Rewiring the System

Tuesday In California

Hey, It’s a Tuesday after the long holiday weekend. It is time to get back into the grind! After all the avoidance, all the convivial gatherings, it is now time to take care of details and doctors. I went off to my appointments with a general gladness. Here I am, at this time and place, where I am able to care for my body injured which was injured from that bad fall way back at the beginning of this year.

The uneven ‘art’ construction by the builder, on what is city sidewalks, surprised me.  (,+San+Francisco,+CA,+United+States&hl=en&ll=37.788005,-122.3988&spn=0.005664,0.008497&sll=37.857507,-95.712891&sspn=45.803434,69.609375&oq=minna+street&hnear=Minna+St,+San+Francisco,+California&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=37.788201,-122.398543&panoid=4fVDYkSs_AH-fE4dX7n7wQ&cbp=12,307.64,,0,0)

Even though I am sure footed from years of running cross country with a running club, the paving surprised me. Cross country running in Nature connects the soles of my feet with the balance hairs inside my ear structure. All runners know what I am talking about even if they have not looked up the inner ear or the name of its parts. “Stereocilia are the mechanosensing organelles of hair cells, which respond to fluid motion for various functions, including hearing and balance.” (*

Going to the doctors offices at the University Hospital San Francisco, I get a clear picture of our human condition; that people get sick or injured every hour of every day. People lose balance in such a variety of ways which science seeks to address in an unending cycle of science and magic. I settle into my issues as I try to actually get in contact with and feel in an authentic way. I ask myself, what exactly is the octave of pain that is here and there, right now, held inside my skin. What do I feel? How can I understand the pain I am having as the expression of my human experience rather than as a monster attacking me?

I am returning home, from the City, where I had an early morning meeting with a truly kindest and most insightful doctor in my group. I have a lot to think about in preparation for an important visit with a new doctor in two days. Nonetheless, I remain interested in my fellow humans since we all share a plight of facts and fancies, pains and aches, joy and sorrow. Just after lunch I have yet another dose of the culture of Californians.

California people are a well documented class all into themselves. People talk about New Yorkers in a certain way, but real New Yorkers are kind to one another. There is a way of talking which is regional which is so different from the Heartland singsong or the slow southern drawl, yet the core of regionalism is based on caring for one another. Here in California I have heard stories and suffered the direct experience of a self centered-ness that borders on human destruction.

I cannot imagine a New Yorker or a Bostonian talking at me as this particular Californian did from his perch to keep out the world flowing on around him. It is beyond arrogant. He was on a chair within the confines of the sitting area of my absolutely favorite cafe on College Avenue. I had just come out of the same cafe and as I turned the corner I caught sight of his knee brace.

Five days ago, I got a shot of Novocaine and cortisol in my right knee. This was a step by the Sports Medicine, Orthopedic doctor to help my combined issues that made every step shiver with some level of pain. The latest was the bad fall, before that is the negative effects throughout my body and especially my knee joints of the Radiation treatment for the cancer. Before that the strain of being addicted to running. I choose to run with a brace rather than to slow down to a walk!

The man was sitting at my favorite cafe which is so European in character that I supposed he would be open to my asking about his very high quality brace. I wondered what happened though first I wondered about the brace. It looked like something which would help my knee. So I spoke to a complete stranger!

I actually believe that I do not know everything! Is this my greatest flaw and the trail of experience traditionally an East Coast quality! When I speak to people I get to learn a piece of the fabric of reality that is new to me. For me this is a good thing. To many of the Californians I meet in my travels, this is not the case. New information, new thoughts, new people, all rock their cloistered minds out of the response of Maybe unless something better comes along. The sense of being busy reminds me of a walled medieval city. The boundaries are interesting to the historical eye but the here and now aspect of externals and veneers separates with a chilling effect.

He looked approachable! We had a short conversation. I asked about his awesome brace. He asked me how I got my injury and where I went for the shot. He said that his knee had a very invasive surgery but he was biking after just a few weeks later. That was interesting. He asked who was my doctor and I took out my smart phone, called up the calendar entry and told him the name. He went on that he knew the building, that it was just down the block from where he was treated. But my doctor was in a building that was less wonderful! He gave an air that his doctor was better than my doctor which dumfounded me and I became silent both inside and out. REALLY?

