Rewiring the System

In Bayard Rustin’s Back Pocket

A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin:  Band together! The two men worked to bring civil disobedience, non violent assembly, and public intellectualism, the public intellectual discourse against the halls of Power. From his father, Randolph learned that color was less important than a person’s characterand conduct. From his mother, he learned the importance of education and of defending oneself physically against those who would seek to hurt one or one’s family, if necessary. Randolph remembered vividly the night his mother sat in the front room of their house with a loaded shotgun across her lap, while his father tucked a pistol under his coat and went off to prevent a mob from lynching a man at the local county jail.


Can you find any people rising up to become leaders with such strong intuition and usefulness to humanity, as a whole society, in our current time of Tyranny as Mr. Rustin and Mr. Randolph?


Have we started to move into Protest and take a stand  to pressure Politics. The most extreme elements of those, drunk on power, are working hard against the belief that we are all members of One Global Family.

What is the chance that those of us who stand for our American Constitutional Right To Privacy? Personal right to a private life and private communication, which is a building block of real democracy must find a leader as Bayard Rustin was.


Goodness is normal, caring about other people is right, and the natural normal aspect of our evolution, to walking upright on two feet: bipededness

Is there any one reading this who is completely against and ready to stand up against the kind of Big Government that passes laws which currently condone mass surveillance, penalize both legitimate protest and dissent, using the News Media they own, issuing a flood of bad press against all organizing including the Occupy Movement platforms?


The ability of people to move into the landscape of life by moving into the the light, the light in the world and there is a light at the end of the tunnel is essential for life itself. I am ready to make this assent. I believe that now is the time to gather together and walk peacefully together functioning and acting as the Heart of Our Country.

The Grover Norqust Gang is actively working to suppress and ignore our Constitutional checks and balances. Not one of the American citizens voted or elected this man. His group are funded and backed by big corporations in concert with wrong military minds, and bought politicians intervening world wide. Grover Norquist orchestrated the Iran/Contra, by funding Oliver North! Norquist has designed programs which have taken over our Congress.

Where is Thomas Paine? He emigrated to the British American colonies in 1774 with the help of Benjamin Franklin! Where is a man with the character and cash of the likes of Benjamin Franklin NOW?  Paine had the good fortune and timing to arrive in time to participate in the American Revolution. His contribution was the powerful, widely read pamphlet Common Sense (1776), the all-time best-selling American book that advocated colonial America’s independence.


Where are the powerful intelligent peacemakers hiding? I hope to, by this post, to draw out men to serve simply and simply serve.  In the way Rustin served as an unidentified member of the American Friends Service Committee‘s task force to write “Speak Truth to Power: A Quaker Search for an Alternative to Violence,” published in 1955. This was one of the most influential and widely commented upon pacifist essays in the United States. Rustin was a member of the New York City Fifteenth Street Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  He traveled widely in service to peace.Can we look to the Quaker’s for resistance and leadership?




Tuesday In California

Hey, It’s a Tuesday after the long holiday weekend. It is time to get back into the grind! After all the avoidance, all the convivial gatherings, it is now time to take care of details and doctors. I went off to my appointments with a general gladness. Here I am, at this time and place, where I am able to care for my body injured which was injured from that bad fall way back at the beginning of this year.

The uneven ‘art’ construction by the builder, on what is city sidewalks, surprised me.  (,+San+Francisco,+CA,+United+States&hl=en&ll=37.788005,-122.3988&spn=0.005664,0.008497&sll=37.857507,-95.712891&sspn=45.803434,69.609375&oq=minna+street&hnear=Minna+St,+San+Francisco,+California&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=37.788201,-122.398543&panoid=4fVDYkSs_AH-fE4dX7n7wQ&cbp=12,307.64,,0,0)

Even though I am sure footed from years of running cross country with a running club, the paving surprised me. Cross country running in Nature connects the soles of my feet with the balance hairs inside my ear structure. All runners know what I am talking about even if they have not looked up the inner ear or the name of its parts. “Stereocilia are the mechanosensing organelles of hair cells, which respond to fluid motion for various functions, including hearing and balance.” (*

Going to the doctors offices at the University Hospital San Francisco, I get a clear picture of our human condition; that people get sick or injured every hour of every day. People lose balance in such a variety of ways which science seeks to address in an unending cycle of science and magic. I settle into my issues as I try to actually get in contact with and feel in an authentic way. I ask myself, what exactly is the octave of pain that is here and there, right now, held inside my skin. What do I feel? How can I understand the pain I am having as the expression of my human experience rather than as a monster attacking me?

