
Your love is burning like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
Cause your love is burning like the sun in July.(x2)

Yo listen..
Burning, just like the sun glowing,mmm
Shining, just like the love we have
Let me feel it, I wanna touch your skin, yeah
Let me kiss it, I wanna taste the sin,yeah

Let me be what I need to be cause when the sun is shining you look so sexy, yeah
I wanna touch ya pon di face pon di whole body
But your skin is burning lïke the sun,baby(x2)

So i gues I need some water, cause I’m getting so dry
Your love is burning like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
Cause your love is burnin like the sun ïn July.

I remember just before my third birthday that none of my family had the ability at telepathy yet I could read and hear the thoughts their minds were generating. This truth that they could not understand me as I was able to understand them caused me to sob inconsolably. It seared into my heart that somehow I was not constructed with the same parts as the people who walked half asleep in my house. We lived in Mount Holly for some many years until my father fully expressed his unhappiness that my mother allowed herself to GET pregnant. Like ‘it’ doesn’t take two?

My tiny ears had to listen to the angry stuff directed at me because I was born, for coming into this world and breaking up their marriage. My little strawberry blond silk did not protect me as I wondered How I Got Here? At this moment I realized that most of my every day living was less than real and more to reel to reel.


It Is Spring Equinox – The Time of  The Cosmic Fire  We share the start , knowing very well that a great opening is in the process of this important Great 
“Labor to keep alive in your breast  that little spark of celestial fire calledConscience .”
 ~ George Washington,  The Rules of Civility, Circa 1748



Santa Catalina Is America’s Galapagos

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Buffalo on Catalina

Timeless tidy golf carts travel along the streets. It is the transportation of choice of the local’s. The beautiful walkways and fabulous hiking trails are filled with flora and fauna which grow no where else on Earth!  Flipping Bright Orange Fish swimming in the lakes and collected rain water lake size cisterns tucked in scenic spots in the manicured wilds.

This island is a wonderful place to languish in the wonders of solitude, when daily reality becomes tiresome, leave it all behind!

The Ferry ride, as the song says, Is 26 Miles Across The Sea:

I took a bus ride around the reserve which I could not recommend. (Your experience might be pleasurable.) Every screw was loose and the road was rough, bumpy and winding. Try the Hummers or Vans to traverse the hills.

Of course going by foot is the finest adventure with the expansive views, great clean air, and all the time to go where your heart chooses. The moment you step foot on this island here you’ll see that freedom and fearlessness are a way of life.