Rewiring the System

Occupy: The Creative Catalyst

I left journalism in 1999 when both editors and writers had directions based on the bottom line of the owners. It is not just Fear, though the spin on the ‘news’ is to brew doubt into calcifying fear so that the killing of humanity from poisoning bees to owning seeds ends our garden of Eden. The Nestles Co. started buying up wells and springs in the late 1960’s and privatizing water starting in 1971. They announced that water is no longer a human right. Who followed that thread?

They are US. We must use Occupy as a creative catalyst and climb out of the demise without blaming the corporations. That is just lazy hateful support for the criminals.


The Clintons fostered the climate which allowed our world wide economic collapse. They wrote the law that opened up the possibilities for derivatives. Clinton announced that what the transportation systems needed was a 4.00$ dollar gallon of gas as the foundation of control. Did you read about those actions or just about his under the desk in the oval office prankster-ness? We reached the global co2 cliff in 1970. No news media or public servant stood up and magnetized for critical mass. Remember the now famous Eisenhower speech?

In his 1961 farewell address to the nation, Eisenhower expressed his concerns about future dangers of massive military spending, especially deficit spending, and coined the term “military-industrial-congressional complex“.

None of the true leaders listened and just followed the money. We are doomed not just because there are no journalists Standing Up, but we are a global community of people living against goodness and working against preserving the beauty of our Big Blue Pearl.


How Bad Can It Get?

We are giving all our freedoms away  and not one of them can we get back unless we start NOW

AT&T Admits It Tracks Cell Phone Customers in Quest for Additional Profits
Phillip Dampier June 11, 2012 AT&T, Consumer News, Public Policy & Gov’t, Wireless Broadband 1 Comment

AT&T is tracking some of their customers in a data mining experiment few know about.

AT&T is watching you.

America’s second largest cell phone company admitted Sunday it is quietly tracking the habits of customers using their AT&T cell phones to learn what they do with their time, where they work and play, how long they spend in traffic, what pubs they visit, and how long they stay.

The industry calls it “data mining,” and the treasure trove of information companies clandestinely collect about their customers could eventually become a major profit center when packaged and resold to third parties. AT&T researchers are experimenting with “big data,” according to a weekend report in the Star Ledger, sifting through vast amounts of location information customers unknowingly provide the phone company that could fetch a high price on the open market.

The newspaper reports AT&T Labs has been quietly following its customers in Morristown, N.J. in an experiment to prove its “big data” concept.

AT&T researchers mapped the movement of workers in and out of the city each day, following customers from their home to the office and beyond to favored nightspots such as bars and restaurants — all by tracking where customers’ cell phones were at different times of the week.

The result was a highly-detailed “snapshot” of daily life in Morristown. Plotted on a map, AT&T knows that workers commute from as far east as Queens, N.Y., and the city’s nightlife attracts people from northern New Jersey and Brooklyn.

Company researchers tracked customers as they moved from cell tower to cell tower as they traveled, and from that the company was able to predict patterns of behavior from local residents. For example, AT&T knows your commuting shortcuts, and can deduce (and share with urban planners) problem intersections or likely workarounds residents will typically use when traffic snarls.

Such sophisticated tracking alarms privacy advocates despite company claims personally identifiable information is scrubbed before accessed by third parties. AT&T customers are automatically opted-in for data mining when they sign up for AT&T cell service. It is included in the company’s terms of service, AT&T says.

The Morristown project was considered experimental, but AT&T has high hopes it can eventually use its “big data” concept to create a new source of revenue for the company.

AT&T is not alone using tracking capabilities to monitor its customers. Verizon is not far behind, the newspaper reports. Google itself tracks smartphone owners to help spot traffic jams for the company’s “live traffic” maps.

Privacy advocates question how informed customers are about location tracking and data mining, and what companies can ultimately do with the data.

Lee Tien, senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization specializing in free speech, privacy and consumer rights, told the newspaper consumers have a right to be concerned.

“One of the things you learn in kindergarten is that if you want to play with somebody else’s toys, you ask them,” Tien said. “What is distressing, and I think sad, about the big data appetite is so often it is essentially saying, ‘Hey, we don’t have to ask.’ ”

Push Forward

It is our only choice. It is the only thing to do. This is the most successful way to change the world. It is doing acts of kindness. In this way we will start to push forward, one little nice act at a time. Push Love forward out of your heart out into the world with spin so the push on the product moves  to touch the other persons heart. Push forward ‘gifting’ in kindness using words and deeds is the plan.