I am returning home, from the City, where I had an early morning meeting with a truly kindest and most insightful doctor in my group. I have a lot to think about in preparation for an important visit with a new doctor in two days. Nonetheless, I remain interested in my fellow humans since we all share a plight of facts and fancies, pains and aches, joy and sorrow. Just after lunch I have yet another dose of the culture of Californians.

California people are a well documented class all into themselves. People talk about New Yorkers in a certain way, but real New Yorkers are kind to one another. There is a way of talking which is regional which is so different from the Heartland singsong or the slow southern drawl, yet the core of regionalism is based on caring for one another. Here in California I have heard stories and suffered the direct experience of a self centered-ness that borders on human destruction.

I cannot imagine a New Yorker or a Bostonian talking at me as this particular Californian did from his perch to keep out the world flowing on around him. It is beyond arrogant. He was on a chair within the confines of the sitting area of my absolutely favorite cafe on College Avenue. I had just come out of the same cafe and as I turned the corner I caught sight of his knee brace.

Five days ago, I got a shot of Novocaine and cortisol in my right knee. This was a step by the Sports Medicine, Orthopedic doctor to help my combined issues that made every step shiver with some level of pain. The latest was the bad fall, before that is the negative effects throughout my body and especially my knee joints of the Radiation treatment for the cancer. Before that the strain of being addicted to running. I choose to run with a brace rather than to slow down to a walk!

The man was sitting at my favorite cafe which is so European in character that I supposed he would be open to my asking about his very high quality brace. I wondered what happened though first I wondered about the brace. It looked like something which would help my knee. So I spoke to a complete stranger!

I actually believe that I do not know everything! Is this my greatest flaw and the trail of experience traditionally an East Coast quality! When I speak to people I get to learn a piece of the fabric of reality that is new to me. For me this is a good thing. To many of the Californians I meet in my travels, this is not the case. New information, new thoughts, new people, all rock their cloistered minds out of the response of Maybe unless something better comes along. The sense of being busy reminds me of a walled medieval city. The boundaries are interesting to the historical eye but the here and now aspect of externals and veneers separates with a chilling effect.

He looked approachable! We had a short conversation. I asked about his awesome brace. He asked me how I got my injury and where I went for the shot. He said that his knee had a very invasive surgery but he was biking after just a few weeks later. That was interesting. He asked who was my doctor and I took out my smart phone, called up the calendar entry and told him the name. He went on that he knew the building, that it was just down the block from where he was treated. But my doctor was in a building that was less wonderful! He gave an air that his doctor was better than my doctor which dumfounded me and I became silent both inside and out. REALLY?

Then came the ‘put down’ that can only be created, imagined, felt, and uttered by one of those overly tidy on the ‘outside’ ordinary folks with something invisible to protect. It is a distressing inhuman view that anyone slightly different than who they see in the mirror is to be avoided. Have you had the experience with this sort, who are rotten to the core on the inside? And, Oh My, devoid of a warm hearted easy communication with people. Especially those bothersome strangers wanting information or a helping hand.

Then he said the totally California Space Cadet Thing! “I don’t smoke pot or eat it either’!


Here was a man in a blue blazer and professionally starched shirt who assumed since I smiled and talked to him that I was a druggy! He had to announce his assessment of my being friendly and interested in his brace as a marijuana inspired conversation! Was it my red hair or that I have an easy outgoing outlook that made him think I was stoned? REALLY?

I was stopped right in my tracks, turned toward him, and said directly to him: It’s called DOPE for a reason. Then I walked down the block to my awaiting car.

A post thought: After the Boston Marathon my dear friend called me to tell me that his family was ok and how except for some odd circumstance they would ave been a that very place greeting the runners at the end of the Marathon. Then R. said a very important thing. It was a huge wake up call to me as I listened to him. It is about the choices we each have in the interactions with our fellow beings… He said, ‘Did you notice that the bystanders and Bostonian who were in the area Ran Toward The Explosion?’

He told me that and I heard it as well. The newscasters commented on the caring nature of the people who live in Boston. I have been told by another that he does not want to move to California because neighbors will not help neighbors here as everyone does where they live. I need to ask, Has the good weather and sunshine gone and altered the California human?

True Stability

Yes, there is a pointer of thought. Who among us spends more than an occasional moment or gives much thought to just where Thoughts  come from?  Where do we each place the pointer of our thinking mechanism? Finding this takes real mental effort and emotional control. The difficulty is finding the tip of a thought. Where in your brain and consciousness do thoughts start?  Some writers and thinkers have labeled that point a space in time. I once heard a man say that it is a GAP where choice functions.  He used the word GAP to give some idea of thinking as a stream of action that has a muscular structure and can be exercised to be in charge of the development of strength and stability of Mind. The vagaries of life happen though I choose the direction to tell my ‘thought’ where and how to travel.