Then came the ‘put down’ that can only be created, imagined, felt, and uttered by one of those overly tidy on the ‘outside’ ordinary folks with something invisible to protect. It is a distressing inhuman view that anyone slightly different than who they see in the mirror is to be avoided. Have you had the experience with this sort, who are rotten to the core on the inside? And, Oh My, devoid of a warm hearted easy communication with people. Especially those bothersome strangers wanting information or a helping hand.

Then he said the totally California Space Cadet Thing! “I don’t smoke pot or eat it either’!


Here was a man in a blue blazer and professionally starched shirt who assumed since I smiled and talked to him that I was a druggy! He had to announce his assessment of my being friendly and interested in his brace as a marijuana inspired conversation! Was it my red hair or that I have an easy outgoing outlook that made him think I was stoned? REALLY?

I was stopped right in my tracks, turned toward him, and said directly to him: It’s called DOPE for a reason. Then I walked down the block to my awaiting car.

A post thought: After the Boston Marathon my dear friend called me to tell me that his family was ok and how except for some odd circumstance they would ave been a that very place greeting the runners at the end of the Marathon. Then R. said a very important thing. It was a huge wake up call to me as I listened to him. It is about the choices we each have in the interactions with our fellow beings… He said, ‘Did you notice that the bystanders and Bostonian who were in the area Ran Toward The Explosion?’

He told me that and I heard it as well. The newscasters commented on the caring nature of the people who live in Boston. I have been told by another that he does not want to move to California because neighbors will not help neighbors here as everyone does where they live. I need to ask, Has the good weather and sunshine gone and altered the California human?


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Serve America: VOTE 2012

Do YOU want to bring back Bolton and the Neo Con Horde?

The End of truth as we have known it Fox News Commentator, John Bolton, would be one of the team. Remember the Group who brought general destruction of our International Stature, (as an exemplary nation), our Privacy, with The Patriot Act leashing out unjust behavior toward all Individuals, and financial debacle world wide for all but the top .001%

John Bolton is a neoconservative!  often equating diplomacy with weakness and indecisiveness. The Neoconservatives want War. That is where they make their money.

There is a conflict between the very rich and the very, very rich with those stratospheric billionaires who are purchasing Governments.

I remembering being a member of a Political Theater Group who dressed up and went to stump speeches called the Billionaires For Bush. Where did I put my extra stickers?

Billionaires for Bush is a culture jamming political street theater organization that satirically purports to support George W. Bush for those activities which are perceived to benefit corporations and the super-wealthy. A secret New York City Police Department intelligence report based on undercover surveillance of the group in 2003 and 2004 in advance of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, described the Billionaires as “an activist group forged as a mockery of the current president and political policies.

They wore conservative jackets and ties (but no bowler hats, etc.) and carried innocuous signs such as “Run, Steve, Run.” Happy to have grass-roots support, the Forbes handlers (who believed the Billionaires were students from a nearby business school) placed them in front of the cameras, very near to the podium from which Forbes was speaking. However, each of their signs had another sign behind it. And behind their banner (which read “Forbes 2000: He wants YOU to win”) was another banner, waiting. At the most dramatic moment of his announcement, the Billionaires flipped their signs, and pulled away the large banner to reveal one which read: “Billionaires for Forbes: Because Inequality isn’t Growing Fast Enough.” The Billionaires started chanting “Let workers pay the tax so investors can relax!” and other slogans. Forbes and his handlers were completely thrown off, a little tussle ensued, and the Billionaires were pushed off to the side away from the cameras. Not wanting to miss the action, half the TV crews left the Forbes speech to cover the Billionaires. The action got lots of coverage.

John Bolton was pushed into the United Nations Position by the Right Wing. Bolton resigned before the end of his term because he was unlikely to win confirmation from the balanced Senate.

The Romney supporters want to remove The United States from it’s prominent place within the family of global community in The United Nations. Beware Citizens!