The nurse put the injection needle for the shot that will protect me in a small way against getting pneumonia. As her head bent slightly so she could see just precisely where to shoot the medicine I could see her eye glasses had the screw loose holding her glasses together. I mentioned the screw and that I noticed the problem. But she fell into a slump. Obviously she has a lot of little details to tke care of every day. I know how she feel. I have not gone through my mail for a month just because there is so much going on that some things are just piled up!  She slet me know with out using words, that getting it fixed was so complicated and to hard to  this week.  I tell her that I can go down to the eyeglasses shop on the ground floor across the street. She looks at me and says with the complete verbal handle: Are You Kidding!  But I persevere and tell her I will go now. She hands me her glasses in their nice weave case. It is simple for me to manage to take them into the shop. There is a long line but I step back to the workshop area. I say that I noticed the screw coming out of the Nurse who gave me my shot. He stopped what he was doing and picked out the precise tiny implement, turned a few twists on the ear peice intersection then turned to the other side nd tightened that one two. He stopped and cleaned the lenses and Smiled at me. I brought the glasses back in just a few minutes and for me it was not a big deal …For me it is the living kindness which lives in me. I feel that young people have to be trained to think of others and in this process actually think that We Are All In Life Together. We must be nice and live using Honest Ethical practices. We are the last remaining members of a pre singularity society.

After this doctor visit I was in need of something special for myself. I drove down to Union Square to get my rings cleaned. Then I walked into Sacks 5th Avenue on the corner. I walked around and allowed the various sales people to reach out to sell me stuff. One man gave me a flute of champaigne, clear and crisp though not to my taste for myriad reasons. I was looking around for a sun screen that will not bubble my skin! I have a horrid reaction to the Copertone spray on . I have to pick up a strong medicine to help clear up the thick inching rash. I went from one sales keosk to another but to no avail.

The last stop was next to the back door. I was on my way out. A nice man came u to me and asked me if I wanted a drink and handed me a sacks label bottled water! Then he tells me that I have a kind heart and hands me a lovely gift in a fashion forward package of wonderful spring colors for my face. He was pushing thr kindness forward. Each act of kindness with no reward or cost expected in return is very important.

Let us have the courage to change some things to have choice of life style. The collection of information by the NSA and now google and facebook and on an on Now Privacy Laws No Longer Apply.

Companies and not the Judicial system which was set up by our constitution have been swept aside. It is time to come together and move forward to take our country back from the corporations.




Fickel finger of fate


I was in line behind a friend waiting to pay for some purchase. I notice peoples hair. I mention that I really like her new hair cut. Yes, she says, her hair was cut just yesterday, as she spins and turns her head this way and that so I could see the way it moves in its layered elegance. I am thinking how good she looks, then I suddenly remember a radio story I heard earlier.

It was a science show, did you hear this story too? Someone sent in the question of why we all need haircuts? Why does a haircut get out of shape? Every human being, mostly woman, get haircuts for shape more than length.

The commentator announces, ‘the truth is that hair grows at different rates at different parts of the scalp!’ isn’t this fact amazing? My hair looses shape more on my left side, just past my ear, than anywhere else! Do you notice where on your head your hair loses its haircut shape? I am ready for a hair cut any day now for this reason, rather than just getting a haircut for the holidays.

She turns to me with a thoughtful and quizzical look and says, ‘I have been thinking about hair growing too’.   Then she continues with a most unusual interesting comment, ‘ I have never seen my hair grow. She conveys the image of very short, soft baby velvety, shafts making themselves visually known.  Hair falls out all the time so it must be replaced, yet I never see the short baby hairs softly starting to grow. Nor do I see hair at various lengths in the growth process.’

Does hair grow as Athena did,  born fully grown from the head of her Father? Rising from the life thoughts of Zeus as the heroic offspring? Does hair come out fully grown, longer than a bud, and ready for action?

I was thinking about action and reaction this morning. I was remembering how very quiet the neighborhood where I lived in Pennsylvania was. It was quiet all the time. I also currently live in a very quiet part of the Bay Area. I sometimes say that where I live, it is so quiet that I can hear the grass grow. The truth is that I cannot imagine what grass growing sounds like. Can you imagine the sound of silence?  I see the effects of grasses as bales of hay, lined up on a shaved field. And I know that the local lawns as well as fields of hay need tending; cutting or mowing or chomping by the traveling Goats…

The most wonderful grass experience was, all those years ago, before I had a family. I calculated the week or so when the grasses were so high to be waving in the breezes. I got in my Chevy and drove to Lexington KY.  The ‘blue grass’ of Kentucky is a visual treat that lasts just a week or so. It is just before mowing that the heads of this particular grass favored by the Thoroughbred equestrian racers is a gorgeous dark aqua blue. It is spell binding. I stood by the road for 20 minutes or more taking in the movement and the beautiful color. I came to this place to see this event in the growth process of grass. Before I saw it with my own eyes I could not be convinced that grass could be blue.

