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Little Jumping RNA

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Just a short thought poem about the little broken jumping bits of RNA floating around in our cells.

Sometimes this is good and sometimes this cause havoc and cancer.

Think of this as:  “RNA interference.”

Although it was not discovered until the late 1990s, nearly 40 years after the genetic code for making proteins from genes was identified, the phenomenon of ‘RNA interference’ now is known to play an important role in fighting viral infection and in preventing genetic mayhem during reproduction of strands by preventing parts of the genome known as “jumping genes” from moving and disrupting DNA within stable, vital genes. Scientists’ growing understanding of the scope of RNA interference has inspired new experimental strategies for manipulating gene activity therapeutically.

Little broken parts of RNA can be forced to float in cells due to inordinate levels of real and imagined stress in our modern city lives.

So any gene may sow the seeds of its own inactivation or activation under the right circumstances.”

I will write more on this since APT and the cascading of inflammation creating all sorts modern illness needs to be understood at the very smallest building blocks of our human bodies.


The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and by the National Institutes of Health.

UCSF is a leading university dedicated to promoting health worldwide through advanced biomedical research, graduate-level education in the life sciences and health professions, and excellence in patient care. It includes top-ranked graduate schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy, a graduate division with nationally renowned programs in basic biomedical, translational and population sciences, as well as a preeminent biomedical research enterprise and two top-ranked hospitals, UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.



Consciousness: The Entire Universe

What do you think causes consciousness?  (Hint: the entire universe is conscious)


This morning I was reading a reference to animals having consciousness from the point of view of the spirals of planes of consciousness. This is true up to a point. Animals have what I would refer to as Animal Consciousness in that they have the emotional realizations and the ability to see the 500 variations that a particle traveled before it got to their noses, but are not able to get past the atmospheres into the all inclusive areas where galaxies spin.

I believe that the real understanding Of the ‘Lightness Of Being’, the opened being of awake consciousness, comes from the effort of Going to the GYM FOR YOUR Brain/Mind. Do exercise by using the brain to think. For ages in all sorts of forms, leaders in meditation, science, medicine, physics, etc, have suggested in the language of their expertise, to go out into nature and listen. Listen carefully and after a while you will start to hear the particles of all life in the flow of what I call Mother Nature.

Are the senses taking in this information at the speed of light. Let us test this miles per gallon hypothesis together all around the world by going out into Nature and sitting still and just listening. What the world needs at this intersection of Time and Space is a, ‘Lady Tasting Tea’, as Dr Muriel Bristol did. A highly refined group to both study and to prove scientifically that Kindness is the rule of life. And is the truest most reliable value in understanding how consciousness works and moves. * Wikipedia:

What the Lady will be Tasting is Love In Action. Love binds the particles. Just as the discoveries of the flow of electrons ushered in the electronic telecommunication age, Love, when comprehended as a functioning whole, will change our understanding of everything. The minions with their mighty swords are at war with the forces of progress and change. Loud empty barrels, who want to as hold solid, the past by the very force of Hot Air. Their desires are to control humanity’s thinking, feeling, and the privacy of their very faces and bodies. You hear their booming because they are making a lot of noise.

Those who have an insight about the future must not be swept aside or drowned out of the conversation. Perhaps you are able to be a light on the scientific path by giving calculations that some of the few, who can chew on numbers can translate, with out affronts or new age fog, out to the general readers? I believe that through the daily act of focusing your mind on one activity, perhaps meditating on an idea or being mindful of only your breath, will open many doors into the many levels of consciousness.

Is The Cat Alive?

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Apparently, today, it is Erwin Schrodingers 126th Birthday, the father of the wave formulation of quantum mechanics. IE, as close to a human God as has ever been born. He also was quite the lover of life for a mathematical physicist.



Check out the doodle and read his wiki article.

Schrödinger’s cat: a cat, a flask of poison, and aradioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects radioactivity (i.e. a single atom decaying), the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the cat either aliveor dead, not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other.

