Rewiring the System

Occupy Wall Street 2012

I watched with Horror, the brutality of the Police on the people protesting the United States Oligarchy at the Occupy Wall Street site at the square in NYC this evening. How can our elected officials act against our very own American Constitution?

Almost 200 protesters arrested TODAY!  The Mayors, the Governors and on up the elected ladder MUST be told that the People want Economic Equity. Change Will Happen. Can our current Government be part of the Healthy Future of our country and all global economies? I sat and watched first hand the brutality in Oakland and have posted pictures I took Thanksgiving day 2011 …. And Now Am I More Than A Regular Baby Boomer Citizen? I am a droplet, a tear drop, in the river of life. Who among those reading this are comfortable being uncomfortable? As Vivaldi eloquently sang out : When I die and go to heaven if you are not there I will not go in…. Stand with me and lets make the world we want.

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My Letter To Mr. Obama

Dear President Obama:

I am an angry American.   I’m angry that you have chosen to break nearly every promise you made on the campaign trail.

I did not vote for the Clinton's, yet their staff are your staff. Are their choices your choices or are you under high pressure?

I'm angry that you chose to continue the long tradition, started by your predecessors, of
complete service and loyalty to corporate America and complete disregard for the American people.

People voted for you because of the HOPE that this would be changed by your Presidency.

I'm angry that, instead of being the President who made us proud to be Americans, helped us feel safe in our country,
and strengthened our civil rights, you have brought shame to our country and expanded the continuing war against the American people and their civil rights.

I'm angry that you've made Americans feel like criminals in their own land by continuing to give out of control agencies like the
National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI even more power to invade our privacy and ignore our Fourth Amendment rights. 

I'm angry that, at every turn of the road, at every single opportunity, you have betrayed us. You have sold us out. 

I feel unsafe from the police, who in my entire life were Public Servants, and now beat innocent Occupy Protestors. I am an ordinary stay at home mom and I am being tracked and my communication stored and searched. To what purpose?

My Question is what sort of government is available to Citizens?
I would like your personal reply to all the people who voted for you four years ago.
Thank you, Ilsa Bartlett

Ilsa Bartlett

“Don’t ever get so big or important that you can not hear and listen to every other person.”
-John Coltrane

How Bad Can It Get?

We are giving all our freedoms away  and not one of them can we get back unless we start NOW

AT&T Admits It Tracks Cell Phone Customers in Quest for Additional Profits
Phillip Dampier June 11, 2012 AT&T, Consumer News, Public Policy & Gov’t, Wireless Broadband 1 Comment

AT&T is tracking some of their customers in a data mining experiment few know about.

AT&T is watching you.

America’s second largest cell phone company admitted Sunday it is quietly tracking the habits of customers using their AT&T cell phones to learn what they do with their time, where they work and play, how long they spend in traffic, what pubs they visit, and how long they stay.

The industry calls it “data mining,” and the treasure trove of information companies clandestinely collect about their customers could eventually become a major profit center when packaged and resold to third parties. AT&T researchers are experimenting with “big data,” according to a weekend report in the Star Ledger, sifting through vast amounts of location information customers unknowingly provide the phone company that could fetch a high price on the open market.

The newspaper reports AT&T Labs has been quietly following its customers in Morristown, N.J. in an experiment to prove its “big data” concept.

AT&T researchers mapped the movement of workers in and out of the city each day, following customers from their home to the office and beyond to favored nightspots such as bars and restaurants — all by tracking where customers’ cell phones were at different times of the week.

The result was a highly-detailed “snapshot” of daily life in Morristown. Plotted on a map, AT&T knows that workers commute from as far east as Queens, N.Y., and the city’s nightlife attracts people from northern New Jersey and Brooklyn.

Company researchers tracked customers as they moved from cell tower to cell tower as they traveled, and from that the company was able to predict patterns of behavior from local residents. For example, AT&T knows your commuting shortcuts, and can deduce (and share with urban planners) problem intersections or likely workarounds residents will typically use when traffic snarls.

Such sophisticated tracking alarms privacy advocates despite company claims personally identifiable information is scrubbed before accessed by third parties. AT&T customers are automatically opted-in for data mining when they sign up for AT&T cell service. It is included in the company’s terms of service, AT&T says.

The Morristown project was considered experimental, but AT&T has high hopes it can eventually use its “big data” concept to create a new source of revenue for the company.