Yesterday, I heard a conversation wafting above the high fence around the University skateboard park. I live 25 yards from the sound of the rolling wheels and happy masculine conversation. It is a special atmosphere where skateboarders’ can escape being watched and recharge. It was not usual to hear political conversation. It happened on that day that one young man said to the dozen or so assembled: If you do not Vote, it is a Vote for Romney. Take Care you know what you are doing. He insisted that his friends Get out and VOTE. Go to your local City Hall and vote early. This way you can be assured that Your Vote Will Be Counted.

Disquisitive Digestion

Ask me a question about the meaning of life and I can answer based on my personal experience, with all the insight of years of training. I saw the writing on the wall.

The weariness with life, my unloved existence, and low self esteem, which started  to push me out of the comfort of my night time bed in my ninth year. In the outside world there was daylight and I walked through the darkness striding toward the dawn. Year after year, since that primary night, I have been restless and deeply irritated about the pain of existence, the harsh difficulties of living in a body,. ‘This is life’, I say to myself, this is what it is. Life,  which forever shifts with frightening swiftness has no regard for my  personal dreams or desires.  Do I have a dream, a desire or a plan? Stuff happens to me in a web of layer cake proportions with thin sections of sweet icing holding the granular stable mix.

Chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate shavings

I was alone to love myself, to see and nurture the spark of life and secure my light in the world,  a small flame from my heart outward.  I, as Athena, at war with my circle of family, unwanted from my birth by both my Mother and Father,  with no friends who took up the existential yet holy grail wore armor.  The hard plates over my heart, body, and mind to this day, are a persona to shelter my tender introverted truth.

Athena, Born fully grown and ready for the rigor of battle

I first took that first long walk from Sixth and Mifflen Streets in South Philadelphia.  On that walk to nowhere, I slipped out of my Grandmothers home several hours after midnight and walked toward the Delaware River.  The city was curtained in an indigo darkness unknown today. The stars sparkled, dazzled and comforted my child’s mind . Stars, held together with stories of constellations, myths about an epic past that shined on my every step  I just walked between the moral axis of the real life and the one I constructed to cover the pointless pain of my prisoner-ship of childhood.

Athena in NYC at the Occupy Wall Street protest, November 2011

How wonderful to imagine it was last weekend!  My story actually starts a lifetime ago, when rock and roll, the military–industrial–congressional complex, and Ilsa were all in their infancy. Perhaps you will be interested in one or more of my weeks. Both backwards to the birth, my birth, in a welcome to the world with all the material to be reformed and purified, and forward into the unraveling of my life. The request to spin the story is in service to survival. How did I survive?

I look at Life from two sides now that I want to live again.  The story starts with all the darkness intact. I have been so weary mentally though I have posted about stones. The personal point has not surfaced. I need something, though I do not know what it is that will release the tension on that tight plug which keeps my life stories pent up and not penned out.

Sound Waves In Stones

Nothing you ever say is lost. Every word, ( you say out loud), continues to move across the vast stretches of time and space. Some sounds are stored in the surrounding solid matter before some of the sonic vibration bounces and continues out through the star dust. My daughter read the following pages and asked me, ‘What is your point?’  So I answer, ‘sound is the most powerful force in the nature system ‘. It is the waves that move matter. The Boom might come after our sight of lightening in the sky, but the lightening is a flash of magnetism, attracting particles and the sound continues to move through all molecules.

SILENCE is to be considered more carefully.

‘Be ready to let go of the life you planned to make a place for the life that is here: The life that is coming’. ~  Joseph Campbell

His work is vast, covering many aspects of the human experience. His philosophy is often summarized by his phrase: “Follow your bliss.”

Stones do not forget what occurred in the stone walled rooms.  Do you ever take a good long look at your walls?

Sound waves continue on out to the edge of the universe. Sound keeps going in a undulating wave and never stops.  A drum produces sound via a vibrating membrane.

Boom Boom BOOM

All the concerts ever held in this room sing out from all the walls in all the rooms in all the prized castles in the city, the rural towns, and all the countries around our globe. The walls absorb sound. The stones build buildings of power.

Wondrous beauty is preserved in the molecular construction of the stone, stacked one upon another, reaching to high ceiling cell spaces. Our rooms are built for living life to the fullest and catching and holding every moment of our vibrant life.  I listen to every instant of my life. I hear, that all life is brimming with sound.