“In 1944, he wrote: What is Life?, which contains a discussion of negentropy and the concept of a complex molecule with the genetic code for living organisms. According to James D. Watson’s memoir, DNA, the Secret of Life, Schrödinger’s book gave Watson the inspiration to research the gene, which led to the discovery of the DNA double helix structure in 1953. Similarly, Francis Crick, in his autobiographical book What Mad Pursuit, described how he was influenced by Schrödinger’s speculations about how genetic information might be stored in molecules. However, the geneticist and 1946 Nobel-prize winner H.J. Muller had in his 1922 article “Variation due to Change in the Individual Gene”[11] already laid out all the basic properties of the heredity molecule that Schrödinger derives from first principles in What is Life?, properties which Muller refined in his 1929 article “The Gene As The Basis of Life”[12] and further clarified during the 1930s, long before the publication of What is Life?.”

I bet you didn’t know that did you?



Stones: The Stories In Our Stones

‘Be ready to let go of the life you planned to make a place for the life that is here: The life that is coming’.
~Joseph Campbell

Stones can not forget what occurred in those solid walled rooms.   The surface of the granite boulder or grain of sand, be it the Viking Celtic Rune stones widely used to describe what only their hearts did imagine, then Gladiators all fashioned and shape into implements.  These became the storyboards of that age for all time. Though everything has a flaw, the flaws seem to give the stones added strength.

The percussion used to manufacture early sharp points and the lethal edge includes the dedicated imprint of both the time of construction and the spawn from the maker. When no one was watching the flintstones were sucking up the sonic information just like a sponge.

Onyx slabs or Opal cabochons, with fiery veins, fashioned into beautifying bedizen bedazzle is permeable to sound waves.  All the flaws criss cross in a matrix song the singing out is such a rich spring breezy spreading around the world. The desire of life itself  sprouts out juicy living blossoms from seeds, some seeds even planted in rocks. The songs that grow out of those tough crags are the sweetest. They are the songs spilling out right from the heart.

Do you ever take a good long look at your walls?
This tough surface stuff holds so much constrained emotion. Just like the clap of intense interactions continue to move in our human nervous system long after the event.  Since sound charges each person or object with a striving after some effect, I react with jingle jangle or stoical silence. Sound waves continue on out to the edge of the universe. Sound keeps going in a undulating wave and never stops.

In my every in out moment of breathing, there is the possibility of attention to the task.  I can choose to pay attention to my small regular act. I can hear the air rushing past my nostrils                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             My body has a feeling with every movement of stopped motion at any point of the inhalation then the inevitable exhalation. Could my human breathing sound be  stored to be opened by an audio system yet unimagined.

Our bodies take in information and readily send it out. Stone, this hard material, which is widely used to make implements and structures, is listening to everything all the time. Double decomposition happens when at least one of the substances does not dissolve. The sound wave enters the solid and is held in the warp and woof for a specific project or purpose. The sound energy is waiting to be interpreted. When is it disclosed and by whom is the question of time. I choose to transform myself and as a sound magnet have rolled into a tight fetal position under this structural calcified Crusty Material Form in stop frame function,  communicating with my Muse.

What will I do, what is the tool be that I use to care for my inner knowledge? Inner or outer, day and night, I hear Bucky Fuller whisper in our ear, it is In /Out and not up /down. What is essential is not to be taking any of this structure for granted. This is the struggle we have to get past while we are in Night and unable to physically move

I would like to separate the Day from the Night. But I am inside the Dark, it’s ok but I am staying in here. The activities of Day are not available from my place inside this Rock.  I am left in darkness that I can only explain to you, my reader, as Night.  I hear that reference in the song, ‘Cupid Please Draw Back Your Bow’ by Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury, 2008,  Amy says, ‘ It takes a long time to get dressed but just seconds to undress.’

Most tools are constructed with a sharp edge, or a strong point, for a  percussive action along a surface. That is not possible in the Solid Night Life estranged for a time being from the other. Inside out building has to be understood as a flow of thought arrows intersecting Building  with whatever was lying around and what had to be chiseled into the shape of choice stones is the origin of  process.  When no one was watching the flintstones, glistening and sharp on the outside, the internal structures were sucking up the sonic information just like a sponge.