AT&T is not alone using tracking capabilities to monitor its customers. Verizon is not far behind, the newspaper reports. Google itself tracks smartphone owners to help spot traffic jams for the company’s “live traffic” maps.

Privacy advocates question how informed customers are about location tracking and data mining, and what companies can ultimately do with the data.

Lee Tien, senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization specializing in free speech, privacy and consumer rights, told the newspaper consumers have a right to be concerned.

“One of the things you learn in kindergarten is that if you want to play with somebody else’s toys, you ask them,” Tien said. “What is distressing, and I think sad, about the big data appetite is so often it is essentially saying, ‘Hey, we don’t have to ask.’ ”

World Wide Rebel: Fear Is Your Only GOD

If you ever wonder what I want from the 99% movement, I will tell you. I am praying and working to pull those who may never get to the first rung of the latter of life, up from where an ever larger population is getting their next meal from a Dumpster.  There are people who are worse off than you can imagine, you who are reading blogs on a computer.  The Poor, they are living under insurmountable odds. The 99% people are sticking out their necks for the rest of us who are afraid to whisper, say, and shout the unspoken word, “Class”.  You are never to mention class or you will be labeled  from a long list of  words aimed to limit your mental mobility. You could be called a raciest class monger. The Fearful Middle Class who believe they are secure in the consumer Hamster wheel.

The word POOR is never mentioned in any of the Political conversations. All those sleeping in their cars or in allies or under a highway, those who struggle to be optimistic.  Poor people do not have a Lobbyist to speak for them to the elected officials in any of the First World Countries, The WHO, The World Bank, NATO, or all those who privatize Water.

Poverty is a crime. Those creative Banking derivatives who sell the flow of cash in seconds from the sender to the receiver make money ‘renting’ this transfer of workers cash. Those who have drained and subverted the global economy through the ‘products’ must be both stopped, taken to task, and incarcerated, yet our leaders are dependent on those same criminals to pay for their nasty commercials.

Listen to this sound track while you read on. I was there at Woodstock 1999 as a Journalist for the Phoenix News of Pennsylvania. I was in the 20th row. I t was more wonderful than this video can ever show, though this is a professionally shot and just wonderful. Put on headphones! (My favorite is Turn Off The Radio and This Is For The People Of The Sun)

Are you standing in line believing the lies, doing what ‘they’ told you with their brain control Bullet in your head? It is an old nightmare that we the 99% will sweep away.

Today, this Friday evening I attended a ‘MeetUp’ gathering, Toasting Berkeley, at a downtown hotel. It was drinks and useless self promotion and drinking and stories…. I do not hold that against any of the assembled or push them away from my heart.

We Are Therefor I Am: “What else are we but a few songs and a few stories“, says,  Richard Phillips Feynman, May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988) was an American physicist known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics, and the physics of the superfluidity of supercooled liquid helium, as well as in particle physics (he proposed the parton model).

Feynman was a keen popularizer of physics through both books and lectures, notably a 1959 talk on top-down nanotechnology called There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom and the three volume publication of his undergraduate lectures, The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Feynman also became known through his semi-autobiographical books (Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! and What Do You Care What Other People Think?)

For his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, Feynman, jointly with Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. He developed a widely used pictorial representation scheme for the mathematical expressions governing the behavior of subatomic particles, which later became known as Feynman diagrams. During his lifetime, Feynman became one of the best-known scientists in the world. (wikipedia)

Back to my adventure with the over tidy at my gathering…Near the end of the hour and a half, the conversation turned to how (those who were at my end of the long table), thought about contact with protestors. It was spewing out the oft repeated FOX news sort of comments. One woman was saying that the few who had to cross the lines of the Occupy Movement protestors in San Francisco City Hall, called the assembled ‘dirty’ HOMELESS rotten residue who should be removed. I just felt that the group I was with actually believed that the protestors are less than Human! There was special viscera especially for the Berkeley and Oakland groups. All 99% are all tossed together into a “All Those There”.

The shaking and starving are our human brothers. Until the least of us is sheltered and clothed and fed, we are not truly living up to the persons we were born to be. We are all our brothers keepers. LOVE Is All There Is!


I was abandoned by my father before my third birthday. There he stood in his army greens looking like a tower of anger. He moved to the top of the stares where my bedroom was and threw with violent directed strength (that somehow has remained intwined in my collected images, that I can still smell and feel still to this day). He lifted the 6 foot long roll of vinyl floor covering, that he was going to use to give me a clean new floor and threw it down the stairs and out the front door.

