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Occupy: The Creative Catalyst

I left journalism in 1999 when both editors and writers had directions based on the bottom line of the owners. It is not just Fear, though the spin on the ‘news’ is to brew doubt into calcifying fear so that the killing of humanity from poisoning bees to owning seeds ends our garden of Eden. The Nestles Co. started buying up wells and springs in the late 1960’s and privatizing water starting in 1971. They announced that water is no longer a human right. Who followed that thread?

They are US. We must use Occupy as a creative catalyst and climb out of the demise without blaming the corporations. That is just lazy hateful support for the criminals.


The Clintons fostered the climate which allowed our world wide economic collapse. They wrote the law that opened up the possibilities for derivatives. Clinton announced that what the transportation systems needed was a 4.00$ dollar gallon of gas as the foundation of control. Did you read about those actions or just about his under the desk in the oval office prankster-ness? We reached the global co2 cliff in 1970. No news media or public servant stood up and magnetized for critical mass. Remember the now famous Eisenhower speech?

In his 1961 farewell address to the nation, Eisenhower expressed his concerns about future dangers of massive military spending, especially deficit spending, and coined the term “military-industrial-congressional complex“.

None of the true leaders listened and just followed the money. We are doomed not just because there are no journalists Standing Up, but we are a global community of people living against goodness and working against preserving the beauty of our Big Blue Pearl.


FREE FOOD Saturday

How to change a neighborhood, a community , a town, city. county, state country and the globe? So many organizations really try to bring people together to get to know one another and form bonds that can actualize friendships and community caring. Our world is so segregated. How many of my neighbors do I know well enough so that when I am in need of a friendly hand or conversation can I call? People here are so isolated by fears and separations  I do not have cable or this or that digital whatever which is not real and imagined. So that people have trained themselves to be uncomfortable with their neighbors.
How can we as a society turn around the downward cycle if we are not standing together with those people who live in our proximity? Saturday around 6:30 two men, roommates, started with one pot of chille a few months ago. They did not even have a ladle. Their original sign was barely readable… Now there is a party and the neighbors bring out a covered dish which is now a gourmet feast. Love One Another! He IS creating friendships of caring through sharing food and breaking bread over conversation.
I was driving by after a strenuous day where I felt I had no power of input. I was a little marble in someone else’s game of life. It was physically and emotionally draining. Since I drive the local speed limit my peripheral vision caught the light orange sign: FREE FOOD.
It was on a nice corner across from a shop, that served as an external office, where I often got a coffee. I pulled around the corner and parked my car to take a look at what was going on and what was offered. There was a joyous group of smiling faces and a wow spread of soup to salad. I intend to cook up something delicious and bring it down next saturday so I can have a second conversation with this group of wonderful neighbors. One man brought his classical guitar!  I had the time of my life in such simplicity with such opened hearted grace in the true tradition of caring. No Baggage and nothing needed except to bring you actual real self to this great party of life.Feed those who cannot afford a whole meal by bringing what you can and together we become what we can never become alone.
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My Letter To Mr. Obama

Dear President Obama:

I am an angry American.   I’m angry that you have chosen to break nearly every promise you made on the campaign trail.

I did not vote for the Clinton's, yet their staff are your staff. Are their choices your choices or are you under high pressure?

I'm angry that you chose to continue the long tradition, started by your predecessors, of
complete service and loyalty to corporate America and complete disregard for the American people.

People voted for you because of the HOPE that this would be changed by your Presidency.

I'm angry that, instead of being the President who made us proud to be Americans, helped us feel safe in our country,
and strengthened our civil rights, you have brought shame to our country and expanded the continuing war against the American people and their civil rights.

I'm angry that you've made Americans feel like criminals in their own land by continuing to give out of control agencies like the
National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI even more power to invade our privacy and ignore our Fourth Amendment rights. 

I'm angry that, at every turn of the road, at every single opportunity, you have betrayed us. You have sold us out. 

I feel unsafe from the police, who in my entire life were Public Servants, and now beat innocent Occupy Protestors. I am an ordinary stay at home mom and I am being tracked and my communication stored and searched. To what purpose?