Everything has a flaw; the flaws seem to give the stones added strength. All the flaws crisscross, marking with crossed lines in a weave that is a method of surface production in which two distinct sets of ions that are interlaced at right angles to form a solid surface. The word ion is the transliteration of the Greek, ἰόν, which means “going”. Electron heavy molecules intersecting the Proton heavy molecules continue spinning in the dance of creation.

I am a steward of my options, the small sights and low expectations or the expansive healthy post tree structure with my eye on the goal. I am excited to see inside the network construction of solid structures. I have to have something inside, within me to help me survive the upheavals and changes that come in every year, decade, lifetime, on and on as long as the life inside stones.  Gumption is the action that makes the pebbles survive!

Singing, softly from my heart, my tune is a sent out, though not well understood, not well received, the notes are rocks on the road, pebbles moving in our atmosphere. Sound moves through, within, and around the building blocks of our world. All sounds, songs, and stories move as electronic sound from an individual alone or in a choir. The songs are enjoyed as the sound evaporates into the atmosphere. Sustained singing is a way of gathering together the variety of seeds from around the world where juicy living blossoms grow from seeds planted in rocks. The songs that grow out of those tough crags are the sweetest. They are the gifts spilling out of the stable matter, right from the heart of creation.  Do you ever take a good long look at your walls?
Sound waves continue on out to the edge of the universe. Sound keeps going in an undulating wave, which never stops. The fabric production is when two distinct sets of waves are interlaced at right angles that form a surface.

Sound is a sequence of waves made or as well as causing pressure that propagates through compressible media such as air or water. Sound can propagate through solids as well.  Sound that is perceptible by humans has frequencies from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. In air at, the corresponding wavelengths of sound waves range from 17 m to 17 mm.

How do the waves relate to density?  The relationship creates pressure as every noise moves is guided by the surrounding temperatures that pause to let it sink in.  It is different in air and water than wind. When the wind is moving the sound move faster. In the solid

All the concerts ever held sing out from all the walls in all the rooms in all the prized castles in the city, the rural towns, and all the countries around our globe. The stones build buildings of power.
Wondrous beauty is preserved in the molecular construction of the stone, stacked one upon another, reaching to high ceiling cell spaces. Our rooms are built for living life to the fullest and catching and holding every moment of our vibrant life.  I listen to every instant of my life. I hear, that all life is brimming with sound.

This World is not Conclusion.
A Species stands beyond –
Invisible, as Music –
But positive, as Sound –

~ Emily Dickinson

I am lovingly washing the same cup for the rest of my life!

I am a one of a kind life, a one of a kind stone, and every stone is unique, just as each person is a one of a kind. Think about each of us as a stone which is used to build a, ‘ one of a kind’ room or a one of a kind cell for this important one of a kind individual. Walls are for boundaries, confining a separate and safe space from whatever the outside forces of  both civilization and nature.    Unlike concrete, which has no long-term connection to the core of the earth, stone holds in its layers all our stories.                                                                                                                                     Concrete was widely used during the Roman Empire. For example the Coliseum was largely built of concrete. This technology did not resurface until the mid 1700 .

Stone time, taken from our molten beginning, reaches back into our global origin, it records our structural creation compounded from dust. Concrete has none of the made by Mother Nature molecular structure that retains sounds.

Sound is ‘energy in action’.  Every sound flows as undulating sign wave which does not stop waving. Sound is an unending movement in air that is forever carrying our songs and sighs of happiness and sadness out to the edges of the finite edges of space. Does space have an edge?

Sound is Energy. Just like in science class where I learned that energy is the capacity to do work, I came to understand that sound moves mountains too. Sound is also the capacity to play.  Sound is a property of any system, which diminishes when the potency moves. Doppler begins with vigor to diminish as vapor on the wind. Sound could collect in an effort of laziness often labeled as a song stuck in my head. It is funny to listen as the sound system does ‘work’.