It is like the difference of a cozy relationship and a marriage. How do people make the choice to do more than just visit with one another as humans who are dating and risk being together in cohabitation both physically and financially? The choice might be an emotional space we have all experienced at one level or another. Emotions are easier to understand than thinking.

When I drive, I am calm. It took many years of working on the space between the originating thought and a response either physical as accelerating or breaking or the emotional response which rises my blood pressure or an expression such as honking .

True stability is poise in the GAP. It is an ease with the short view of what is good right here and now in this moment in this lifetime and the long view of how this moment will attract and construct the future of individuals, Nations, and our very planet in the family of stars.

Being moderate and  trying to live simply certainly gives me a large screen to view the display of my actions and reactions. I am a beginner.

Creative People

Creative People have an expansive way of seeing which shoes us all a broader way of seeing ordinary things. Creative People can also be defined as the process of seeing, hearing, making, and using their mind and consciousness in producing something that is both original and worthwhile.

Today I had two wonderful experiences in the flow of life. I was electrified when a young, developmentally delayed, boy spoke to me. He stopped in the entrance of the building and looked down the long perpendicular hall going to apartments and said, ‘ It looks like a tunnel’. It is true it does have a long variously lite quality which to an artists eye would be beautiful. It is a enclosed space with an air of grace. The young creative mind of this intellectually blocked brain sees beauty as he moves through life.

My Hallway
A fresh creative eye sees something special in a traditional hall and his speaking brought delight to me. I feel less intelligent people are often not respected for the heightened awareness they bring into every conversation. I imagine that his Mother must have a heart breaking ordeal with every day aspects of life in a society that has not allowed this Mother to have the time to delight in her sons differences.
Creativity refers to the invention or origination of any new thing (a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc.) that has value. “New” may refer to the individual creator or the society or domain within which novelty occurs. “Valuable”, similarly, may be defined in a variety of ways. Are we surrounded by clouds and mists which prevent us from enjoying our lives in every day actions?
Today Is the special occasion that Korea was Liberated from the 35 year Japanese Colonial Occupation. The people of Korea were conscripted into labor in order to support life often in roofless corrugated structures with no running water. Confined space with limited access to basic needs. The Korans had to buy back their land from the Japanese Occupiers. Least we ever forget. Our Hearts are restless though we live in a new day as we search for what we Love.

My Letter To Mr. Obama

Dear President Obama:

I am an angry American.   I’m angry that you have chosen to break nearly every promise you made on the campaign trail.

I did not vote for the Clinton's, yet their staff are your staff. Are their choices your choices or are you under high pressure?

I'm angry that you chose to continue the long tradition, started by your predecessors, of
complete service and loyalty to corporate America and complete disregard for the American people.

People voted for you because of the HOPE that this would be changed by your Presidency.

I'm angry that, instead of being the President who made us proud to be Americans, helped us feel safe in our country,
and strengthened our civil rights, you have brought shame to our country and expanded the continuing war against the American people and their civil rights.

I'm angry that you've made Americans feel like criminals in their own land by continuing to give out of control agencies like the
National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI even more power to invade our privacy and ignore our Fourth Amendment rights. 

I'm angry that, at every turn of the road, at every single opportunity, you have betrayed us. You have sold us out. 

I feel unsafe from the police, who in my entire life were Public Servants, and now beat innocent Occupy Protestors. I am an ordinary stay at home mom and I am being tracked and my communication stored and searched. To what purpose?

My Question is what sort of government is available to Citizens?
I would like your personal reply to all the people who voted for you four years ago.
Thank you, Ilsa Bartlett

Ilsa Bartlett

“Don’t ever get so big or important that you can not hear and listen to every other person.”
-John Coltrane

Tonight, Stephan Hawking Says ‘There Are No Aliens’

Tonight I had the great privilege to both talk with and listen to the talk on Black Holes in Cupertino CA.

He said that the planet Earth had not heard any Soap Operas or Situation Comedies so it is unlikely that there is humanoid intelligent life … Those communication waves are traveling out to all the edges of the system since the singing on radio and TV started.  This is an interesting point of view.

I just had to share this thought though I am sooo tired that I can’t tell all the great aspects of a life in science.

Heinz Winkler (chef)

Sorry Clay! I made a big mistake!