Time lapse photography could record the sprouting seeds moving as they grow in the diurnal motion of plant parts (blades) in response to the direction of the sun.

This was first described by Leonardo da Vinci (along with gravitropism) in his botanical studies, for the movement of the stem tip towards light.

Are my hairs reaching for the sun? The fact is that I see the hair length change yet I do not ‘see’ baby hairs sprout.  I do see the need for a hair cut! I do see the effects of eating healthy food in the shining healthy head of hair.  Even though I am not able to watch the beginnings I do see the actions and the resultant need for a scissor reaction!

There is a truth in this questioning. What is the sound of growing hair or grass growing? That movement  making sound may not be calculated near the beginning but the end is evident. This idea can be applied to social systems in the way they evolve toward the most positive ideals and images to make a creative global growth toward the Greater Good.

I am just going to get a trim!

The *New* Normal

After a disaster the people who are left to pick up the ‘tooth pick’ size pieces face a different *every* day. It is a “New” Normal for Mothers and Children as Fathers and all family try to find a solid footing and fun. How can we, all around the United States, figure out what each one of us really wants to do to help those thousands of people in the Joplin area. They need everything.  Ask your church or social club. I wonder a suitable plan so that by the time of the holidays a great bundle of presents to ease the *New* every day Normal.

I am really feeling inside of my heart and in my mind, feeling the energetic pulse of the hearts of all the courageous people in Joplin MO who have their lives scattered across the horizon. Th esound of their anguish reaches me though not only me. The brave faces of people with amazing strength to start new and make a vibrant life out of diversity is inspirational.

I know there are free thinkers who want to talk and tell the truth.  Who but very courageous people will expose the spin? So much of what is called news is just manipulation of someones idea of what will get the people to do and behave a certain way. News beyond recognition. Reformed to control peoples actions, minds and belief. This is why my hero is Julian Assange. His website is a conduit for worldwide real news that is actually happening. Some have called him bad names and his work labeled as dangerous leaks but he is fostering news so that citizens, world wide, can participate in the functioning of their governments. He works with the stated purpose of creating intelligent participation in saving our Earth. Bucky Fuller says that War Is Obsolete. Knowing what is going on in areas of disaster is as important as knowing what our leaders are reading and writing and doing with the information which comes form real every day happenings.

I want to write to my government officials. I go on line to :

It is a real effort to speak the truth and it is a great effort to really listen and hear the truth. The people who are getting their hands behind the meaning and building a new path and a new future along the path that stands on the past but is not rehashed same path. It is not a Splash that wants to make headlines and news that will not be accessible or understood.  I want to reach out to the few readers of my blog to think about what they feel in their harts that will contribute to the building or rebuilding of the structures and the lives of the people in Joplin.  What are you driven to contribute to the rebuilding. Listen to some fo the greatest Organ Music Ever written to the glory of service to the less material Beloved as well as contributing to the beauty for all those listening to these sounds pulled out from the highest intuition.

In preparation, we as individuals do not know what will happen next, all of us must prepare for what changes are descending on and into our Planets Earth Changes.  A start is making an individual plan for Survival. Here is a Link to the site with the 50 Ways You can see how to save yourself and the ones you love and practice this plan: Open this Link and read carefully . Try to male it so in your life you will feel prepared to be safe. If Earth Changes come to your town, YOU will know what to do. That is such a good feeling.

Whose Childhood?

‘Family’ was what I could pick up hanging around and being with a group of some other blood related people in an activity. Going out for a family restaurant dinner or a family movie or Holiday. Thanksgiving was always the most chronically sad weekend.

The Ham Radio is such an example of assumed connectedness. The tenderness and trauma of imagining the man who sat at the console was my father or uncle tears at my heart. Today I feel the lonely lack almost as intensely as back in my twenties.  I remember the Radio Room more than the rest of the house. I have a friend who I met all those years ago at the end of my teens. She is intensely intelligent and fortunate. Born in a family that had one roof over their collective heads was an unimaginable luxury to me.  Even taking the train or driving into their neighborhood remained behind a scrimshaw sheet theatrical illusion.  I would look and listen to voices and events from around the globe in that room. I was in awe of the Father and his strong deep voice as he talked either to me and his family or to the scattered Ham communicators. Twice the call was for help for support during an accident. Once it was a weather related bloody problem.  I drank up every syllable so that all the years since I can still hear in my brain, the tone, timber, and accent of the disconnected voices.