When you flow into doing what you love it might give you the ability to make a living.

Work and Play are both an action on another system. How do you choose to label your everyday activities? Work and Play are movement.  Both are consumers of energy.   The words I choose are my way of communicating a level of gravity about each action. Time sure flies when you are having fun!

The diminution of this quality of vigorous sound in time calls to my mind the communication between the Space Station and NASA. Hello Huston, I say hello! What ‘work’ builds our bodies, what play does the same building? Both play and work builds our minds, bodies, our lives, and our structures.  Joy is the potential amount of usefulness we, each of us use in the creation of everything we think say and do and produce. Songs and stories do the heavy lifting in life. How else are we to be useful, both for our self and the many other selves?

Remembering that we were sitting still in a stone building, we constructed in our imagination, hearing the resonance bouncing off the walls of our brain, the history recorded in our breathing in and out.

In this present moment, where we are now, sitting or standing,we are able to be actively remembering that we can breath as we play and work.  We flow along with the Earth in its pushed spin around the sun.  Storms of particles bombard every material thing from the cyclic explosions on our system Sun.  Our Earth is a small dot in a small solar system in the far left arm of our spiraling galaxy.  We are stardust!  Shimmering reflections of refracted light held together by some habit pattern. We are the flow of electrical signals in a consensual harmony.  This pattern can motivate your thoughts into material forms that become the self-fulfilling prophesy. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

The ability to act while watching the effect on both things and people is a force of leadership. When we marvel at our unlimited natural source of usable mental, emotional, and physical potential then we have a visual reference of the results of your actions.  We can see that our ‘grace in action’ blossoms from the seeds emanating from a ‘self’ we plant with every thought and step.

Watch the tension and the exertion of thought, as you generate and direct a desire, for instance. It is desire that moves us into and through life. The desire to create life and your personal desire to be born makes your world as well as the interconnectedness of all of what we call real world. A desire for comfort, or a fear of discomfort, or an anger with whatever that takes the ease and creates dis ease. Be an observer of yourself in your own life.  Breathe with your own rhythm and listen to your sound.  Hear your thoughts as you move. Move into a language made up of words you use to describe the place where you are and the place you are moving toward. The truth about life is that even if you are sitting still you are always moving.

Language is used in a way to stabilize movement toward a goal. It is specific thoughts by specific people spoken in adequate language makes a real and deep connection with our inner integrity.  Never lose sight of the story of self with value-based connection builds truth from the inside.  With the specifics, we get to match our shape of the inner small puzzle piece, who we know we are in the outer dimensions with our heart felt inner self seed.

Listen to yourself breath.  Nothing special, just listen in the position you are in and no special counting or practice, just notice how you in your natural rhythm of your inspiration and expiration. As you listen and learn how you breath you will listen to Nature differently. Not the birds tweeting or the trucks traveling but the silence generating the power of our natural world.  This will allow you to hear the breathing patterns of those people in your close personal proximity.

Start to pour your whole heart out in to yourself without putting up any walls. Let your breath fill you with air and bring you life just as air did in your first intake when you were born.  You may not remember that first breath but just for this moment, act as if you do.  You have seen pictures of the Birth Professional, whether it is a doctor or midwife or family member, hold a newborn upside down and give a gentle pat on the back to inspire aspiration.  Go back to that moment using your creative imagination and breathe as though you are upside down and it was your first breath, your first breath every time.

Now we can dance with this energy of our choice to live. We are jiggling with sizzle and flow inside our skin and overflowing with passion. The oxygen carries the ‘stuff’ our brain needs to send signals throughout the body.  More oxygen more mental action more mental action more success in whatever we want to accomplish.  Without deep movement of oxygen, our choices are not in character with the reason we are here at this moment to make a choice.

