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Occupy: The Creative Catalyst

I left journalism in 1999 when both editors and writers had directions based on the bottom line of the owners. It is not just Fear, though the spin on the ‘news’ is to brew doubt into calcifying fear so that the killing of humanity from poisoning bees to owning seeds ends our garden of Eden. The Nestles Co. started buying up wells and springs in the late 1960’s and privatizing water starting in 1971. They announced that water is no longer a human right. Who followed that thread?

They are US. We must use Occupy as a creative catalyst and climb out of the demise without blaming the corporations. That is just lazy hateful support for the criminals.


The Clintons fostered the climate which allowed our world wide economic collapse. They wrote the law that opened up the possibilities for derivatives. Clinton announced that what the transportation systems needed was a 4.00$ dollar gallon of gas as the foundation of control. Did you read about those actions or just about his under the desk in the oval office prankster-ness? We reached the global co2 cliff in 1970. No news media or public servant stood up and magnetized for critical mass. Remember the now famous Eisenhower speech?

In his 1961 farewell address to the nation, Eisenhower expressed his concerns about future dangers of massive military spending, especially deficit spending, and coined the term “military-industrial-congressional complex“.

None of the true leaders listened and just followed the money. We are doomed not just because there are no journalists Standing Up, but we are a global community of people living against goodness and working against preserving the beauty of our Big Blue Pearl.


A New York Minute

How many New Yorkers know the definition of the New York Minute?  ‘I doono da answer to dis ’cause  New Yorkers use the phrase correctly without needing to be telling the meaning’ says the guy at Third Street deli, ‘it’s in the water’!

A New York Minute is the time between when the street light turns green and it takes you to get your car through the intersection. That is the power of a well oiled system based on trust that the safe history is constant and Trust. All the past times I drove in that quarter of nanosecond, I trusted that I had somewhere to go and the perfect clear lane to use to get going. By the way, A nanosecond (ns) is one billionth of a second (10−9 or 1/1,000,000,000s). One nanosecond is the relation of one second as an equation of one second is to 31.7 years. The Ultimate Be Here Now is A Billion To One!

Ready, Set, Stop!

I am finding that traffic in New York City is less mean spirited and more trustworthy than most human traffic. Nice people exist in about the same ratio of a Billion to One!

In the two years of my battle with breast cancer I have the eyes wide open abandonment. People run away for truth, commitment and caring. I know that so many people have experienced this same suffering.  I guess it is an unspoken aspect of illness in western society. Friendship that feels just like the changing of a traffic light!


Tonight, Stephan Hawking Says ‘There Are No Aliens’

Tonight I had the great privilege to both talk with and listen to the talk on Black Holes in Cupertino CA.

He said that the planet Earth had not heard any Soap Operas or Situation Comedies so it is unlikely that there is humanoid intelligent life … Those communication waves are traveling out to all the edges of the system since the singing on radio and TV started.  This is an interesting point of view.

I just had to share this thought though I am sooo tired that I can’t tell all the great aspects of a life in science.


Why is Success so important?   What is the clawing hunger for success?  What is this product that so many forgo the grace of going, moving ever forward, and choose instead to hold this hardend substance higher in their hearts and tighter in their hands?


This Success goal is not filled with the same gossamer grace as satisfaction.  Let’s make it clear!  The benediction of living life well and with meaning of life is expansive. The police at the door, (Kasung), make the Temple a trustworthy safe place to cooperate with one another in the consensual habit of time, thought, and timber.

Satisfaction is a gentle and pleasant robe worn by you as the monarch of your own life. Strewn is the abundance, with the meaning of life, in the seeds of satisfaction. We are One Human Family when our inspired thoughts, the strong movement generated by feelings based on altruistic behavior rise into action. There is the value in evaluation of IQ,  which served the creation of the Industrial Revolution. Now Emotional Intelligence supports the Information Age. But what will guide us in the important Paradigm Change out of pulsing power?  How will we intersect with the brilliant flow of the ‘rainbow of potential’ which will lift and support life without ‘isms”.

We Cannot Legislate Each Other Especially About Our Individual Bodies

Success is about occupation, job, as it provides an example of status that may be either ascribed or achieved, it can be achieved by one gaining the right knowledge and skill to become socially positioned into a higher position of that job; building a persons social identity within the occupation.  Animals are goal directed and at that ‘end’ spot is the success they sought. They are standing in the rain of desire.

