Rewiring the System

Mindfulness Then What

Here I am going out, yet again. This evening I am attending an event at the HUB in San Francisco, a genuine hub of trending Geekdom. Or I am standing in the anti room of a conference hall, or in the lobby of an auditorium, or at a coffee shop, and I hear people talking about Mindfulness! This arrives in many emails I get from such different groups, from Cosmology, science, politics, Artists, The Singularity, coders, foodies and friends about mindfulness. Being Mindful is the buzz word ‘of the day.’

It Is A Trip!

The ‘trip’ seems to be defined as: I have lost myself in a whirlwind and can’t remember who, where, or why I AM.


Mindfulness, or the process to remember where you are and what you are doing, thinking, feeling is putting the skin in the game. It is the beginning of being present in space at the intersection of the habit of time.


Swami Said Self

“The machine mechanically performs all the movements

its maker wants it to perform, its movements are not those of life.

How can we make the distinction between the living and the dead, then?

In the living there is freedom, there is intelligence;

in the dead all is bound and no freedom is possible, because there is no intelligence.”

———-      ~ Swami Vivekananda

What To Say About The Holiday Spirit

What to say to people at this season of flaunting religiosity?

I like to include the entire person I am speaking with so I say, “I honor you”.  I honor others beliefs, what ever corner of their heart or the world they come from. I might learn some special facet of this man or woman!   I hope to do this with a quiet warmth and well mannered grace, a quiet quality that creates a container of quiet for the other person to fill with his or her story.  Then when the right  moment occurs I might say that I am a JewBuQuackAPrestarianChrisIsm.
Then the conversation in no longer confrontational. It is fun to be opened to life though I might be too exotic to be included in a circle of friendship, where people are a group who all believe the same thing. But I was true to myself. And as I broadened the idea of what is the true holiday conversation, I am not feeling bad.

My friends are not all like me. I look for and like people as they really are and offer my gift of friendship
smile, in recognition that the tiresome overused language that cloth infinity would only build a concrete boundary.

I look forward to Festivus For The Rest Of Us! With the Airing of Grievances, the undecorated poll, and giving wrapped stuff you have in the house that you do not want! What an idea. Topping the experience with meat loaf and spaghetti and ‘red sauce’ and drakes cakes makes this a power preserve day of fun.
just sayin’

AAhhh, It’s a Festivus Miracle!!! The ‘rest of us’ need Festivus!

Need an alternative to the usual Xmas fare? Then create a party or join others to celebrate, “Festivus,” a holiday for the “Rest of Us.”

The origins of this alternative holiday tradition can be dated back to an episode of Seinfeld titled “The Strike”. In this episode Frank Costanza expresses a concern over the increased commercialism and consumerism that tends to saturate the December holiday season.


Festivus Pole


Sound Waves In Stones

Nothing you ever say is lost. Every word, ( you say out loud), continues to move across the vast stretches of time and space. Some sounds are stored in the surrounding solid matter before some of the sonic vibration bounces and continues out through the star dust. My daughter read the following pages and asked me, ‘What is your point?’  So I answer, ‘sound is the most powerful force in the nature system ‘. It is the waves that move matter. The Boom might come after our sight of lightening in the sky, but the lightening is a flash of magnetism, attracting particles and the sound continues to move through all molecules.

SILENCE is to be considered more carefully.

‘Be ready to let go of the life you planned to make a place for the life that is here: The life that is coming’. ~  Joseph Campbell

His work is vast, covering many aspects of the human experience. His philosophy is often summarized by his phrase: “Follow your bliss.”

Stones do not forget what occurred in the stone walled rooms.  Do you ever take a good long look at your walls?

Sound waves continue on out to the edge of the universe. Sound keeps going in a undulating wave and never stops.  A drum produces sound via a vibrating membrane.

Boom Boom BOOM

All the concerts ever held in this room sing out from all the walls in all the rooms in all the prized castles in the city, the rural towns, and all the countries around our globe. The walls absorb sound. The stones build buildings of power.

Wondrous beauty is preserved in the molecular construction of the stone, stacked one upon another, reaching to high ceiling cell spaces. Our rooms are built for living life to the fullest and catching and holding every moment of our vibrant life.  I listen to every instant of my life. I hear, that all life is brimming with sound.

Lovingly Washing The Same Plate For The Rest Of My Life

I am lovingly washing the same cup, saucer, plate, and bowl, for the rest of my life!

