Rewiring the System

G6: The Eye Of The Tiger: Shappa Keine Zeit

The fastest way to go… Fly like a G6. The best ride in the world… On one side the world is sad yet up above the painful atmospheres the chance to cooperate and make time for  one another so that, “The one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others”  will not over take our fragile human beings around the globe.

Yet world wide, we still have not enough time to be human. Objective examples of information sharing or Subjective which is seen as not credible. Which side is propaganda? I need to remember the lessons I have learned from my past. The sad spot that grew in my insides kept me from flying high.

The music distracts me from the quality of life swirling all around.  There is a power to love that roars like thunder… I am far away, yet I never wonder where I am! Today I was talking about emotions from a purely materialistic manner as though I could reach out and touch the colorful display as the feeling mix and move. The science of photography has not moved into this area of seeing feelings the way we see plasma particles accelerating the curves connecting and creating the small increments of the web of life. I am pulsing with emotions. I imagine the people in my circles can feel that I am full of passion, yet this passion is not a direct picture of what is truly going on inside of me. Bright red has a calming effect. I can’t hug Red unless it is expressed in some actual form. Music is as close to ‘Feelings into Form’ which moves me today. Some days just do not click so the songs with rhythms make it all work with what is really happening. And keep on singing.

Separate, cut in half, a country and the effects on the emotions of people. We must never forget, though each citizen is in an interesting phase of background and unknown.

Can I touch you with my words? Will what I am feeling reach and aid you? Can just thinking close caring thoughts life me? I invite the special guest of harmonious solitude. In this intersection we can flow and meet using the feelings quality of our human lives. Logic and thoughts shall not enter to the arena of feeling. Outside the box brings in the imagining that you are here and we, you and I, are creating something together. We can succeed when we allow clarity to communicate what we are feeling. A duty to the rainbow of possibility in real timber and time. Tolerant behavior of our own and others feelings will only make us stronger. Inner security trumps insecurity every time.