What does ‘going ON about life’, with only success as the tiny light at the end, do to our humanity and health? What is it like to live in failure, in the condition opposite of the desired target? If you are only focused on success then your mind is in a perpetual state that has failure dragging along behind you. You are in a state of funk failure! What happens is inflammation in your mind and body as well as in your very blood that carries this sticky junk through your system which guarantees your stumbling along in life with Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Disease, and more illnesses.

What is happening all around us in little enclaves are bonds, sparkling with the magnesium like crackles, reaching out to cooperate with the surrounding stars. In a conflagration which is this controlled burning that transforms human life, health, and all property into the gentle souls. Those who survive this burning from inside out seek cooperation. They work and wait then work some more.  The Inclusive Fitness Intelligence of our next human family movement shines on the faces of those who seek conflict resolution and true cooperation between strong capable and creative individuals.


This is the magnificence of the long view in planning a place for the 7 generations. Somewhere in the writings of the Theosophists, perhaps HPB, in Isis Unveiled or the Secret Doctrine, I read that the two life forms that were a high culture on Venus arrived here.  When that planet no longer supported an atmosphere conducive to the life form we call Ants, the solar winds were used to travel to our Earth planet. The way they managed was not writen about in a way that my beginners mind could find or understand. The sophisticated society based on structured cooperation arrived eons ago. Are we ready to adopt the glad tidings of our tiny partners in our global biomass?

Rather than regurgitating the succes road already traveled you and I can step into a Social Revolution. The Long Now Organization, in it’s series of seminars about long term thinking, presented the gracious and fertile octogenarian, Edward O. Wilson, who talked about his ideas for The Social Conquest of Earth.  (

We should be questioning ourselves as to exactly what each of us thinks is the meaning of life! And forming groups to talk about how our understanding of this material world can intersect with the people in our working group, our family of man.

Here I include the power point presentation that went along with the free flow of ideas that Mr. Wilson had with himself about the important questions.   Check out this Wikipedia Page:

At the end of the talk the moderator asked about how he had managed to be successful for his entire professional life. Twice the gracious southern gentleman replied that he just Kept Going On.  It is a different world view when you have something to do, some work, a way to serve the greater good, then success is not the goal.





































Not a great picture- but there are Stewart and Edward Wilson talking on stage

What’s Goin’ On?

Marvin Gay is swooning in my left ear. His soul song is right for this time. Not only the Global War International noisey conflicts that are draining money form the global economy: What’s Going’ On?

We have to find our way  to Love our selves sufficiently that we each one of us take care of our health. The Amyloid’s traveling around our blood stream causing the genetic code s to pop and bump. It is time for a home made ginger Pomegranate drink to sip while you are reading The Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors.

G6: The Eye Of The Tiger: Shappa Keine Zeit

The fastest way to go… Fly like a G6. The best ride in the world… On one side the world is sad yet up above the painful atmospheres the chance to cooperate and make time for  one another so that, “The one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others”  will not over take our fragile human beings around the globe.

Yet world wide, we still have not enough time to be human. Objective examples of information sharing or Subjective which is seen as not credible. Which side is propaganda? I need to remember the lessons I have learned from my past. The sad spot that grew in my insides kept me from flying high.

The music distracts me from the quality of life swirling all around.  There is a power to love that roars like thunder… I am far away, yet I never wonder where I am! Today I was talking about emotions from a purely materialistic manner as though I could reach out and touch the colorful display as the feeling mix and move. The science of photography has not moved into this area of seeing feelings the way we see plasma particles accelerating the curves connecting and creating the small increments of the web of life. I am pulsing with emotions. I imagine the people in my circles can feel that I am full of passion, yet this passion is not a direct picture of what is truly going on inside of me. Bright red has a calming effect. I can’t hug Red unless it is expressed in some actual form. Music is as close to ‘Feelings into Form’ which moves me today. Some days just do not click so the songs with rhythms make it all work with what is really happening. And keep on singing.

Separate, cut in half, a country and the effects on the emotions of people. We must never forget, though each citizen is in an interesting phase of background and unknown.