Out the door that man went, he who provided the sperm that fought its way across the diaphragm my Mother used to prevent conception.  Needless to say I never got a new floor. I ended up having rough wooden boards that I ended up painting gray. Gray Gray Gray I grew up Gray from the core to the door.

I was summarily rejected by my mother just after my fourth birthday. Holding up to the streaming light My Mother showed me the actual protection she used to prevent pregnancy. Then she dressed me up and took me to the court house and had me given over as a ward of the court.

Louis never wanted children and that was a contractual promise with my mother, Mary. The stalwart binding of my parents marriage was that they each would have their jobs and no annoying children underfoot. Sure they were in love and as the original Yuppies, the Young Upwardly Mobile Pretty People they both wanted to make money, save it, and have fun vacations all over the hemisphere..  

I was one of many unwanted children who would support the compassionate choices that are signature style of the Kennedy Generation.  I had a very hard childhood. My Father was 40 year career Army Intelligence. He just loved America. He was a young 20 something when the Russian Revolution marched across the icy steppes. The Brown Shirts and the Red Shirts and The Muzgiques all had an axe to grind. One day The Bolsheviks, “majority”, were a fraction of the Marxists, which split from then over run over the more populist the Mensheviks wrecked the Jewish Merchant Society

It was one day after another which was not as good as yesterday and not as bad as tomorrow as well as the surfs of various levels.

The regular family nesting human education  was not passed on to me. I got the position over in a corner from where I watched the people moving as though on a platform. Most of the times I had no idea about the rhyme or reason for most of what was going on. I had to watch people I liked to learn how to live in the world. I had to find a pattern of movements and words which I could choose to play out in what was for me a very scary, other worldly, constructed form  so very different than the soft lights in the world in my heart.


G6: The Eye Of The Tiger: Shappa Keine Zeit

The fastest way to go… Fly like a G6. The best ride in the world… On one side the world is sad yet up above the painful atmospheres the chance to cooperate and make time for  one another so that, “The one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others”  will not over take our fragile human beings around the globe.

Yet world wide, we still have not enough time to be human. Objective examples of information sharing or Subjective which is seen as not credible. Which side is propaganda? I need to remember the lessons I have learned from my past. The sad spot that grew in my insides kept me from flying high.

The music distracts me from the quality of life swirling all around.  There is a power to love that roars like thunder… I am far away, yet I never wonder where I am! Today I was talking about emotions from a purely materialistic manner as though I could reach out and touch the colorful display as the feeling mix and move. The science of photography has not moved into this area of seeing feelings the way we see plasma particles accelerating the curves connecting and creating the small increments of the web of life. I am pulsing with emotions. I imagine the people in my circles can feel that I am full of passion, yet this passion is not a direct picture of what is truly going on inside of me. Bright red has a calming effect. I can’t hug Red unless it is expressed in some actual form. Music is as close to ‘Feelings into Form’ which moves me today. Some days just do not click so the songs with rhythms make it all work with what is really happening. And keep on singing.

Separate, cut in half, a country and the effects on the emotions of people. We must never forget, though each citizen is in an interesting phase of background and unknown.

Can I touch you with my words? Will what I am feeling reach and aid you? Can just thinking close caring thoughts life me? I invite the special guest of harmonious solitude. In this intersection we can flow and meet using the feelings quality of our human lives. Logic and thoughts shall not enter to the arena of feeling. Outside the box brings in the imagining that you are here and we, you and I, are creating something together. We can succeed when we allow clarity to communicate what we are feeling. A duty to the rainbow of possibility in real timber and time. Tolerant behavior of our own and others feelings will only make us stronger. Inner security trumps insecurity every time.

Let Me Be The One

“The NDAA implodes our most cherished constitutional protections. It permits the military to function on US soil as a civilian law enforcement agency. It authorizes the executive branch to order the military to selectively suspend due process and habeas corpus for citizens. The law can be used to detain people deemed threats to national security, including dissidents whose rights were once protected under the First Amendment, and hold them until what is termed ‘the end of the hostilities.'”