Lovingly Washing The Same Plate For The Rest Of My Life

I am lovingly washing the same cup, saucer, plate, and bowl, for the rest of my life!

I am a one of a kind life.  A one of a kind stone, and every stone is unique. Just as each person is a one of a kind. Think yourself and about each of us a a stone which is used to build a one of a kind room. Each construction comes down to the small  one of a kind cell in our billion celled human body as this important, one of a kind individual. Stone walls are for boundaries walling a separate and safe space from the outside forces of man and nature.    Unlike concrete, which has no long-term connection to the core of the earth, stone holds in its layers all our stories. Stone time, taken from our molten beginning, reaches back into our global origin, it records our structural creation compounded from dust. Concrete has none of the made by Mother Nature molecular structure that retains sounds.

Sound is ‘energy in action’.  Every sound flows as undulating sign wave which does not stop waving. Sound is an unending movement in air that is forever carrying our songs and sighs of happiness and sadness out to the edges of the finite edges of space. Does space have an edge?

Sound is Energy.

The perception of sound in any organism is limited to a certain range of frequencies. For humans, hearing is normally limited to frequencies between about 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (20 kHz)

Just like in science class where I learned that energy is the capacity to do work, I came to understand that sound moves mountains too. Sound is also the capacity to play.  Sound is a property of any system, which diminishes when the potency moves. Doppler begins with vigor to diminish as vapor on the wind. Sound could collect in an effort of laziness often labeled as a song stuck in my head. It is funny to listen as the sound system does ‘work’.

Work and Play are both an action. One Mind Set System on  another system. How do you choose to label your everyday activities? Work and Play are movement.  Both are consumers of energy.   The words I choose are my way of communicating a level of gravity about each action. Time sure flies when you are having fun!

The diminution of this quality of vigorous sound in time calls to my mind the communication between the Space Station and NASA.

Hello Huston, One Small Step For Mankind…. !

Endeavour Over The Golden Gate Bridge 21 September 2012

What ‘work’ builds our bodies, what play does the same building? Both play and work builds our minds, bodies, our lives, and our structures.  Joy is the potential amount of usefulness we, each of us use in the creation of everything we think say and do and produce. Songs and stories do the heavy lifting in life. How else are we to be useful, both for our self and the many other selves?

Remembering that we were sitting still in a stone building, we constructed in our imagination, hearing the resonance bouncing off the walls of our brain, the history recorded in our breathing in and out.

In this present moment, where we are now, sitting or standing, we are able to be actively remember that we can breath as we play and work.  We flow along with the Earth in its pushed spin around the sun.  Storms of particles bombard every material thing from the cyclic explosions on our system Sun.  Our Earth is a small dot in a small solar system in the far left arm of our spiraling galaxy.  We are stardust!  Shimmering reflections of refracted light held together by some habit pattern. We are the flow of electrical signals in a consensual harmony.  This pattern can motivate your thoughts into material forms that become the self-fulfilling prophesy. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

The ability to act while watching the effect on both things and people is a force of leadership. When we marvel at our unlimited natural source of usable mental, emotional, and physical potential then we have a visual reference of the results of your actions.  We can see that our ‘grace in action’ blossoms from the seeds emanating from a ‘self’ we plant with every thought and step.

Watch the tension and exertion of your thought, as you generate and direct a desire. It is a desire that moves us through life. A desire for comfort, or a fear of discomfort, or an anger with whatever that takes the ease and creates ‘dis-ease’. Be an observer of yourself in your own life.  Breathe with your own rhythm and listen to your sound.  Hear your thoughts as you move. Move into a language made up of words you use to describe the place where you are and the place you are moving toward. The truth about life is that even if you are sitting still you are always moving.

Sound is a mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing and of a level sufficiently strong to be heard  {Physics of sound , Spherical compression waves  The mechanical vibrations that can be interpreted as sound are able to travel through all forms of matter: gases, liquids, solids, and plasmas. The matter that supports the sound is called the medium. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.  Longitudinal and transverse waves  Sound is transmitted through gases, plasma, and liquids as longitudinal waves, also called compression waves. Through solids, however, it can be transmitted as both longitudinal waves and transverse waves. Longitudinal sound waves are waves of alternating pressure deviations from the equilibrium pressure, causing local regions of compression and rarefaction, while transverse waves (in solids) are waves of alternating shear stress at right angle to the direction of propagation.