The Forward LOOK of Clay Aiken

Turns out that watching television does not guarantee correct hearing. I watched two tv shows last night and mixed the names and stories up.  I watched a cooking show on the network then watched the Trump Your Fired Apprentice. Somehow in my minds eye I confused the  young Clay Aiken with the older Heinz Winkler. It was such an exciting Celebrity Show. I was rooting for one of the two finalists. And there were several of the celebrities that I just genuinely did not like a ‘tall.

It was the Chef,  on the German show  about his life work, who talked with such heart felt toughness about the death of his mother because of a freak lightening storm.  My Mother, in a way, passed on when I was eight. I guess my emotions clouded my memory.

Filet of rabbit with prunes rolled in pasta with balsamic sauce

17 years ago three-star chef Heinz Winkler realized his dream of having his own restaurant. The “Residenz Winkler” is located in Aschau between Salzburg and Munich.

The light, delicate meat of the rabbit requires especially careful treatment to prevent it from drying out and tasting bland or sinewy. The two best ways to prepare it are to steam it or to bake it with the oven door open.

Ingredients: 2 saddles of rabbit
12 prunes

Pasta dough:
250g flour
50g coarse durum wheat seminola
3 eggs
20ml olive oil
10g salt

Meat Spread: 100g poultry, veal or rabbit
1 egg
120g creme double
salt, pepper, nutmeg

4cl madeira wine
0.1l muscatel wine
0.15l poultry stock
60g butter
2cl balsamico
1tbs cinammon

Debone the rabbit filets, clean carefully and salt. Pit the prunes. Mix the pasta ingredients and knead the dough until it is completely smooth. Form into a ball and seal it in plastic wrap. Refrigerate the dough for about an hour. Then roll it out and cut it into 16-cm squares. Boil them in salt water and briefly cool with ice water. Place the dough sheets on a well-oiled baking tray. Cover with plastic wrap again.

Dice the poultry, veal or rabbit for the spread. Salt lightly and shred in a blender. Add the egg and gradually work in the creme double. Season the spread with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. It should have a firm consistency, because the prunes will add moisture.

Balsamic sauce:
Bring the madeira and muscatel to a boil briefly. At the poultry stock and reduce heat by half. Season with balsamic and cinammon and bind with cold butter.

Finishing: Brush a dough leaf with a thin layer of the spread and place the filets and pitted prunes on top and roll up the dough leaf. Wrap in plastic wrap and cook at a medium heat in a steamer.

Tip: Cooking times for rabbit are surprisingly short.

Steaming deboned saddle takes only 4 to 5 minutes. If banked in an oven at 180-190°, it takes 5-6 minutes.


Expanded Moral Horizon

‘Surviving Progress’
How do we survive our need for progress. Some people are swept up in the drive for more things with a sort of need for ownership zeal that defies my imagination.  This is an important film to see. The best aspect of the film extends a true definition of Economics. 
Economics is a juggling bogus theater creation by an international Oligarchy. This group has somehow pillaged our today away. How did less than 10% of the globes population keep the rest of us in a haze running in circles.  We are drugged by inordinate desire for things we really do not need.
Based on the best-selling book A Short History of Progress, this film  walks us through the major “progress traps” facing us in 2012 , into the next 20 years.
 I recommend that you and all of your living relatives go see this sobering longer view look at what we have allowed to happen to us as a human species.

It shows just how much more smoke, mirrors, and misdirection,  spins out by those leaders who are stomping around our planet.  They are relieved, ‘ that the trees are the right size’ since in the minds of Oligarchy their images are a supersize secret.   The ‘First World’ collective accomplishments are forecasting our own demise. If you have not searched You Tube for the many videos unter the heading of First World Problems now is the time to do it!

This evening I saw: ‘Surviving Progress’. Though it is not a love story it is a true tear jerking series of interviews. It is riveting.  Here is an organized statement of  where, when, and why, there is an Occupy Wall Street Movement here in the United States and around the world,!  This fine film lists the reasons for the  Occupy movement and makes the true and real point clearly.

The time is now for each one of us to start change our purchasing patterns to remove the legs that the Greedy Banks use to hold up the draining of our human resources.


Why is Success so important?   What is the clawing hunger for success?  What is this product that so many forgo the grace of going, moving ever forward, and choose instead to hold this hardend substance higher in their hearts and tighter in their hands?


This Success goal is not filled with the same gossamer grace as satisfaction.  Let’s make it clear!  The benediction of living life well and with meaning of life is expansive. The police at the door, (Kasung), make the Temple a trustworthy safe place to cooperate with one another in the consensual habit of time, thought, and timber.