I have been thinking about all the characters I have been playing over the years. I have fooled myself long enough. I am really trying to be ready to accept responsibility for my own feelings and then just let go of control.

A friend came over to help me with a computer problem and we got to talking about interests. Somehow he started talking about his grandfathers Ham call letters and all the emotions came spilling over and out. The world did not end this weekend for me but in other parts of the world nothing will ever be the same.

The Huge Flood Of Emotions is Overwhelming in the face of  Joplin Tornado, here reprinted from Wikipedia. I hope tomorrow to have a on the ground video.

2011 Joplin Tornado

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2011 Joplin tornado
Storm over Joplin minutes before the tornado formed

Storm over Joplin minutes before the tornado formed

Date: May 22, 2011
Time: 5:41 – 5:50 p.m. CDT (2241 – 2250 UTC)
Rating: EF5 tornado
Damages: $1–3 billion (insured estimate only)
Casualties: 142 fatalities
Area affected: Joplin, Missouri (part of a larger outbreak)

The 2011 Joplin tornado was amultiple-vortex tornado rated as an EF5 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale which struck Joplin, MissouriUSA at about or shortly before 5:41 p.m. CDT (2241 UTC) on May 22, 2011. It was part of a larger late-May tornado outbreak and reached a maximum 0.75 miles (1.21 km) wide during its path through the city.[1] It rapidly intensified and tracked eastward across the city, and then continued eastward acrossInterstate 44 into rural portions of Jasper County. This was the third significant tornado to strike Joplin since May 1971.[2][3] The May 2011 tornado was the deadliest tornado to hit the United States since 1947 and the eighth-deadliest single tornado in U.S. history, killing 142 people.[4] [5]

On May 27, it was announced that a receipt from Joplin was found roughly 525 mi (845 km) miles away in Royal Center, Indiana, the longest distance debris from a tornado has ever traveled on record. This was more than twice the previous record of 210 mi (340 km) during the 1915 Great Bend, Kansas tornado.[6]


A preliminary survey of the tornado damage by the National Weather Service office inSpringfield, Missouri, began on May 23. The initial survey confirmed a violent tornado rated as a high-end EF4 with winds up to 198 miles per hour (319 km/h), tracking at least 7 miles (11 km) in length, and 0.75 miles (1.21 km) wide across the city. Subsequent damage surveys, however, found evidence of more intense damage, and so the tornado was upgraded to an EF5 with estimated winds of 225 to 250 mph (362 to 402 km/h).[7]

The tornado initially touched down just east of the Kansas state boundary near the end of 32nd Street between 5:35 and 5:41 p.m. CDT (2235 and 2241 UTC) and tracked just north of due east. Surveys remain incomplete there so it is possible it may have started in Kansas and crossed the state line into Missouri.[8]

Damage to St. John’s hospital

Damage became very widespread and catastrophic as it entered residential subdivisions in southwest Joplin. In addition,St. John’s Regional Medical Center in the same area was heavily damaged with many windows and the exterior walls damaged and the upper floors destroyed. Several fatalities were reported there. Virtually every house in that area near McClelland Boulevard and 26th Street was flattened, and some were blown away in the area as well. Trees sustained severe debarking, a nursing home and a church school in southwest Joplin were also flattened and several other schools were heavily damaged. Damage in this area was rated as a low-end EF4.[8]

Destroyed area in tornado path.

As the tornado tracked eastward, it intensified even more as it crossed Main Street between 20th and 26th Streets. Virtually every business along that stretch was heavily damaged or destroyed and several institutional buildings were destroyed. It tracked just south of downtown, narrowly missing it. More houses were flattened or blown away and trees continued to be debarked. Two large apartment buildings were destroyed, as well asFranklin Technology Center and Joplin High School. Fortunately, no one was in the high school at the time. It approached Range Line Road, the main commercial strip in the eastern part of Joplin, near 20th Street. Damage in this area was rated as a high-end EF4.[8]

The tornado peaked in intensity as it crossed Range Line Road. In that corridor between about 13th and 32nd Streets, the damage continued to be very intense and the tornado was at its widest at this point, being nearly 1 mile (1.6 km) wide. Some of the many destroyed buildings include a Cummins warehouse, Walmart Supercenter #59, a Home Depot store, and numerous restaurants, all of which were flattened. Heavy objects, including concrete bumpers and large trucks, were tossed a significant distance, as far as 1/8 mile (200 m) away from the parking lots along Range Line. Numerous other commercial and industrial buildings, as well as more houses, were destroyed with some flattened or blown away as the tornado tracked through southeast Joplin. Many fatalities occurred in this area. Damage in this area was rated as an EF5).[7][8]