Matter in the medium is periodically displaced by a sound wave, and thus oscillates. The energy carried by the sound wave converts back and forth between the potential energy of the extra compression (in case of longitudinal waves) or lateral displacement strain (in case of transverse waves) of the matter and the kinetic energy of the oscillations of the medium. Sound wave properties and characteristics: Sinusoidal waves of various frequencies; the bottom waves have higher frequencies than those above. The horizontal axis represents time. Sound waves are often simplified to a description in terms of sinusoidal plane waves, which are characterized by generic properties Frequency, or its inverse.}

Meaning Of Life: Don’t Worry Be Happy

I am watching a PBS show on KQED . Listening to the struggle of people trying to say something from their own understanding… So much of what people say comes from the domineering separateness drawn out of the training from religion people get either early in their lives or picked up as a reaction to that early seed training.

The truth is that the meaning of life is to acknowledge our material nature which is motivated by LOVE. So the meaning of life is DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY

In a way what Jonas Salk said , What is important is the Survival of the Wisest. His life with  and how he gave love and complete freedom to his second wife, Francoise Gilot at the level of natural potentiality without dualism.

Françoise Gilot
                                                                                                               Together With Strength
Françoise Gilot is a French painter and bestselling author. She is also known as the lover and artistic muse of Pablo Picasso from 1944 to 1953, and the mother of his children, Claude Picasso and Paloma Picasso. Wikipedia
Born: November 26, 1921 (age 90), Paris
Spouse: Jonas Salk (m. 1970–1995)

No matter what each one in the relationship achieved together they had support that was a unity. A unit of Love In Action. We are all part of the Nature… So the meaning within this Nature, we are commanded to relax and not worry, stop being afraid of the inner turmoil, the fear of connecting with another person and be the person you are born to BE!

Don’t Worry and Be Happy, Not Just Once, But Every Moment Of Every Day

As you walk with me, be the foot prints, those deep footprints in the shifting sands of life, that leave an impression in my heart, this is the intimate part of happiness.

People, Know Yourself

I was thinking about choices people, both in my personal circle and the national political scene, are making lately. The personal choices of staying with a person that you feel no passion for verses reaching out into the unknown to look for that spark which is so vital for a flaming connected real love life.  The Political cycle that is currently lifting rubbish from the very bottom of the spectrum of living together on this One Globe. It is hard for me to imagine Americans voting for a Leader who would not care for All Our Countries Citizens. How horrid! Is there any country of the world that does not have poor and lower working class segments of society?

Our Blue Marble.

“View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon. This translunar coast photograph extends from the Mediterranean Sea area to the Antarctica south polar ice cap. This is the first time the Apollo trajectory made it possible to photograph the south polar ice cap. Note the heavy cloud cover in the Southern Hemisphere. Almost the entire coastline of Africa is clearly visible. The Arabian Peninsula can be seen at the northeastern edge of Africa. The large island off the coast of Africa is Madagascar. The Asian mainland is on the horizon toward the northeast.”

I had a friend who had a penthouse in Monaco. She told me about the lovely flower stalls and those who grew the flowers as well as those who sold them as being citizens of that Principality. She impressed on me that most of the population of that sparkling Mediterranean strip were working class. The mentality of the French gave those citizens truly Great Health Care with doctors who routinely made house calls to all their patients. There is a place for each person to live a joyful healthy life with respect from the leaders.

Did any of you reading this see the film based on Atlas Shrugged? It is a sexy boring film. The sexiness is from and for a love of Money. I read the book many years ago when it first was published. I had in my last home which had a room full of books, a first edition. I remember the descriptions of ruthless valor measured in the relationship of scale. One wheel of an earth moving, strip mining truck like hands measuring the height of horses. There was NO Concern about what the process was doing for the life of our communities, our countries, or the scar on our Globe. It was just as ephemeral as the gold dollar sign on the personal packs of cigarettes.

It befits a man to know himself and live in the path of the Seven Sages of Greece.  It is a chance which involves knowing yourself. Oἱ ἑπτὰ σοφοί, hoi hepta sophoi,  from the seven early 6th century BC philosophers, statesmen and law-givers who were renowned in the following centuries for their wisdom.