I am a one of a kind life.  A one of a kind stone, and every stone is unique. Just as each person is a one of a kind. Think yourself and about each of us a a stone which is used to build a one of a kind room. Each construction comes down to the small  one of a kind cell in our billion celled human body as this important, one of a kind individual. Stone walls are for boundaries walling a separate and safe space from the outside forces of man and nature.    Unlike concrete, which has no long-term connection to the core of the earth, stone holds in its layers all our stories. Stone time, taken from our molten beginning, reaches back into our global origin, it records our structural creation compounded from dust. Concrete has none of the made by Mother Nature molecular structure that retains sounds.

Sound is ‘energy in action’.  Every sound flows as undulating sign wave which does not stop waving. Sound is an unending movement in air that is forever carrying our songs and sighs of happiness and sadness out to the edges of the finite edges of space. Does space have an edge?

Sound is Energy.

The perception of sound in any organism is limited to a certain range of frequencies. For humans, hearing is normally limited to frequencies between about 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (20 kHz)

Just like in science class where I learned that energy is the capacity to do work, I came to understand that sound moves mountains too. Sound is also the capacity to play.  Sound is a property of any system, which diminishes when the potency moves. Doppler begins with vigor to diminish as vapor on the wind. Sound could collect in an effort of laziness often labeled as a song stuck in my head. It is funny to listen as the sound system does ‘work’.

Work and Play are both an action. One Mind Set System on  another system. How do you choose to label your everyday activities? Work and Play are movement.  Both are consumers of energy.   The words I choose are my way of communicating a level of gravity about each action. Time sure flies when you are having fun!

The diminution of this quality of vigorous sound in time calls to my mind the communication between the Space Station and NASA.

Hello Huston, One Small Step For Mankind…. !

Endeavour Over The Golden Gate Bridge 21 September 2012

What ‘work’ builds our bodies, what play does the same building? Both play and work builds our minds, bodies, our lives, and our structures.  Joy is the potential amount of usefulness we, each of us use in the creation of everything we think say and do and produce. Songs and stories do the heavy lifting in life. How else are we to be useful, both for our self and the many other selves?

Remembering that we were sitting still in a stone building, we constructed in our imagination, hearing the resonance bouncing off the walls of our brain, the history recorded in our breathing in and out.

In this present moment, where we are now, sitting or standing, we are able to be actively remember that we can breath as we play and work.  We flow along with the Earth in its pushed spin around the sun.  Storms of particles bombard every material thing from the cyclic explosions on our system Sun.  Our Earth is a small dot in a small solar system in the far left arm of our spiraling galaxy.  We are stardust!  Shimmering reflections of refracted light held together by some habit pattern. We are the flow of electrical signals in a consensual harmony.  This pattern can motivate your thoughts into material forms that become the self-fulfilling prophesy. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

The ability to act while watching the effect on both things and people is a force of leadership. When we marvel at our unlimited natural source of usable mental, emotional, and physical potential then we have a visual reference of the results of your actions.  We can see that our ‘grace in action’ blossoms from the seeds emanating from a ‘self’ we plant with every thought and step.

Watch the tension and exertion of your thought, as you generate and direct a desire. It is a desire that moves us through life. A desire for comfort, or a fear of discomfort, or an anger with whatever that takes the ease and creates ‘dis-ease’. Be an observer of yourself in your own life.  Breathe with your own rhythm and listen to your sound.  Hear your thoughts as you move. Move into a language made up of words you use to describe the place where you are and the place you are moving toward. The truth about life is that even if you are sitting still you are always moving.

Sound is a mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing and of a level sufficiently strong to be heard  {Physics of sound , Spherical compression waves  The mechanical vibrations that can be interpreted as sound are able to travel through all forms of matter: gases, liquids, solids, and plasmas. The matter that supports the sound is called the medium. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.  Longitudinal and transverse waves  Sound is transmitted through gases, plasma, and liquids as longitudinal waves, also called compression waves. Through solids, however, it can be transmitted as both longitudinal waves and transverse waves. Longitudinal sound waves are waves of alternating pressure deviations from the equilibrium pressure, causing local regions of compression and rarefaction, while transverse waves (in solids) are waves of alternating shear stress at right angle to the direction of propagation.