It then continued on an east to east-southeast trajectory towards Interstate 44 where it weakened; nonetheless, vehicles were flipped and mangled near the U.S. Route 71 (Exit 11) interchange. Surveys remain incomplete there so the end point is uncertain as it likely continued into rural areas of southeastern Jasper County and northeastern Newton County, although an EF2 tornado touched down near Wentworth, about 25 miles (40 km) east-southeast of Joplin.[8]

Many people were reported to have been trapped in destroyed houses. Seventeen people were rescued from the rubble the day after the tornado struck.[9]

According to the local branch of the American Red Cross, about 25% of Joplin was destroyed, but the town’s emergency manager stated that the number was between 10% and 20%, with roughly 2,000 buildings destroyed.[10][11] According to the National Weather Service, emergency managers reported damage to 75% of Joplin.[12] Communications were lost in the community and power was knocked out to many areas.[13][14]

The catastrophe and risk modeling firm Eqecat, Inc. has estimated the damage at one billion to three billion USD, but noted that the true damage is not yet known, since the firm does not have access to data on uninsured losses.[15]


Damage in Joplin one day after the tornado.

The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency has confirmed that 142 people were killed and more than 990 were injured in Joplin.[16] The number of dead may rise, as more than 100 people remain missing. However, due to the horrific injuries suffered by some victims, it is possible that some different sets of remains are from a single person.[4] The figure of 142 deaths would make this the deadliest U.S. tornado since that of April 9, 1947 in Woodward, Oklahoma and surrounding locations, and the eighth deadliest tornado in U.S. history.[17] This would also make it the first single tornado since the June 8, 1953 tornado in Flint, Michigan, to have 100 or more associated fatalities.[18]


Immediately following the disaster, emergency responders were deployed within and to the city to undertake search and rescue efforts. Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency for the Joplin area shortly after the tornado hit, and ordered Missouri National Guard troops to the city.[13][19]

By May 23, Missouri Task Force One (consisting of 85 personnel, four dogs, and heavy equipment) arrived and began searching for missing persons. Five heavy rescue teams were also sent to the city a day later. Within two days, numerous agencies arrivied to assist residents in the recovery process. The National Guard deployed 191 personnel and placed 2,000 more on standby to be deployed. The Missouri State Highway Patrol provided 110 troopers, with 70 more en route.[as of?] On May 24, five ambulance strike teams, a total of 25 ambulances, were to be deployed in the area.[as of?][16]

With communications down, temporary cell towers had to be constructed. By May 24, three towers owned by AT&T and Sprint had been restored.[16]

East of Joplin, a Risk Management Plan facility released 3,000 to 5,000 pounds (1,400 to 2,300 kg) of anhydrous ammonia; however, this was contained within two days.[16]

The United States Congress debated whether to supply a special-purpose, $1 billion federal aid package for Joplin, ensuring that existing budget funds for FEMA and other federal agencies involved in disaster relief would not be exhausted during the fiscal year.Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor stated that an aid package would only be permissible if supported by budget cuts elsewhere. Congressional Republicans correspondingly proposed a $1.5 billion cut to an existing loan program intended to promote fuel-efficient vehicles.

Veneer Of Government

Doesn’t Sarah Palin remind you about everything French? Remember the French Revolution with the rabble running after the sparkling things, the quaffed hair crowned in sparkling things. It was a race run riotously and repeats itself regularly in the distinctly Style of governance in France. Kings rose and fell with a distinct sparkling hopeful run around. In fact I bet being the veneer of leadership seems enough when you know that the mast head is there because the people wants the option to topple it off on a whim.

Our American Government was built on a city counsel model so there was not the desire to start sparkling blood dude confrontation, in fact many New York City Men sleep ready for their next day by sleeping in a tie.

While some parts of the world are gearing up for a great revolution to support real change so the poor and rick are not pushed further apart. The torture here in the little towns, is with the petulant Palin saying sweet things and always a jab about how the liberals  bad in this or that gunk.  She is the kids acting as a child who learned in America that to have a sub standart education, you are equipped for global consciousness.

Public education students who think they can know about important international policies from what she or Palin sees from her window as she looks through the cross wires at a big bear or through the gun sights and sites in the wilderness and promoted to what end? To the truth that both parties are broken or yet another sling of those liberals while denying and responsibility to stirring pointless points from the view.