  • Solon of Athens: “Keep everything with moderation.” Solon (c. 638-558 BC) was a famous legislator and reformer from Athens, framing the laws which shaped the Athenian democracy.
  • Chilon of Sparta: “You should not desire the impossible.” Chilon was a Spartan politician from the 6th century BC, to whom the militarization of Spartan society was attributed[citation needed].
  • Bias of Priene: “Most men are bad.” Bias was a politician and legislator of the 6th century BC.
  • Thales of Miletus: (c. 624 BC – c. 546 BC) Thales is the first well-known philosopher and mathematician. His advice, Know thyself,” was engraved on the front façade of the Oracle of Apollo in Delphi.
  • Pittacus of Mytilene (c. 640-568 BC), governed Mytilene (Lesbos) along with Myrsilus. He tried to reduce the power of the nobility and was able to govern with the support of the popular classes, whom he favoured. He famously said “You should know which opportunities to choose.”
  • Periander of Corinth (fl. 627 BC): he was the tyrant of Corinth in the 7th and 6th centuries BC. During his rule, Corinth knew a golden age of unprecedented stability. He was known saying “Be farsighted with everything.”

It is not the direction to measure yourself against some ephemeral ideal. Each of us as more lasting than that. I am not a Mayfly, though it is beautiful with glistening wings, I live for more than two weeks. What I do in my actual life matters. Aside from the biblical definition, od Man Know Thyself, which encompasses a greater wholeness of macrocosm reflected in the microcosm, I mean to raise a way of thinking about you, yourself, as an individual with all your warts and issues as a object for you to LOVE.

Take time to allow yourself to see who you are then grow to see your choices as a reflection of your personal construction. Humans have a solid construction with real brick and mortar.

Peace must be for all the people. Those who are not able to amass fortunes need the attention of those who have the time and means. A good example of the widening consciousness of the monied here in America is a TV show. It is the Secret Millionaire. I hope this rise of genuine willingness to see those  who are working to keep hotels, roads, schools, as well as those who have no physical emotional supports in their communities as valuable. The Teachers and Fireman have a hard time in Wisconsin today because of the Inquisitor Norquist funding of the FAR RIGHT.Who Elected HIM?

Grover Norquist
A middle aged, light complected white male with a round face, frown lines, brown hair, blue eyes, a short graying beard, glasses who is wearing a dark pinstriped suit and a pastel striped tie.
Grover Norquist in September 2011.
Born Grover Glenn Norquist
October 19, 1956 (age 55)
Sharon, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Residence Washington, D.C., U.S.
Nationality United States
Education B.A. 1978, M.B.A. 1981
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Conservative Lobbyist
Organization Americans for Tax Reform
Home town Weston, Massachusetts
Board member of National Rifle Association, American Conservative Union[1][2]
Spouse Samah Alrayyes Norquist
Children Two (adopted)

Grover Glenn Norquist (born October 19, 1956) is an American lobbyist, conservative activist,[3] and founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.[4] He is known as the promoter of the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, which was signed by 95% of all Republican Congressmen and all but one of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, to oppose increases in marginal income tax rates for individuals and businesses, as well as net reductions or eliminations of deductions and credits without a matching reduced tax rate.

If we do not have good teachers what will become of the education of our young? If we do not have sufficient Fireman what will happen when we have a fire or when Grand-mom falls and needs immediate medical attention? The Fireman provide such an important part of the smooth functioning of our complex modern society.

Choose the Greek human centered political system or the Sludge of Tea Bags molding in the monstrous pits of social amorality.

Parkway Program

I remember Len!  He is a tall thin black man who always had a wise comment and a great uplifting smile. He was in my circle of friends. There were many smiling faces around the Parkway Program High School.

It was an experiment in education as a series of many school centers without a building.  A High School without a High School Building! How could that function?

The Teachers were hired because of their creativity and abilities to be great teachers and flow into a program where they each had to find space in the City Of Philadelphia where they could host their classes for the entire semester of year. I was invited to teach by one of the hired Principle’s, who introduced me to, and to be interviewed by John Bremer. Dr Bremer came up with the concept of using the city as a classroom.