Can I touch you with my words? Will what I am feeling reach and aid you? Can just thinking close caring thoughts life me? I invite the special guest of harmonious solitude. In this intersection we can flow and meet using the feelings quality of our human lives. Logic and thoughts shall not enter to the arena of feeling. Outside the box brings in the imagining that you are here and we, you and I, are creating something together. We can succeed when we allow clarity to communicate what we are feeling. A duty to the rainbow of possibility in real timber and time. Tolerant behavior of our own and others feelings will only make us stronger. Inner security trumps insecurity every time.

Our Political Torch: Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

I really Miss Teddy Kennedy! He was a true advocate for all the people all the time on both sides of the aisle. What support Senator Kennedy would have been for the Occupy Wall Street!Is there anyone on the lines to the Senate that would care enough to step into political confrontation with leadership leading to compromise? Elizabeth Warren and Dennis Kucinich come to mind in the Peaceful Populist possibility. I understand that Congressman Kucinich participated in a convention for Peace in and for the World a month or so ago.

Liberal or Conservative points of politics is not the issue. I truly believe that we have a one party system that seems to create a diversion to allow the Industrial Military global tentacles to stranglehold our economy. The ownership of mass communication is now in a few hands. Who believes what is written in the Newspapers? The fact that News organizations are failing is a testament to the intelligence of our population. The truth about the manipulation of ‘news’ about what is going on is evident in the drop in paper sales and the rise of the Blogging Community.

I really miss Teddy Kennedy! I cannot imagine the shock of finding out that he had a fast growing form of Brain Cancer. A lesser person might have hung up his coat and tie and resolved himself to the rocking chair. But this stalwart of a Political Family saw the end of his days and saw that so much needed to be accomplished for the greater good that he rolled up his work shirt sleeves and worked double time. Even after his last surgery he came to register his vote in a wheel chair. Oh let the life he lived during those physically and emotionally difficult  last day light a flame of striving in my heart which will refocus my efforts to be a light in the life of as many people I can help while I can.

Tomorrow,  Friday, October 14, 2011 10:30 a.m. – noon at the


I cannot imagine what her perspective was and the inner strength she exhibited! I amlooking forward to seeing her and hearing her speak.

I am hoping anyone who has the time and means will attend to offer support and hear the stories. I look forward to meeting some of my readers.

Risk Authenticity

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My individual vulnerability ‘factor’ longs for a symbiotic relationship. This involves finding my twin self; A person with whom I can be truly vulnerable and not feel in danger of being injured or unwanted. I am taking the necessary risk. I mention risk in the context as a wondrous hope. I want to hope, a wondrous possibility of union, heart and soul that allows me to live the peace I feel in my heart. Be the life I want to live.  It is peace inside and out. I want to send my heart energy out with no obstructions from my personality. Oh the desires that my personality generates. Are these desires authentic? The emotions we produce are authentic. I am waiting for you.

Today I met with a terrific Linux Uber Digital ‘Mavin’. When I look into his eyes I see his understanding of digital thinking just in individual slices going from the sort I use way back to the products very creation. I was impressed.  He made my doing a network communication integration easy. He did it in less than a minute!  Seamlessly with one or two clicks and it was finished. I had tried to get help and was sent a list of the steps but I could not follow them by myself. My eyes glazed over after the third or fourth step. I just could not understand how to work this computer system!  I misunderstand the exacting step necessary in some computer ‘stuff’.

Do I have a choice? Not really, I am not going to learn precise steps. I am more comfortable in the grander of Infinite possibilities. I enjoy starting with the widest view. When I read that Rudolph Steiner started nursery school education with conversations about the cosmos I was hooked.  In the intervening years I fought against my natural informal integrative approach and this caused me untold stress. Last Monday I was told that I must have had long term cortisol overload.  Cortisol(hydrocortisone) is a steroid hormone, or glucocorticoid, produced by the adrenal gland. It is released in response to stress and a low level of blood glucocorticoids. Its primary functions are to increase blood sugar through gluconeogenesis; suppress the immune system; and aid in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. I am exhausted and tired. Because of this chemistry I react to events with an uncomfortable stance.

Why I am not comfortable? Authenticity refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions. I have over the years built shells of knee jerk reactions to protect my tender inner self. My emotional snow globe sends particle sparkles from the slightest touch of a sent thought, spoken word or any sort of communication contact.  I want to a find particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal focus rather than external input.