Both Parties are broken. There is no sane plan . This makes both parties powerless. Both sides are struggling in the impenetrable jungle of lows rules tools schedules and regulations within a web of laws constructed by white dead men who make there right first impression 40 or 50 years ago. It seems that they and their progenitor are now a mangled mass.

Which individuals have ideas and who would love to step and serve but the paperwork and levels of compliance strangles movement forward. To this tug come people who want to be politicians but they do a shinning dance thing chasing after clouds of gold vapor, since that is what worked in 1789. The good things to do for  the real people the grand ‘common good’. Some of the best ideas turn out to be illegal in the face of the current connections and practices in government. We are not in a good place. Tunisia fell off the cliff unprepared and all the youthful valor was not able to take root and the crazy people flamed to the top all running after the shinning sparkle things. I want young people to succeed.

It takes 2 decades to get anything done even requisitions for an individual light bulb because of senseless rules. We are at the watching things fall apart and start to splinter. The  tea bag party have their eyes on a prise which will take us back 40 or 50 years. It just isn’t right to have old ways and old process pushed on our 2011 problems. new oil in old bottles say as Italian friend maks everything rotten.

Every Moment An Environment

Every Moment is packed with meaning. I have been talking or typing all about the emotions involved with my breast cancer. I have met and learned so much about this from the fact that I kept talking about it here and in places in my three diminutional life.

On one list, a spiritual practice list, I got a communication that I needed to grow up. On another list I belong to people told me that I was an inspiration. I am Johanna Van Doe in the headlights right now.

It turns out that having a problem is a learning experience.

It is like discovering stuff. Suddenly doing research and talking about it is the makings of a rock star in this the information age. Where do we turn now that the TED is every day information WOW!?

Back at the beginning on this process of information gathering is Cancer, Breast Cancer. The general pervasive unbalance that one out of five woman in the world is currently living with and through. My Breast Cancer. The dreaded first conversation after the mammogram is something everyone who has been told they have cancer understands.

My appointment at the clinical trials the doctors treated me like a dumb cow and used code words to describe my cancer. It was a real wake up call about information corralling by those who have it. It is a control issue that is built on a belief that people are not smart or capable enough to make cogent choices about their own lives. Yea! That Conversation IS Over ….

I am told in medical code that my cancer is Environmental. Tell me what the environment is? Moving Forward is a tug of war between those filled with fear of life as a dieing game and those living in fear of losing power over the powerless. Information age is for the informed.

I have spent months going to lectures on each piece of the minutiae which bricks up the wall keeping the patient on the outside of the long information process.

Stress, Inflammation, Improper Diet, Lack Of Exercise, Low Self Esteem,  Lock Step Reactions to the Junk Life Deals Everyone!  Bad Friends, Difficult Family, Lack Of Community Care, Religious Connections That Only Want You For Your Money.

Today I went to LBL for a talk about the chemistry of the sympathetic and the para sympathetic systems on creating thickening or thinning of the heart muscle. It is the change that happen when fat lipids swimming around in the blood stream get flipped into glycol during adrenal overload. This is what Environmental Conditions means in the creation of disease and aging. I hear at Stanford at several talks I attend over more than a few months about community and rewards, and  then proper feeding  health.

There is hard science in the communication, replication and demise of genes. It is this hard science that fuels the wake up call in the difficult process of choosing life sufficiently to actually change your bad choices and proclivities into what is good for the castle which you carry around to give your spark a home.

The Mother of all Cancer is:

Plaque In all its forms are a sentinal of cancer, heart failure and diabetes.

The name amyloid comes from the early mistaken identification of the substance as starch (amylum in Latin), based on crude iodine-staining techniques. For a period, the scientific community debated whether or not amyloid deposits were fatty deposits or carbohydrate deposits until it was finally found that they were, in fact, deposits of proteinaceous mass.

