Rewiring the System


How can I help you with Grief?

Your need for a many faceted provider of grief counseling, intervention, group support is an excellent match to my qualifications. Working with an individual in end of life issues always involves the family members and referrals along with the assessment of needs. Since 1999, I have worked with private clients and their families, where I coordinated the health crisis, counseling and organizing their end of life issues. My primary function has always been to listen with integrity and create a safe place to give voice to their inner fears and support the dance through the threshold. It is the sharing a person’s journey before or after a death. My focus has always been companionship in the process. I listen with an opened mind and the warm heart my training has honed. I have developed a wide list of community services as well as investigated to find specific places to fill specific needs.

Just last month I addressed a regional convention with a program of the process of stress management that opened a conversation of the meaning of life and death.

I am motivated to work in concert, harmoniously with spiritual, peaceful sensitivity and collaborative problem solving, maximizing resources for patient care.


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  1. MelindaJade Shaw said,

    Are, you a “deciple”; of Elizabeth Kubler Ross or John James?

    • I have read their work but I am a servant to the greater good as a counselor for people in crisis

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