Here I want to include the Wikipedia Page:

John Bremer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

John Bremer is an internationally-known educator and Socratic philosopher who has been professionally involved with education and teaching for more than half a century. Now in his elder years, in 2008 he retired as a senior scholar teaching at Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he was Professor of Humanities and Director of the College’s Humanities and Freedom Institute. Professor Bremer founded Cambridge College in 1971 when it was then known as the “Institute of Open Education” at Newton College of the Sacred Heart. He now lives full time in Vermont where he continues his research and writing.

John Bremer was born in England, living in London during The Blitz, and served in the Royal Air Force during World War II building airfields in England. He holds advanced degrees from the Pembroke College, Cambridge, England, the University of Leicester and St. John’s College, U.S.. Professor Bremer came to the USA in 1951 on a Fulbright Fellowship.

In the 1960s Professor Bremer gained international recognition for creating the Parkway Program, in Philadelphia, the first School Without Walls as documented in a book by the same name. The school was featured in Time Magazine in its March 23, 1970 edition.[1]

He was Killam Senior Fellow at Dalhousie University in Halifax and later Commissioner of Education for British Columbia, Canada in 1973.

In 1975, when a professor of Education at Western Washington University he founded the Institute of Socratic Study where Professor Bremer was its director until he moved to Australia in 1980 to found the Education Supplement for The Australian newspaper.


I sat with Dr Bremer and felt the clear insightful gaze as he questioned me as to what I would bring to The Program. I told him that I had an idea for a class that taught Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, that used Art Projects instead of written papers as assigned homework.  I called the class: Creative Conceptual Conjecture. I would offer it to all of the High Schools for the junior and senior grades.

We would read The Joseph Campbell book on Myths, The Act Of Creation: Arthur Koestler. (It is a study of the process of discovery, invention, imagination, and creativity in humor, science, and the arts. It laid out Koestler’s attempt to develop an elaborate general theory of Human Creativity). There was a book on color theory and human emotions that came with a set of odd color cards. Dr Bremer liked my idea and I was sent on to get a teachers copy of three of the books I wanted accompanied by the Principle of the Alpha High School.

There was Alpha, the first school of the lottery selection sites. The City Of Philadelphia High Schools were given lottery applications and the students were chosen by chance draw like a big bingo game.

Beta and Delta Schools followed. Each of the schools had a brick and mortar site which functioned as a homeroom. The sort of site where teachers had a cubbyhole for mail, where they had meetings and where the students could mill around and do some bumping into one another as they collect themselves and collect themselves and one another. It was a place where young adults could meet people who might not be taking the same classes yet were part of the new school system.

Does anyone of the alum’s remember who they were then and appreciate the magic?  Do people leave their high school teen times, and places, like smoke and dissipate?  I do not believe that the exposure to Parkway evaporates as people mature. If anything the classroom with out walls builds a ‘gee wiz’ attitude to future experiences thorough out an entire life.

Is giving up and forgetting as much of the past a usual practice, is it a life diminishing to support minimal functioning as sanity saving grace? Or is all the convenience of grace and imagination, in a expansive education, which when I am in the need of grace, helps me to stand when all things want me to lie down. Creative thinking is a boat that always gets each of us to the other side of any problem.

Though my educational roots grew elsewhere, I blossomed in a group that included Richard C. We rented a stone mansion along the Wissahickon Creek.  I was teaching at the Parkway Program and at the High School for Girls, so I could get the lease. We called the commune Bum Fuck Egypt that morphed in to the Island of The Red Hood. The house had five bedrooms. I had the master bedroom with the two big windows facing the street.  Richard lived in another room with M.H. in our wonderful commune, which we gave the Lenny Bruce banner bonhomie, Bum Fuck Egypt. It was this same Richard is who brought me to the Island of the Red Hood in Hinton West Virginia; Len might have been part of that group.  Poets, patricians, politicos, true and wannabee artists, writers, and antique dealers called Island of the Red Hood home.  They all were involved in being in an out of the way part of the world where drugs and dalliances might flourish in privacy. Those were the days at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

