Rewiring the System

Today or Tomorrow Night: Gore Vidal

Today Gore Vidal, October 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012),  passed out of his human skin and into the universal goodness. He was Proud to be called a Liberal.

Gore Vidal, the author, playwright, politician and commentator whose novels, essays, plays and opinions were stamped by his immodest wit and unconventional wisdom, died today  I became the person I now am, the way I think, how I behave, and what I believe because of the perspective given to me via Gore Vidal’s writing and speaking. I am a woman who is concentrating on conquering herself. This woman is Invincible!  I truly believe that when I am working on my behavior, both thoughts and actions, I am a light in the world. What is there to believe?  I used to be an atheist but I don’t not believe in it anymore.   There are so many Super Stars to look at on the outside of my protective skin, that it is impossible to choose anyone outside of my guiding principle. I am what I am because of who I am on the inside. Inside  on the outward facet is the journey that has no goal.

Today, on the public radio station, the thoughts that he, Gore Vidal, and I share, were Nationally aired.  The truth was never compromised as this mental giant called it like it IS. I remember the evening when I was no longer welcome to attend the local San Francisco Bay Area Mensa meeting because of what I said about Timothy McVeigh.  Even highly intelligent people can be deafened by the incessant pounding of sound bites. Today on my radio I hear my thoughts, what I believed motivated Timothy, to take a stand against the government and tell the truth about what was going on in Oklahoma City. It is an event clothed with honor as a proud courageous act of public resistance. Gore Vidal thought  and spoke fearlessly to show his character.  He was a Great Man.  He certainly was credible about Oklahoma because he chose to be called Gore in honor of his maternal grandfather, Thomas Gore, Democratic senator from Oklahoma.

Vidal formed his most unusual bond with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. The two exchanged letters after Vidal’s 1998 article in Vanity Fair on “the shredding” of the Bill of Rights and their friendship inspired Edmund White’s play “Terre Haute.”

“He’s very intelligent. He’s not insane,” Vidal said of McVeigh in a 2001 interview.

Timothy McVeigh stepped out and stood up to the Industrial Military Complex Info-Entertainment fog to expose the place where American citizens struggle with and against a Oligarchy/Plutocracy that collects private information about everyone of the citizens. ( A form of government which consists of rule by an elite group who rule in their own interests, especially the accumulation of wealth and privilege. Only certain members of society have a valid voice in the government. This can reflect (but is not limited to) economic interests, a particular religious tradition, or familial rule) .The Staci was liberal compared to the National Federal Patriot Police.

If Gore Vidal can have his opinion broadcast then do I also have this freedom of speech? Engineered danger by the local government is controlled by those with money to buy power. Gore Vidal lived inside the inner circles. He was a role model for me from the time I was a young adult teenager.  He was the smartest man on the planet. The last of the great free thinking intellectuals.