Last Monday I found out that the chemical composition in my blood stream was seething with cortisol. That allowed the cancer to develop. If I want to be cancer free I have to live with people and get along by allowing the love to surround and support me.  No one can feel it for me.  I am ready to Risk it all!

One Cup A Day

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Ultimately, the truth is in a calm and stable heart. I have known people with such an internal creation so I strive toward that Pristine Place. I find the only real way to get there is with people. I cannot do it alone in meditation. Though without meditation I will loose my way! It is important for me to have One Cup of Kindness every day.

Today I get an early morning call to go out of my way to give a person a ride home after an afternoon of work. I usually do little on Thursdays since that is Jupiter’s day. I suppose my reverence for Thursday must have started during my imaginary life with Plato debating in the Socratic style about the meaning of life in a body. What was there to entertain intelligent young people other than a lively debate with a circle of great thinkers?  Can anyone have a direct experience of the meaning of their own life?

My life as a mud cake jiggling and scampering as the strings of my nervous system pulse and contract. This is a very standard human system definition.  Everything is created out of the same materials that the stars are made of.  This carbon oxygen shell holds a lot of water so just a few nervous stirrings makes emotional mud in an instant.  Carrying all this dust and water around is a lot of work for my constantly replicating bundle of nerves.  Could I have a nervous disorder? Is this what is paralyzing my system by filling me with constant vibrating pain. Emotionally I have to get my hands dirty to figure out how to bring the Socratic precision to a discussion of the sublime and subtle world of belief.  We are human and feel compassion as we use rigor in the scientific process.  I propose One Cup of Kindness we need to offer one another, whether we are being emotional or precise in our thinking, actions and words.

Still Not Able To Asleep

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I am shivering with robust Pain!

I have done No real writing theses days of Kidney pain.  This is driving me to scream into a towel with the bathroom door closed. What is this pain? Why have I not been told my any doctors that Lymphodema can attack kidneys?  I ask my Grandmother Angel to Have It Removed!

I have been told to go to the doctor and to the hospital by myself . My primary care doctor told me she did not know what was wrong with me! I am amazed that the Cancer Community waits until you  call. Someone in the system seems to believe that patients who are all alone have the time and energy to contact them. The Cancer groups send oceans of paperwork to fill out precisely in order to get any services. I am overwhelmed. I was having trouble but now with this new terrible lightening sharp pain I am floored.

I wonder why the Cancer Resources are not sent the names of patients from the Breast Cancer Centers. That the process for support is not an impossible route which I am traversing now. I am sure I am not the only person who has little connections and few or no family members to do simple things to provide a helping hand. If you read this and you have time and energy Please reach out to me or reach out to a friend or family member who is unable to ask directly.

No real writing theses days of Kidney pain that is driving me to scream into a towel with the bathroom door closed. What is this pain? Have it removed!

I find that the various pills given me for the different levels of management after the surgery and during the radiation worked then but not now. The Lymphodema has sent scurrying radiated lifeless cells to every joint as they traveled around my lymph system near the skin then sinking into the ducts that empty into my kidney. I cant move my left foot on an angle in the way anyone else would sway in a turn toward that step away from the last mark.
People places things are one event that holds a finite moment. I am trapped by the pain. Moving on to the next place is crushingly hard with the heat spreading out from the lightning knife in my side.
I find that no one cares. Everyone has their lives and labors, The fantasy of tenderness sparkles just outside the range of my reality. I have been called formidable by not one but two persons. They both used the exact word. Those conversations made me very sad. Formidable has a complex personality: she was described as intelligent and devout. The Russian word Groznyi” used as a name, which, although usually translated as “Terrible”, actually means something closer to “Great” and carries connotations of might, power and strictness rather than any actions of danger, horror or cruelty.

I will see what the reactions of the
prattlers are on my body and mind depleted by pain. I Use a mental practice to surround myself with a certified diamond like Chess Rook when I am with people to keep the dross out of my heart, mind, and body. This is a practice that I have as a creative woman developed during my waining years of my dysfunctional marriage.

I have not found the inner heart centered mental protection for the sharp constant pain. Time to take another pill and turn under the covers. Will I be able to get into bed? Will every turn shock me into a wide awaking?? I can not turn my wrist to open the pills. Will I sleep sitting up again? The pain medications are not tempering my wit!


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