I taught painting, English and a class called Creative Conceptual Conjecture… the painting class was in the original Tower Theater Rock and Roll cavern that sat a thousand people. This is where I saw the Who. I was sitting on the second row of wooden backless benches.  English class met in an office meeting room on the second floor of a fancy stationary, pen and paper store on either Chestnut or Walnut Street and ‘Creative Conceptual Conjecture’ in my own painting studio.  My first studio on the third or first floor walk up on  40 hundred block of Spruce St and then in a bigger place on 42nd St and Samson. Rob took a picture from one of the first days of class.



unsaturated mind

fear, dear, hear
desire is just another fear
reaching out from a long
Longing falling
off the edge

strength has space
nothing there there
lightly looking long
into it’s
reality is drawn over and under
dear lemnesgates love

instantly you are heard
now you long to hear
low cholesterol union

World Wide Rebel: Fear Is Your Only GOD

If you ever wonder what I want from the 99% movement, I will tell you. I am praying and working to pull those who may never get to the first rung of the latter of life, up from where an ever larger population is getting their next meal from a Dumpster.  There are people who are worse off than you can imagine, you who are reading blogs on a computer.  The Poor, they are living under insurmountable odds. The 99% people are sticking out their necks for the rest of us who are afraid to whisper, say, and shout the unspoken word, “Class”.  You are never to mention class or you will be labeled  from a long list of  words aimed to limit your mental mobility. You could be called a raciest class monger. The Fearful Middle Class who believe they are secure in the consumer Hamster wheel.

The word POOR is never mentioned in any of the Political conversations. All those sleeping in their cars or in allies or under a highway, those who struggle to be optimistic.  Poor people do not have a Lobbyist to speak for them to the elected officials in any of the First World Countries, The WHO, The World Bank, NATO, or all those who privatize Water.

Poverty is a crime. Those creative Banking derivatives who sell the flow of cash in seconds from the sender to the receiver make money ‘renting’ this transfer of workers cash. Those who have drained and subverted the global economy through the ‘products’ must be both stopped, taken to task, and incarcerated, yet our leaders are dependent on those same criminals to pay for their nasty commercials.

Listen to this sound track while you read on. I was there at Woodstock 1999 as a Journalist for the Phoenix News of Pennsylvania. I was in the 20th row. I t was more wonderful than this video can ever show, though this is a professionally shot and just wonderful. Put on headphones! (My favorite is Turn Off The Radio and This Is For The People Of The Sun)

Are you standing in line believing the lies, doing what ‘they’ told you with their brain control Bullet in your head? It is an old nightmare that we the 99% will sweep away.

Today, this Friday evening I attended a ‘MeetUp’ gathering, Toasting Berkeley, at a downtown hotel. It was drinks and useless self promotion and drinking and stories…. I do not hold that against any of the assembled or push them away from my heart.

We Are Therefor I Am: “What else are we but a few songs and a few stories“, says,  Richard Phillips Feynman, May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988) was an American physicist known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics, and the physics of the superfluidity of supercooled liquid helium, as well as in particle physics (he proposed the parton model).

Feynman was a keen popularizer of physics through both books and lectures, notably a 1959 talk on top-down nanotechnology called There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom and the three volume publication of his undergraduate lectures, The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Feynman also became known through his semi-autobiographical books (Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! and What Do You Care What Other People Think?)

For his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, Feynman, jointly with Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. He developed a widely used pictorial representation scheme for the mathematical expressions governing the behavior of subatomic particles, which later became known as Feynman diagrams. During his lifetime, Feynman became one of the best-known scientists in the world. (wikipedia)

Back to my adventure with the over tidy at my gathering…Near the end of the hour and a half, the conversation turned to how (those who were at my end of the long table), thought about contact with protestors. It was spewing out the oft repeated FOX news sort of comments. One woman was saying that the few who had to cross the lines of the Occupy Movement protestors in San Francisco City Hall, called the assembled ‘dirty’ HOMELESS rotten residue who should be removed. I just felt that the group I was with actually believed that the protestors are less than Human! There was special viscera especially for the Berkeley and Oakland groups. All 99% are all tossed together into a “All Those There”.

The shaking and starving are our human brothers. Until the least of us is sheltered and clothed and fed, we are not truly living up to the persons we were born to be. We are all our brothers keepers. LOVE Is All There Is!

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