As shallow breathers, we will now notice that our minds, hearts, and bodies are or get depleted due to improper exchange of good gasses for refuse gasses. We are making unconscious choices.  Choose or loose suddenly means choosing at every nanu second in every intersection of all the directions on all the points of the compass of possibility.   I know that understanding every second of my life is a great place to make my choice.  I can feel my bottom on the seat right now. With the slight movement of air on my face and now I know where I am.  It is in this grounded presence that I can choose what to think, feel, using all my senses and move with a sense of poise and clarity. This is a great beginners step in making real choices using your heart as a compass.
The World usually sees a Compass as an external navigation instrument. It finds directions on the Earth based on a pointer aligning itself with the global magnetic field. For a short time let us each use our Heart to find the magnetic connections in Nature with all life forms, including the connections with other people. Using our hearts and thinking of choice as points on a compass opens up seeing many variations on a theme.

Choice is an important mirror in which to see you.  Look long into this mirror and give it the label, ‘My Choice’. See yourself as a collection of choices that you built, brick by brick, out of decisions mixed with actions, choice by choice, into this body, mind and emotions.

It is your ability to choose anger over understanding in relations with friends, family, or as you travel on the highways of life. To see yourself clearly, to see the truth of life itself as you look at your thoughts, words, and actions and see this as a real life mirror.  To see that as you choose you have the power of a true creator.  True vision cannot become a method to accomplished true choice in an instant or a second, or in a minute, or in one day!  It is an effort to truly be yourself and enjoy the trip that will unite the seconds into a necklace of such beauty that you will stand in breathing and marvel.  People will be attracted to you and your ideas and offer their energy to build this harmonious project, whatever it might be, together to change your world.
How have we lost the ability to choose?  Why did we bury our ability for truth?  When did so many brush aside ‘truth’ to such a point, that each of us, as a human biped, has lost touch with our inner truth.  What we really want to choose in life struggles to reach the surface from within a dustbin built in our core.

Take the opportunity to live your life out-loud. Take a frog and make him/her into a prince or princess!

Live out-loud without external stimulation of caffeine.  Adrenal exhaustion is a build up of old anger.  That extra cup of coffee sends acid along with the caffeine, all through your biology and pumped through your nerves into your brain.  Give up the baggage!
Live with loving attention to your body.  Get up and go for a walk, a swim or a dance to bring fresh oxygen and its handmaiden the added energy you need as you sing and dance and listen to all the people in your ever-widening circle.

Peace: A Science Story

What is Peace? Peace is a state of Natural Being in the tornado of Mother Natures creating and deconstructing forms, fluctuations and fashion.  Peace is primarily based in and for every cell in my body. This That I AM is in contact with peace from the molten core of our planet continuing in and out to every level of things we see and those just beyond our ocular construction catching colors.
Can you breath it now?
Out to those far reaches of space which humans only can express in equations particles in ever refined, rarefied, and reflecting roll around to be coalesced by the butterfly net of our thoughts. Can you dig it? Humm Didly Diddly Hummm.

I am star dust that is 57.5 billion years old. Last night I attended a political comedy event and the woman sitting next to me, who as crass as broken glass on the beach blabbed demanding that I tell her my age! Of course I smiled and said that a Woman who tells her age cannot be trusted with anything since she will tell every one anything and everything with out a thought of appropriateness! A gentleman two rows back managed to get my attention and quipped You are as old as our current Big Bang System star dust. He made other references based on his membership in the AAAS!

Washington, D.C. office of the Association

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is an international non-profit organization with the stated goals of promoting cooperation among scientists, defending scientific freedom, encouraging scientific responsibility, and supporting scientific education and science outreach for the betterment of all humanity. It is the world’s largest general scientific society, with 126,995 individual and institutional members at the end of 2008,[1] and is the publisher of the well-known scientific journal Science, which has a weekly circulation of 138,549

Black hole gravity pulsations and my beating heart are an orchestra concert held together by each loving thought .

The Beatles sung You are what you eat and All there is Is Love. Love is all there is,
Love is the magnet and the glue

Hawking’s Gravity

How often does Kindness and Intelligence bind harmoniously in one well known person? I had an opportunity to stand next to Dr Stephan Hawking and talk directly to him personally while looking right into his eyes. Both eyes were focused and expressive. In fact I got a whole conversation and wonderful connected sense of grace from our extended glances.