Matter in the medium is periodically displaced by a sound wave, and thus oscillates. The energy carried by the sound wave converts back and forth between the potential energy of the extra compression (in case of longitudinal waves) or lateral displacement strain (in case of transverse waves) of the matter and the kinetic energy of the oscillations of the medium. Sound wave properties and characteristics: Sinusoidal waves of various frequencies; the bottom waves have higher frequencies than those above. The horizontal axis represents time. Sound waves are often simplified to a description in terms of sinusoidal plane waves, which are characterized by generic properties Frequency, or its inverse.}

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a perfect man and a perfect woman met.  After a perfect courtship they had a perfect wedding.  Their life together was, of course, perfect.  One snowy, stormy Christmas Eve, this perfect couple was driving their perfect car along a winding road when they noticed someone up ahead in distress.  Being the perfect couple, they stopped to help.  There stood Santa Claus with a huge bundle of toys.

Father Christmas Santa Claus

Not wanting to disappoint children on the eve of Christmas, the perfect couple loaded Santa and his toys into their car.  Soon they were driving along delivering toys.  Unfortunately, driving conditions deteriorated and the perfect couple and Santa were in a terrible accident.  Only one of the three survived.  Who was the survivor?

Archangel Surviving Accidents

The perfect woman survived.  She’s the only one who really existed in the first place. Everyone knows there is no Santa Claus and there is no such thing as a perfect man. So, if there is no perfect man and no Santa Claus, the perfect woman must have been driving.  This explains why there was an accident!

Salomania: A Play, If You Get Past The Manager

Plays at the Aurora Theater in Berkeley CA are in the round and as such are spell binding, usually…

The current offering: Salomania, uses a verbal devise like a caveman’s club. Youtube does a better job:

Salome, sultry and attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.  whose name is derived from the root word ŠLM (שלם), meaning “peace” is the key.   The play remains unlocked though the key is beautiful. The story is scaled as a feminism manifesto but plods on with no feminine sway. The actors were wonderful but the script was tedious and boring.

At this theater, the real story is in the manager of this establishment, a crass Marilyn G. who found something nasty to several people as they entered the theater or asked for some seating help. Several attendees, six who I knew personally, came up to me after hearing the greeting I got upon crossing the threshold. It seems that they too have had the same poor customer service and wanted me and my companion to know that we were not alone in this sort of treatment!  Some people are just that way. I suppose it is one of the reasons Catchup was invented.

The language stood on one part of the woman’s anatomy. The word was repeated in the script until it sounded like a punishment to our senses.  Like the ‘F’ word, in what seemed less creative but looking for the effect of the Fred Durst run to use that word to bother adults.  OUCH!

The press release, you be the judge:

Award-winning Bay Area auteur Mark Jackson returns to Aurora to direct this World Premiere, specially commissioned for our 20th anniversary season. While directing Oscar Wilde’s fascinating and sensual play Salome at Aurora in 2006, Jackson discovered the extraordinary story of dancer Maud Allan, a San Francisco native who took Europe by storm in the early 1900’s with her version of the “Dance of the Seven Veils.” She became notoriously known as “The Salomé Dancer,” and was unexpectedly confronted with a lawsuit that destroyed her career. Whereas Salome was Oscar Wilde’s wild take on the infamous Biblical temptress, Salomania uses Allan’s story as a framework to explore themes of media sensationalism, freedom of expression and wartime hysteria – themes as relevant today as they were a century ago.

Waiting for Change

I have been curled up in a spiral waiting to be discovered… I am waiting for change. Now that the political landscape is so frighteningly dumb… How is it that people put the Occupy Protestors down as slime getting in their way as they want to enter a building?  This is such a virulent First World Crime;  The Occupy people are standing for equity.

If only we had a 100 days of students in the streets of American cities about the cost of education as is happening in Montreal right now. Pink Floyd is beauty in the face of political disaster.

Imagine someone who does not care for his fellow human being stepping into leadership and all the time telling you that Everything is going to be better than all right. ….Just like Goebbels did back after the last monetary crash. I am off to dream of Pink  Floyd, Comming Change…and Sky Cake

And there are terrible things happening to the man who brought a breath of fresh air to global governmental espionage and slime..  Assange is best known for revealing hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. documents, including a hard-to-watch video that captured U.S. forces gunning down a crowd of Iraqi civilians and journalists that they’d mistaken for insurgents. His release of a quarter-million classified State Department cables outraged Washington and destabilized American diplomacy worldwide.

What are we going to do? I Want More HUGS!

