Rewiring the System

One Cup A Day

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 8, 2011
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Ultimately, the truth is in a calm and stable heart. I have known people with such an internal creation so I strive toward that Pristine Place. I find the only real way to get there is with people. I cannot do it alone in meditation. Though without meditation I will loose my way! It is important for me to have One Cup of Kindness every day.

Today I get an early morning call to go out of my way to give a person a ride home after an afternoon of work. I usually do little on Thursdays since that is Jupiter’s day. I suppose my reverence for Thursday must have started during my imaginary life with Plato debating in the Socratic style about the meaning of life in a body. What was there to entertain intelligent young people other than a lively debate with a circle of great thinkers?  Can anyone have a direct experience of the meaning of their own life?

My life as a mud cake jiggling and scampering as the strings of my nervous system pulse and contract. This is a very standard human system definition.  Everything is created out of the same materials that the stars are made of.  This carbon oxygen shell holds a lot of water so just a few nervous stirrings makes emotional mud in an instant.  Carrying all this dust and water around is a lot of work for my constantly replicating bundle of nerves.  Could I have a nervous disorder? Is this what is paralyzing my system by filling me with constant vibrating pain. Emotionally I have to get my hands dirty to figure out how to bring the Socratic precision to a discussion of the sublime and subtle world of belief.  We are human and feel compassion as we use rigor in the scientific process.  I propose One Cup of Kindness we need to offer one another, whether we are being emotional or precise in our thinking, actions and words.