Dr. Stephen Hawking and Dr. Kip Thorne will be presenting a program on Black Holes on Tuesday June 19, 2012 at 8pm at the Flint Center in Cupertino CA.

What I so much wanted to tell him was my unpretentious story about reading a book he authored. I was simply talking to this man who I had admired for most of his life. I told him that some 21 or 22 years ago when his thick volume came out I was living in Princeton N.J. I said that I went into the Young Adult section of the Library and took out the thin young adult version and read it in entirety. That version was in larger print and did not have any of the equations!

It happened that I was standing next to him that perfectly lovely June afternoon. It was at that point that he looked into my eyes and I felt a wave of gratitude coming from him.  It was a glance of such tenderness and grace full of real understanding and an appreciation of my honesty, as I was completely unpretentious about reading the children’s copy! My telling the unabashed truth gave me a life long gift of the deep connection with respect for his work though the nuts and bolts are over my head.

The event at the Flint Center in Cupertino CA.  Highlighted the extraordinary new proofs of the gravitational spin both in black holes and the collision of two black holes. There in an easy to comprehend power point presentation was the first glimmer of gravitation force. It is more than any other explanation a position for the gravity puzzle

Dr. Stephen Hawking and Dr. Kip Thorne will be presenting a program on Black Holes on Tuesday June 19 at 8pm at the Flint Center in Cupertino CA.

Tonight, Stephan Hawking Says ‘There Are No Aliens’

Tonight I had the great privilege to both talk with and listen to the talk on Black Holes in Cupertino CA.

He said that the planet Earth had not heard any Soap Operas or Situation Comedies so it is unlikely that there is humanoid intelligent life … Those communication waves are traveling out to all the edges of the system since the singing on radio and TV started.  This is an interesting point of view.

I just had to share this thought though I am sooo tired that I can’t tell all the great aspects of a life in science.

Do Not Mock Me On Rose Day

Happy Monday. Today is Rose Day, the day when you give people you care about a rose. It is a heart happy holiday. “Praise Mothers”, Japanese society adopted the second Sunday of May as the official date. It is a rather commercial holiday, and people typically give flowers such as red carnations and roses as gifts to Mothers and other special Woman friends.  If you do not get a rose is your heart feeling a little crack in it’s structure?


I remember each intersection when I felt my Heart being broken. I guess the veins and arteries demand conductivity driven by the word “With”.  My heart responds to the change in connection. Starting the complex story from scratch is not short and easy. I guess I am taking a risk by sharing a fact which I am sure  we all share since heart ache is a shared human experience. The series of affronts happen too often to too many people.

I guess it is the way we think about one another. I feel people are constantly modifying and reinforcing the walls that separate us one from the other


Why is Success so important?   What is the clawing hunger for success?  What is this product that so many forgo the grace of going, moving ever forward, and choose instead to hold this hardend substance higher in their hearts and tighter in their hands?


This Success goal is not filled with the same gossamer grace as satisfaction.  Let’s make it clear!  The benediction of living life well and with meaning of life is expansive. The police at the door, (Kasung), make the Temple a trustworthy safe place to cooperate with one another in the consensual habit of time, thought, and timber.

Satisfaction is a gentle and pleasant robe worn by you as the monarch of your own life. Strewn is the abundance, with the meaning of life, in the seeds of satisfaction. We are One Human Family when our inspired thoughts, the strong movement generated by feelings based on altruistic behavior rise into action. There is the value in evaluation of IQ,  which served the creation of the Industrial Revolution. Now Emotional Intelligence supports the Information Age. But what will guide us in the important Paradigm Change out of pulsing power?  How will we intersect with the brilliant flow of the ‘rainbow of potential’ which will lift and support life without ‘isms”.