It may be too late since the entrenched powers started way back in the Ike Eisenhower administration. The budget has been authorized and ordinary citizens who speak up are in danger of being Targeted for extra surveillance. The NDAA seems to be hard at work …

This Launcher of Munissions is Pointed At YOU

Last week I attended two functions where based on the fact that I speak, even ever so graciously, about my interest in personal and public freedoms. At both of these events I was told that the people there consider me Courageous! I felt my heart being broken as I listened to the ‘compliment’ and saw the look in their eyes. I am not that cleaver to know what to do to actualize the alarm.

The human family must be running at different speeds. The 1% have drugged some 85% into a sleeping stupor. Among the remaining people who see that we have entered the hotter part of the “Frog In Hot Water Being Cooked”.  How many are simply afraid of the people they voted into office?

I can’t remember the exact Bruce Willis Movie but that film seems like the reality we are entering where the thought police are collecting all our information and we no longer can relax and have a private life.

Fantasy recapitulates Reality

Creative people use their art to shine some attention on things as they really are. The real combat is our stance on the flow of money into funding confrontation that brings no value to the Human Families around the world.

Let me be the one who rings a call to form a Movement to protect the little freedom we still have. I want the governments around the world treating all its citizens as criminals.

Feeling The Fear

I can remember time after time living out of the deep fear of rejection. I did not know at that moment when my head crested out of the Birth Canal that the stench of rejection was going to surround me with the trail of the sad fairy dust. It was a hazy more dust than star dust It was a trail and it was a foggy banner proceeding me when ever and where ever I go. To this day it comes calling. Welcome to my life.

I sat up in the perambulator covered in a creamy knit cap and a coverlet, bumping down the concrete slabs in Mount Holly NJ where my father was stationed. We were on the way to the small grocery store. I had a vivid image of the small jar of baby-food Blubby, lubby.. rubbery corn-starchy and very sweetVanilla pudding. There was the splashing half sitting and half standing bath in the kitchen sink with beautiful beech wood cabinets

You’re the one desire, but your love is burning like fire
Jah soul, jah man
Connect – R pon di place
Rapping on..

I need some water, cause I’m getting so dry
Your love is burning like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
Cause your love is burning like the sun in July.

Sing it UP!

Burning, just like the sun glowing,mmm
Shining, just like the love we have
Let me feel it, I wanna touch your skin, yeah
Let me kiss it, I wanna taste the sin,yeah

Sing it UP!

I need some water, cause I’m getting so dry
Your love is burning like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
Cause your love is burning like the sun in July.(x2)

Yo listen..
Burning, just like the sun glowing,mmm
Shining, just like the love we have
Let me feel it, I wanna touch your skin, yeah
Let me kiss it, I wanna taste the sin,yeah

Let me be what I need to be cause when the sun is shining you look so sexy, yeah
I wanna touch ya pon di face pon di whole body
But your skin is burning lïke the sun,baby(x2)

So i gues I need some water, cause I’m getting so dry
Your love is burning like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
Cause your love is burnin like the sun ïn July.

I remember just before my third birthday that none of my family had the ability at telepathy yet I could read and hear the thoughts their minds were generating. This truth that they could not understand me as I was able to understand them caused me to sob inconsolably. It seared into my heart that somehow I was not constructed with the same parts as the people who walked half asleep in my house. We lived in Mount Holly for some many years until my father fully expressed his unhappiness that my mother allowed herself to GET pregnant. Like ‘it’ doesn’t take two?

My tiny ears had to listen to the angry stuff directed at me because I was born, for coming into this world and breaking up their marriage. My little strawberry blond silk did not protect me as I wondered How I Got Here? At this moment I realized that most of my every day living was less than real and more to reel to reel.


It Is Spring Equinox – The Time of  The Cosmic Fire  We share the start , knowing very well that a great opening is in the process of this important Great 
“Labor to keep alive in your breast  that little spark of celestial fire calledConscience .”
 ~ George Washington,  The Rules of Civility, Circa 1748



Oakland Quan

Peaceable protestors attacked by Military Police. I was there and saw the horrors of what is now our Police State. The police must be reeled in or there will be class warfare. Who is paying for the police to behave so badly? Why does the governor allow this mayor to continue in office? Why has Obama not stepped in and listened to what the assembled people are saying by their presence. The Bank Bail Out has wrecked havoc on the economy. Goldman Sacks is running both the republican and democratic parties. This must change. How are we going to peaceably get the change in policy we want and need if government officials direct and allow the Police to behave violently against citizens who are congregating to voice their concerns. We are the 99%.

Quan she should step down.

