Rewiring the System

Bradley Manning, Prism, World Domination,and Fear Mongering

Posted in Computer,Consciousness,Power of Choice by rewiringangel on July 30, 2013
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I am sad and powerless down to my bones today. The elected officials have abandoned everyone except the 1%. I am being watched and in actual danger.

Today I got a phone call that had a message when I picked up the phone that,’This Call Is Being Recorded’! Just a call from a guy. He heard it on his side too. It creeped us both out. Does this mean that my phone is being tapped?


Who cares among all the people who have this happening to them? And

What is there, anything, that I can do about it.

Why can’t ‘we the people’ of the world stop this intrusion into our ordinary lives?

This is the world we are leaving to our children! Really? Is this what we will allow?

The worlds governments are all in agreement that peoples rights are a problem that they can and are obliterating.

When and how are we going to get our Constitutional and human rights to personal privacy returned?
At some point these people will stand up and start acting right, some respected member of the computer development community will evaluate it (including the binaries), or some respected group will fork and adopt it… or not. Until then, it’s demonstrated itself as being mud, so who cares.

People would be nuts to trust it, let alone play with it outside of a sandbox.