Satisfaction is a gentle and pleasant robe worn by you as the monarch of your own life. Strewn is the abundance, with the meaning of life, in the seeds of satisfaction. We are One Human Family when our inspired thoughts, the strong movement generated by feelings based on altruistic behavior rise into action. There is the value in evaluation of IQ,  which served the creation of the Industrial Revolution. Now Emotional Intelligence supports the Information Age. But what will guide us in the important Paradigm Change out of pulsing power?  How will we intersect with the brilliant flow of the ‘rainbow of potential’ which will lift and support life without ‘isms”.

We Cannot Legislate Each Other Especially About Our Individual Bodies

Success is about occupation, job, as it provides an example of status that may be either ascribed or achieved, it can be achieved by one gaining the right knowledge and skill to become socially positioned into a higher position of that job; building a persons social identity within the occupation.  Animals are goal directed and at that ‘end’ spot is the success they sought. They are standing in the rain of desire.

What does ‘going ON about life’, with only success as the tiny light at the end, do to our humanity and health? What is it like to live in failure, in the condition opposite of the desired target? If you are only focused on success then your mind is in a perpetual state that has failure dragging along behind you. You are in a state of funk failure! What happens is inflammation in your mind and body as well as in your very blood that carries this sticky junk through your system which guarantees your stumbling along in life with Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Disease, and more illnesses.

What is happening all around us in little enclaves are bonds, sparkling with the magnesium like crackles, reaching out to cooperate with the surrounding stars. In a conflagration which is this controlled burning that transforms human life, health, and all property into the gentle souls. Those who survive this burning from inside out seek cooperation. They work and wait then work some more.  The Inclusive Fitness Intelligence of our next human family movement shines on the faces of those who seek conflict resolution and true cooperation between strong capable and creative individuals.


This is the magnificence of the long view in planning a place for the 7 generations. Somewhere in the writings of the Theosophists, perhaps HPB, in Isis Unveiled or the Secret Doctrine, I read that the two life forms that were a high culture on Venus arrived here.  When that planet no longer supported an atmosphere conducive to the life form we call Ants, the solar winds were used to travel to our Earth planet. The way they managed was not writen about in a way that my beginners mind could find or understand. The sophisticated society based on structured cooperation arrived eons ago. Are we ready to adopt the glad tidings of our tiny partners in our global biomass?

Rather than regurgitating the succes road already traveled you and I can step into a Social Revolution. The Long Now Organization, in it’s series of seminars about long term thinking, presented the gracious and fertile octogenarian, Edward O. Wilson, who talked about his ideas for The Social Conquest of Earth.  (

We should be questioning ourselves as to exactly what each of us thinks is the meaning of life! And forming groups to talk about how our understanding of this material world can intersect with the people in our working group, our family of man.

Here I include the power point presentation that went along with the free flow of ideas that Mr. Wilson had with himself about the important questions.   Check out this Wikipedia Page:

At the end of the talk the moderator asked about how he had managed to be successful for his entire professional life. Twice the gracious southern gentleman replied that he just Kept Going On.  It is a different world view when you have something to do, some work, a way to serve the greater good, then success is not the goal.





































Not a great picture- but there are Stewart and Edward Wilson talking on stage

Huh? Happiness

I am trying NOT to find what I want outside myself. I really need to build a certain strength and loving esteem as I learn not to look for happiness from others. I want ‘others’ around me to collaborate on critical issues that have a bearing on my humanity. We are people in groups. Groups build Societies.  Life works when people get along.  We share thoughts, ideas, projects and ‘fun and games’, cooking and cleaning, cuddling and more…. etc! I need to find what really makes me happy inside myself.  It means that I have to relax all the working parts of my human and animal systems.

Last night I was in a huge room full of really intensely smart basically privately focused on the screens straight ahead. It was the big day for soldering class. Many of the most gregarious folks turn out for this ongoing option.  There are kits to make all sorts of blinking, singing, pulsing objects.  How do they put up with this chatty smiling redhead? I really enjoy my time in this club house Hacker Hang Out. The amazing part is that they know my name and are very friendly.

The Wonders of Noisebridge!

It is huge to be completely different from the people in the room. I do not code or work in coding language as those in the surrounding system of being and thinking at the Hacker Space. My life, both in thinking and working, does not involve the behind the scene, back door, of the computer world. I have a computer which I know how to turn on almost all of the time. Now I am into learning about things that Geeks do every day. I am an enthusiastic beginner. I used to have huge problems all the time. I was unhappy!  I have a friend who is my ‘go to guy’ when I get various viruses and worms. In the past they were arriving on the back of some attachment or such in an invisible Trogen Horse. Geeks woke me up to the joys of knowing a little more. One step at a time I hope to turn my HUH into Happiness.



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