Rewiring the System

Swami Said Self

“The machine mechanically performs all the movements

its maker wants it to perform, its movements are not those of life.

How can we make the distinction between the living and the dead, then?

In the living there is freedom, there is intelligence;

in the dead all is bound and no freedom is possible, because there is no intelligence.”

———-      ~ Swami Vivekananda


One Cup A Day

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 8, 2011
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Ultimately, the truth is in a calm and stable heart. I have known people with such an internal creation so I strive toward that Pristine Place. I find the only real way to get there is with people. I cannot do it alone in meditation. Though without meditation I will loose my way! It is important for me to have One Cup of Kindness every day.

Today I get an early morning call to go out of my way to give a person a ride home after an afternoon of work. I usually do little on Thursdays since that is Jupiter’s day. I suppose my reverence for Thursday must have started during my imaginary life with Plato debating in the Socratic style about the meaning of life in a body. What was there to entertain intelligent young people other than a lively debate with a circle of great thinkers?  Can anyone have a direct experience of the meaning of their own life?

My life as a mud cake jiggling and scampering as the strings of my nervous system pulse and contract. This is a very standard human system definition.  Everything is created out of the same materials that the stars are made of.  This carbon oxygen shell holds a lot of water so just a few nervous stirrings makes emotional mud in an instant.  Carrying all this dust and water around is a lot of work for my constantly replicating bundle of nerves.  Could I have a nervous disorder? Is this what is paralyzing my system by filling me with constant vibrating pain. Emotionally I have to get my hands dirty to figure out how to bring the Socratic precision to a discussion of the sublime and subtle world of belief.  We are human and feel compassion as we use rigor in the scientific process.  I propose One Cup of Kindness we need to offer one another, whether we are being emotional or precise in our thinking, actions and words.