I Have The Craziest Feeling About 2012

“If there is love, there is hope to have real families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real peace. If the love within your mind is lost, if you continue to see other beings as enemies, then no matter how much knowledge or education you have, no matter how much material progress is made, only suffering and confusion will ensue.”

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The truth is that when we live with our eyes opened, we can make anything that is dangerous, difficult, or depressing into a positive process for ourselves and for others.

Every day I come into contact with people who are unable to function in the manner that allows them to have the whole cookie and not just the crumbs.  Have you noticed the widespread anxiety among the general public over the year 2012?

I Am Wonder Woman

Certainly this is going to be the beginning of a difficult decade, but today I have a line of credit with the moving molecules of everything we manage to understand. I have a friend who may or may not be my best friend first… I have a crazy feeling that this New Year is going to be very good for both of us.

I Feel Your Pain Could be a Mortality Morality

Oh Yea, You feel what?  I do not Believe that people I have met most of my life, care about anyone other than themselves. What would you like to hear? I imagine saying “I feel your pain, is the way people say when they are ready to run for cover. Ouch

“Saying “I Feel Your Pain”, is an extreme sarcastic play that would only be bought out from the collection of possible things to say to a person in deep pain, or is dimmer than a box of hair and rocks, to the one, or other who is also naive.

What about love, Giving, receiving and finding Love. Which one of us is ready or willing to sacrifice even a half hour to go out of your way for a friend? The World of ‘Why Not’ is all about what you want to do right now. ‘Why Not’ is the other side of what would you like to do. It is using NOW as the fulcrum. This is a way of working a puzzle that lets you see ride.

What  would you like to do as a hook that ties you to the other persons agenda It is a classic combination of giving and giving from your heart as well as your actual Heart. Way earlier in our ‘cultured’ human history it was not legal to kill a plough animal, people were impelled to try anything which translated ritual murder into the power to digging out and revealing meaning from the Meat.

Then there is every idea of what is Sin. Who is making the list of what is and what isn’t sin.

Is there a person you know who has not felt the grinding pain of loneliness?  Since we each have known loneliness at some time, we can and should share empathy for one another.  I know what it feels like to have been shut out, to have had access to closeness, the closeness of caring contact that is simply denied.

At at one time or the other or I was living inside the picket fence boundary with a person cares for me unconditionally. Life and death questions are the same since the scribbles of Patañjali who lived and worked a couple of hundred years before the christian era. We are asking the same questions and arriving at the same answers. (I like Patanjali since his work is poetically beautiful and layered with meaning at every student level)

What do we need to change?  We need to love one another as though there is nothing else but Goodness, Loving Attention, and the antidote to Pain: Change.

Has Humanity changed much in 2000 years.  Ask yourself, what has changed and who exactly feels your pain today, yesterday, or tomorrow? I find that People cannot believe that change happens. I know people who think the phrase, ‘Change Is Constant’, is either some theater piece lifted from Shakespeare or Bacon, or An Equation in the Quantum. Change is not Literature, though ever time you finish reading a page you lift your finger and thumb and push or pull aside a page to expose a changed surface with type .

The last three weeks I have been bed ridden sick with sketchy fluids coming and going from the top parts and the bottom too. The infection started as a real horrible dust allergy. This condition is brought on when the apartment gets dusty. I have a person to come on and do the great job she learned in her home but she has not come for three months and my place is dirty and it Is Hard to breathe. Make a joke about this but the joke is, She feels my pain. Things have to change,, Don’t Play Dumb. Every choice is made in the persons best interest always and every time. The direction is Heading toward Winning. I am hoping that society should be better than the Individual. The group will being more information and more restraint.  (There could have been another picture here but some times It just does not load)

The Makers Faire OMG!

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I do not know just where to start about the Makers Faire!

Last year It was Soo amazing …. Useful things that are beautiful and brilliantly conceived…  This year the 10,000 year clock is represented. Long thinking is so Beautiful.
Immerse yourself in MAKER
culture and discover something
you’d love to make.
2011 Maker Faire Bay Area
is an amazing showcase of
creativity and cool technology
that celebrates the DIY
mindset. It’s stimulating,
inspiring and fun for all ages.
You just have to be there to experience it for yourself

So the past few days I have been thinking deeply about what is real and what is how I would like things to be. Etre, To Be!

Tomorrow morning I will be at the Makers Faire. I hope you will come up to me and share your experiences. Let me interview you at /from the Faire!

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