To my way of thinking about Cancer starts here in this

There are two broad classes of amyloid-forming polypeptide sequences. Glutamine-rich polypeptides are important in the amyloidogenesis of Yeast and mammalian prions, as well asTrinucleotide repeat disorders including Huntington’s disease. When peptides are in a beta-sheet conformation, particularly when the residues are parallel and in-register (causing alignment), glutamines can brace the structure by forming intrastrand hydrogen bonding between its amide carbonyls and nitrogens. In general, for this class of diseases, toxicity correlates with glutamine content.This has been observed in studies of onset age for Huntington’s disease (the longer the polyglutamine sequence, the sooner the symptoms appear), and has been confirmed in a C. elegans model system with engineered polyglutamine peptides

Other polypeptides and proteins such as amylin and the Alzheimer’s beta protein do not have a simple consensus sequence and are thought to operate by hydrophobic association.[citation needed]Among the hydrophobic residues, aromatic amino-acids are found to have the highest amyloidogenic propensity

For these peptides, cross-polymerization (fibrils of one polypeptide sequence causing other fibrils of another sequence to form) is observed in vitro and possibly in vivo.This phenome non is important since it would explain interspecies prion propagation and differential rates of prion propagation, as well as a statistical link between Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes. In general, the more similar the peptide sequence the more efficient cross-polymerization is, though entirely dissimilar sequences can cross-polymerize and highly similar sequences can even be “blockers” which prevent polymerization. Polypeptides will not cross-polymerize their mirror-image counterparts, indicating that the phenomenon involves specific binding and recognition events.

Amyloid pathology

The reasons for amyloid association with disease is unclear. In some cases, the deposits physically disrupt tissue architecture, suggesting disruption of function by some bulk process. An emerging consensus implicates prefibrillar intermediates, rather than mature amyloid fibers, in causing cell death

Studies have shown that amyloid deposition is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and a resulting generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can initiate a signaling pathway leading to apoptosis.

These proteins are typically characterized by their ability to cause aggregation of healthy protein.

Atheromatous plaque, a buildup of white blood cell (sometimes termed fatty, despite absence of adipocytes) deposits within the wall of an artery

Senile plaques, an extracellular protein buildup implicated in various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

Mucoid plaque, a supposed thick coating of abnormal mucous material in the colon

Dental plaque, a biofilm that builds up on teeth

This is one culprit dancer:,

This is the Other Dancer:

I Feel Alone In Creation Today

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What can we each do to bring fun and peace into our every day lives. There is a place in the world where people go to get trained and then they return to their chaotic life and through the force of truth and beauty bring trickles of light and wider tributaries and finely to the true beauty glowing from the inside touching every action emotion and word.

I remember meeting the heavenly light held in Mrs. Casey which sparkled out toward me, standing by her husband during their world tour in the early 1970’s. I was there to ask her a few questions and she shot me with what I can only describe as a wake up call. That was the week I stopped smoking and opened my heart to infinity.

Our two block square cleaned the one tumbled home, cleared the bricks and tilled the soil making a slight fence from the exhumed stones and built a community gardin which maximized our production of organic love in fruits and vegetables, Our plot actually got tv stations coverage and an award.  At this activity, was the time I purchased a Braun Juicer which I stil have and use, Anyone for carrot juice?



Some of our fellow humans are in situations where they ask: Has common courtesy and respect gone out of fashion! Not from Our National CEO, He still shivers with  benevolence and getting along well with others. His secret is common curtesy and good manners, He would make a great President. I would work for his run. He thinks there fore he is! Sure it is Descartes but so much better than anyone with out the Jahunzasas who are playing at government in our United States. He certainly has made many beautiful projects too.

Donald Trump: ‘I Am Seriously Considering Running’ for President

December 8, 2010 | Celebrity Highlights

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump may shift his eye from the boardroom to the Oval Office.

The “Apprentice” mogul confirmed to “Extra” that he’s thinking about tossing his hat into the ring in the 2012 election. “I am seriously considering running,” said the Donald.

“I hate what’s happening to our country,” Trump told “Extra.” “Our country is being ridiculed all over the world.”

If Sarah Palin decides to run, the mogul thinks she’d be a worthy opponent, saying, “I like Sarah Palin. I respect Sarah Palin.”

“Extra” and want to know: Do you think Trump would make a good president?

Extra Poll

Would Trump make a good president?

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‘The happiest couples never have the same character. They just have the best understanding of their differences.’

I get this sentence in an email from a person I know only digitally. I guess I want to feel like I ‘know’ people that I might email with or share ideas with on BUZZ or read what they have to say on Facebook, but they are not here to hug.

Last night I was invited to a after the football dinner party at an expensive restaurant at the end of the Berkeley pier.  Stanford won and really trounced Berkeley in a rivalry that stretches back into a history I do not particape in or ever will. The conversation was about lots of football.I was lucky to be at the far en of the table and all I had to do was smile and eat. I tried to see into the black dark evening to find a sparkle of civilization but the night was so all encompassing in its darkness meeting the dark waters of the bay.

Though there was no bright San Francisco skyline visible, I was with real people. At the end of the meal I got real hugs and could feel the body warmth and smell the real differences between people.