Oakland: Touch My Heart

It has been a long time comin’, but I know the change is going to come.  We all see that around the Globe that as governments of countries and cities run out of a continuous flow of money the governing groups start to do irrational things.  Every day working class people are trying to carry on though one out of four children are currently homeless in the United States of America. 

I remember, four or five years ago,  talking with a Police Sargent during or just after a session when I was enrolled in the local Community Police Academy. A Community Poli

Irrational Behavior During Economic Downturn

The cost of irrational conflict

A Community Relations Policeman saw my website and set up a time to talk about my being crisis management or chaplain in service with the police. There had been a student squeamish and the police stepped in to limit the area of student movement. I could feel the causes of the conflict with my senses in the same way you can feel an energy when people have antipathy. There is a magnetic resonance that lets you know what is going on. In this way you can walk down streets or in the jungle with poise. Where to put your toes on the path of life is an important skill. I asked this leadership quality man who is working as a police man what he would do when the real conflicts come. We could both feel the pinches of the economy. How was this going to play out in society in general and within the marginalized community? What side would he take? Would he stand with the side where his politics and beliefs define his actions within his personal life with his family or would he have to toe the line of the political directives? He said his job was to keep the peace. He was hired to do a job and he was told what that job entailed every day at the police morning line up. He would do what he was told no matter what he felt of held as a deep belief.

I was returning home from my Thanksgiving Dinner and I thought I would drop in to the Oakland Occupy group in front of City Hall. I turned the corner on to Clay Street from 14th and found a parking spot halfway between 14th and the pedestrian walkway to the Plaza. John Coltrane playing Lush Life was on the Jazz station. I just had to sit and listen through to the last note. I discovered John Coltrane and jazz when I was nine and stared buying the records when I was 12.

It is the surround sounds from the moment I came home from school and when I did my homework. Lush Life is my all time number one favorite tune. Billy Strayhorn is my favorite composer though I also revere the classics and hard rock giants. Billy wrote this song when he was 19 and as a young person I felt he understood the human condition in a continuous way that meshed well with my nervous system reaction to reality.

I turned off the engine and relaxed back into my seat and listened to all the fourteen minute version of this great tune. For All Whose Lives Are Lonely Tooooooooooo.

Peaceful Image Always Accompanies Me On My Journeys

I could see some 20 or more police milling around the 14th and Clay Corner but did not think much of it since I knew the Occupy Oakland was having a Thanksgiving for the protestors and any people displaced because of the flagging economy. Suddenly a half a dozen Police cars speed into parking spots on Clay street and out streamed another 20 or more Police in full uniform with battons in readiness. The Man In Charge clapped his hands and said OK lets go and I slid further into my car seat to try and become invisible and relax into the wheel of life.

Do You Know This Man?

He Gave The Order To Move On The 99% Using Their First Amendment Right Of Assembling.

The police assembled into a column of four or five across and 10 or so long and pranced in synchronized military step. The leader then clapped his hands and said ‘speed this up’. and the formation took of like a jet plane. I got out of my car as they turned the corner. By the time I got to the Plaza the police had surrounded the the portable toilets two thick.

You Get A Sense Of The Military In My Community From This PictureYou Get A Sense Of The Military Operation On My Home Soil


Lush Life created a sound barrier that protected me from direct contact with the military force of the Oakland Police. If I had not wanted to listen to the entire song I might have stepped out of my car at an inappropriate time and felt the full force of this Military Style Action.

Such Force Placed On Two Ordinary Woman

I wonder how to emphasis the power of Cooperation between the Legislatures and the Private Citizens during this difficult economic times?

Cooperation is what I lived as I took the pictures. It is my inner force of the Spirit of Cooperation that gives me the words to talk with the police during their operations. In fact the Sargent in charge of taking down and completely dismantling the second Occupy Oakland position in the Park with Mrs. Parks statue, told me He felt I was a reasonable person. Our conversation started with a question, ‘Where did the Occupy Oakland move to?’

One of the patrolman took my  picture with a rinky dinky flash camera when everything we said and did was being collected with the state of the art visual and oral technology!

Why Is He Taking My Picture ?

Why is He Taking My Picture ?

As Governments run out of money we can look forward to Less Cooperation.  Will we suffer more irrational proceedures by the footman of the 1%, our locally paid police?

What can we citizens do in the face of irrational governance and escalating confrontation between political parties? Where is the legislative cooperation for a successful America?

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