My Question is what sort of government is available to Citizens?
I would like your personal reply to all the people who voted for you four years ago.
Thank you, Ilsa Bartlett

Ilsa Bartlett

“Don’t ever get so big or important that you can not hear and listen to every other person.”
-John Coltrane

Your Home Town Stomach

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Yes, no matter how sophisticated I have become the ‘taste buds’ in my gut lead my life. My favorite foods are grown on my childhood hometown wind, water, and soil. That corduroy road with the well worn ditches riddled with rivulets of nostalgia like the smell coming from the kitchen when you open the front door after a long day in grade school.

I have a very special place for my grammar school breakfast. Real long slow cooking oat meal cooked just right so that each flake absorb just amount of water to be soft in the inside with desecrate individual boarders.  Just before serving my Grandmother would stir in a whole egg. My Grandmother had her eggs delivered from a local country farm by a man driving a wooden wagon with a shiny chestnut horse. The yolks were golden orange and full of deliciousness. The oats and the egg created a third flavor very different than each of the ingredients.  It is like any good relationship the ‘third person’ created when two people truly come together is a real treat.

I have a friend who has traveled the world. We have never talked about his Hometown Stomach but I have spun out some little stories completely made of imagination..

Heinz Winkler (chef)

Sorry Clay! I made a big mistake!

The Forward LOOK of Clay Aiken

Turns out that watching television does not guarantee correct hearing. I watched two tv shows last night and mixed the names and stories up.  I watched a cooking show on the network then watched the Trump Your Fired Apprentice. Somehow in my minds eye I confused the  young Clay Aiken with the older Heinz Winkler. It was such an exciting Celebrity Show. I was rooting for one of the two finalists. And there were several of the celebrities that I just genuinely did not like a ‘tall.

It was the Chef,  on the German show  about his life work, who talked with such heart felt toughness about the death of his mother because of a freak lightening storm.  My Mother, in a way, passed on when I was eight. I guess my emotions clouded my memory.

Filet of rabbit with prunes rolled in pasta with balsamic sauce

17 years ago three-star chef Heinz Winkler realized his dream of having his own restaurant. The “Residenz Winkler” is located in Aschau between Salzburg and Munich.

The light, delicate meat of the rabbit requires especially careful treatment to prevent it from drying out and tasting bland or sinewy. The two best ways to prepare it are to steam it or to bake it with the oven door open.

Ingredients: 2 saddles of rabbit
12 prunes

Pasta dough:
250g flour
50g coarse durum wheat seminola
3 eggs
20ml olive oil
10g salt

Meat Spread: 100g poultry, veal or rabbit
1 egg
120g creme double
salt, pepper, nutmeg

4cl madeira wine
0.1l muscatel wine
0.15l poultry stock
60g butter
2cl balsamico
1tbs cinammon

Debone the rabbit filets, clean carefully and salt. Pit the prunes. Mix the pasta ingredients and knead the dough until it is completely smooth. Form into a ball and seal it in plastic wrap. Refrigerate the dough for about an hour. Then roll it out and cut it into 16-cm squares. Boil them in salt water and briefly cool with ice water. Place the dough sheets on a well-oiled baking tray. Cover with plastic wrap again.

Dice the poultry, veal or rabbit for the spread. Salt lightly and shred in a blender. Add the egg and gradually work in the creme double. Season the spread with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. It should have a firm consistency, because the prunes will add moisture.

Balsamic sauce:
Bring the madeira and muscatel to a boil briefly. At the poultry stock and reduce heat by half. Season with balsamic and cinammon and bind with cold butter.

Finishing: Brush a dough leaf with a thin layer of the spread and place the filets and pitted prunes on top and roll up the dough leaf. Wrap in plastic wrap and cook at a medium heat in a steamer.

Tip: Cooking times for rabbit are surprisingly short.

Steaming deboned saddle takes only 4 to 5 minutes. If banked in an oven at 180-190°, it takes 5-6 minutes.


What’s Goin’ On?

Marvin Gay is swooning in my left ear. His soul song is right for this time. Not only the Global War International noisey conflicts that are draining money form the global economy: What’s Going’ On?

We have to find our way  to Love our selves sufficiently that we each one of us take care of our health. The Amyloid’s traveling around our blood stream causing the genetic code s to pop and bump. It is time for a home made ginger Pomegranate drink to sip while you are reading The Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors.