We Cannot Legislate Each Other Especially About Our Individual Bodies

Success is about occupation, job, as it provides an example of status that may be either ascribed or achieved, it can be achieved by one gaining the right knowledge and skill to become socially positioned into a higher position of that job; building a persons social identity within the occupation.  Animals are goal directed and at that ‘end’ spot is the success they sought. They are standing in the rain of desire.

What does ‘going ON about life’, with only success as the tiny light at the end, do to our humanity and health? What is it like to live in failure, in the condition opposite of the desired target? If you are only focused on success then your mind is in a perpetual state that has failure dragging along behind you. You are in a state of funk failure! What happens is inflammation in your mind and body as well as in your very blood that carries this sticky junk through your system which guarantees your stumbling along in life with Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Disease, and more illnesses.

What is happening all around us in little enclaves are bonds, sparkling with the magnesium like crackles, reaching out to cooperate with the surrounding stars. In a conflagration which is this controlled burning that transforms human life, health, and all property into the gentle souls. Those who survive this burning from inside out seek cooperation. They work and wait then work some more.  The Inclusive Fitness Intelligence of our next human family movement shines on the faces of those who seek conflict resolution and true cooperation between strong capable and creative individuals.


This is the magnificence of the long view in planning a place for the 7 generations. Somewhere in the writings of the Theosophists, perhaps HPB, in Isis Unveiled or the Secret Doctrine, I read that the two life forms that were a high culture on Venus arrived here.  When that planet no longer supported an atmosphere conducive to the life form we call Ants, the solar winds were used to travel to our Earth planet. The way they managed was not writen about in a way that my beginners mind could find or understand. The sophisticated society based on structured cooperation arrived eons ago. Are we ready to adopt the glad tidings of our tiny partners in our global biomass?

Rather than regurgitating the succes road already traveled you and I can step into a Social Revolution. The Long Now Organization, in it’s series of seminars about long term thinking, presented the gracious and fertile octogenarian, Edward O. Wilson, who talked about his ideas for The Social Conquest of Earth.  (

We should be questioning ourselves as to exactly what each of us thinks is the meaning of life! And forming groups to talk about how our understanding of this material world can intersect with the people in our working group, our family of man.

Here I include the power point presentation that went along with the free flow of ideas that Mr. Wilson had with himself about the important questions.   Check out this Wikipedia Page:

At the end of the talk the moderator asked about how he had managed to be successful for his entire professional life. Twice the gracious southern gentleman replied that he just Kept Going On.  It is a different world view when you have something to do, some work, a way to serve the greater good, then success is not the goal.





































Not a great picture- but there are Stewart and Edward Wilson talking on stage

Huh? Happiness

I am trying NOT to find what I want outside myself. I really need to build a certain strength and loving esteem as I learn not to look for happiness from others. I want ‘others’ around me to collaborate on critical issues that have a bearing on my humanity. We are people in groups. Groups build Societies.  Life works when people get along.  We share thoughts, ideas, projects and ‘fun and games’, cooking and cleaning, cuddling and more…. etc! I need to find what really makes me happy inside myself.  It means that I have to relax all the working parts of my human and animal systems.

Last night I was in a huge room full of really intensely smart basically privately focused on the screens straight ahead. It was the big day for soldering class. Many of the most gregarious folks turn out for this ongoing option.  There are kits to make all sorts of blinking, singing, pulsing objects.  How do they put up with this chatty smiling redhead? I really enjoy my time in this club house Hacker Hang Out. The amazing part is that they know my name and are very friendly.

The Wonders of Noisebridge!

It is huge to be completely different from the people in the room. I do not code or work in coding language as those in the surrounding system of being and thinking at the Hacker Space. My life, both in thinking and working, does not involve the behind the scene, back door, of the computer world. I have a computer which I know how to turn on almost all of the time. Now I am into learning about things that Geeks do every day. I am an enthusiastic beginner. I used to have huge problems all the time. I was unhappy!  I have a friend who is my ‘go to guy’ when I get various viruses and worms. In the past they were arriving on the back of some attachment or such in an invisible Trogen Horse. Geeks woke me up to the joys of knowing a little more. One step at a time I hope to turn my HUH into Happiness.



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