My heart feels like there is a blanket of darkness around it inside me replicating the lack of light outside. I am pulled in two directions. One inside with the essence of light that gives me the ability to move and be conscious of my movement both as an individuation and as a member of the human global group of life. The outer pull is a tug of desire for real human contact and all the chat and emails of totally digital contacts. It may or may not be a connection, that would be determined over the passage of time.  Time and thought are electrons moving to glamorize my eyes from the real truth … The truth is that I am dreaming my dream and accepting behaviors that do not support my life.

Longing is a sparkler giving off joy until the magnesium burns off and a gray stalk is in your hand. I feel like a gray sad stalk more today than in a long time. Perhaps the last time I felt so much like sobbing is when I was leaving the orphanage to go off to college. I had to pack, find a cab to the college dorm and unpack in the assigned room entirely by myself. I have this aloneness scar stretching back to very early in my life.

Some one said to me two days ago that he did not ever feel like he wanted to be where he was. I guess he means that he has not felt like a place was his to root and enjoy. I have felt comfortable in places. I was gladder to be in Valley Forge/Phoenixville PA than in Princeton NJ and I am certainly more glad to be in Berkeley CA then in Los Angeles CA but it is not a place that makes my heart sing, it is the people and person that fill my life.

Right now my one bedroom apartment abuts on an old growth forest. It is quiet and smells like the verdant perfumed grandur of Mother Nature herself. It is a lovely place to live and is the loveliest since high school. But I have not found my circle of friends. Certainly I know people but not people who actually have a rats hair interest in knowing me as I truly am and loving me as I am. After all the ups and downs I long for a respit to the drama.

I need a helping hand and the few people I actually know can see that I could use a ride to the doctor and perhaps human affection, but neither are forthcoming. This afternoon a wonderful friend, who lives in Canada, more than 1800 miles from my united states heart beat, called me on the phone. It exploded the mask and boundary I have created to protect myself from negativity. I just sobbed after we hung up. I am glad I was not home alone after that call. Here is a person who sensing my feeling reached out to speak with me. I have not had such graceful attention in a year almost.  He is a very good person who I love with all the Love Space possible. I think about his superior insights to the workings and meaning of life and I am humbled by his knowledge and his art. He tells me about his art. I tell you this art is important intersection between artists tools and coding math.  There are photographs taken and moved in some few ways. There are the software which he stretches through the face of the 2 dimensions and stretches your surface with crinkles of joy and flights of imagination. Mike I Love you and Miss your Tenderness. Kind man. I adore you

Mike Butler

© 2010 Mike Butler

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Artist Statement

My objective as an artist is quite simple: to find beauty and joy in the manipulation of forms, colours and textures in a playful, musical dance that celebrates our ordinary world. My attitude toward the visual arts is that it is the visual equivalent of music. When I am composing, I am usually listening to Jazz and I work the same way as Jazz musicians, improvising as I go along without any predetermined goal in mind. As a result, I am always surprised as the images emerge and I feel more like a spectator taking snapshots along the way rather than the creator. This is the joy in my work, meditating on the evanescent character of the forms and colours as they emerge on my screen. My process is to take images from my digital camera and work on them with Adobe Photoshop and Jasc Paintshop Pro, manipulating them to the point where they are no longer recognizable. Then the fun begins. I use a cutout technique to select interesting parts of the manipulated image, drawing the cutout with the select tool, this selection is then pasted onto a background image and then moved around into the position that is the optimal place on the painting for it.

I am very interested in the challenge of creating movement in a 2D static medium. This movement is the dance of the elements and I aim for a busy dynamic, which fills my heart with joy whenever it works. Playful happiness is the goal that I am always working toward.


Mike Butler attended the Ontario College of Art for 4 years, graduating in 1980 as an Associate of the Ontario College of Art (AOCA) in Fine Arts. For several years he worked in watercolours and ink developing an expressionistic style. The artist had a number of shows in galleries such as the Eclectic Gallery, a show in the CN Tower and a few others.

In the early to mid eighties Mike became interested in computer technology as a medium for fine art. In 1991 he created and maintained the Virtual Palette — an electronic bulletin board system for artists that predated the Web. From 1995 onwards his art work has been shown and published exclusively on the web and can be viewed at and He can be contacted at

He will not move to California and I cannot move to Canada. I want to be found by the last grate man. I have really fallen for a man I have only been in contact digitally though there was a time whee we actually talked. I was warned by a professor of emotions, thought and their work on the field of consciousness. I want to meet my conputer friends,

Thank you for listening to my psst

I can no longer see the keys typing is a struggle   Sweet dreams.




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