Fat Tuesday

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Finding the Seed

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One Seed, or the beginning of my lucky lovely dance with Lati Rinpoche

Washington, New Jersey, tucked in at the most northern edge of the Garden State, had a congregating center for the living legends of the many schools of Buddhism. In this mountainous region, the unmarked single lane roads curve and climb far above the hustle of the small town, the air is crisp, clear and vibrantly fresh. The property was purchased in the late 1950’s when the area was even more rustic and none of the roads were paved.

I started attending meetings and weekends in the 1980’s.  A wide variety of people came regularly, either Friday or through Sunday and stayed in the dormitory. Local people just came on Sunday morning.  The large congregation fell into different levels of commitment and acceptance.  There were a few very advanced students, who are now famous for their work both as leaders, writers and professors. More were a large number of beginners and hangers-on, and a few serious struggling students. Men and woman came week after week, actively choosing to use this time to work with their mind and heart and try and pry off the covering holding the meaning of life.

I almost always came to the center alone. I did not know any people who were actively seeking information and guidance about crossing the threshold into the arena beyond the waves of desires: Greed, Hatred, and Delusion.

The Lama’s were infinitely patient. Some weekends the monks would actually ask one or another of the friendly enthusiastic attendees to sit at their table for lunch. The spread always included SPAM, thickly and irregularly hacked right from the can. It was lovingly presented with the grace and beauty of a regal spread at a fine Mediterranean Palazzo.  Bright orange Kraft Velveeta, SPAM, tomatoes and pickles in concentric circles plates to feed the more than fifty.

I was so young and naïve, I didn’t realize what special attention I was given, when often, I was asked to sit at the right hand end of the long raised Teachers Table.  All of my questions were answered directly; I was included in conversations with teachers and was invited to their table to eat the midday meal with them.  The questions I asked were the sort a person who was making the first move on to the riser on the long and winding stairway toward understanding Love of Life.

Frank Sender, bless his soul, told me he was going to this place in 1967.  I did not understand most of Frank’s stories about sitting in a circle around a small Mongolian man. Frank said that this was the only truth-speaking, non-aggrandizing teacher, who had the interests of his students over self-interest, he had ever met. Lama Wangyal represented the best of the Three Main Lineages of Mahayana Buddhism. (insert names of Linages: G, N, K)

So, up I went to Washington, New Jersey. I drove from Princeton NJ in the comfort of my maroon Audi, in the effort to start to train my mind. I wanted to understand that the foot of the table was not the whole table.  Just like the trunk of the elephant is different from the whole elephant but all the individual parts are still elephant.

I Have Been Waiting For You

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I will make you a better person. I believe that as we all serve one another we become better humans, more gracious and  gentle. As a communicating animal I look forward to every conversation. Loving attention is an important infrastructure in our relationships of every size within the Human Family of 6.8 billion people.

I have a favorite Indian cafe here in Berkeley. It is Vik’s Chaat Corner where the street food is served in a deli like setting. The place has grown so the management has painted the walls in a sunny spotless sort of way to ignore the train track and side street origines of the food itself. 2390 4th St (between Bancroft Way & Channing Way) Berkeley, CA 94710  (510) 644-4432

Hours   Tue-Thu 11 am – 6 pm  Fri-Sun 11 am – 8 pm
I sit in the sunny redecorated factory building and think about all the proceeding days, my old times, my past, my roots, and enjoy all the connections I have made. I still have to choose just how strong my connections remain.  I am remembering the good times. The times of shared common interests and the people I have a lot of learning going on in an uncommon opinions. I know there are people that I have shared interests and adventures.  I am feeling sentimental about my history. My new life here in California has some bright stars but I feel less harmonious with the people and situations. I know that Peace inside is reflected outside. I have peace and harmony in the land of sunshine. I wonder why the good and the peaceful are less organized than the conservatives.  This is such an ideal way to live my life.
I ask if I might sit in the table next to a man and woman. The man looks up and says to me: I have been waiting for you.
There is relief in a nice turn of phrase. I too am waiting for You.
Real change comes from inside the heart at the same time celebrating the connections built by what is good in our lives.
We are humans who make love. Love with our heart and love in action with our deeds. Creative people provide the insights into life. Peace through Beauty.

Silence Gets Its Moments Of Composition

Solvent sounds: Gaseous solute, this music, it could be liquid as it moves to dissolve the everyday noise into the great ocean of silence scribbled by composer Feldman for the Rothko chapel in Houston. Rothko Chapel, for soprano, alto, choir, percussion, celesta and viola (1970). (more…)

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