Rewiring the System

In Bayard Rustin’s Back Pocket

A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin:  Band together! The two men worked to bring civil disobedience, non violent assembly, and public intellectualism, the public intellectual discourse against the halls of Power. From his father, Randolph learned that color was less important than a person’s characterand conduct. From his mother, he learned the importance of education and of defending oneself physically against those who would seek to hurt one or one’s family, if necessary. Randolph remembered vividly the night his mother sat in the front room of their house with a loaded shotgun across her lap, while his father tucked a pistol under his coat and went off to prevent a mob from lynching a man at the local county jail.


Can you find any people rising up to become leaders with such strong intuition and usefulness to humanity, as a whole society, in our current time of Tyranny as Mr. Rustin and Mr. Randolph?


Have we started to move into Protest and take a stand  to pressure Politics. The most extreme elements of those, drunk on power, are working hard against the belief that we are all members of One Global Family.

What is the chance that those of us who stand for our American Constitutional Right To Privacy? Personal right to a private life and private communication, which is a building block of real democracy must find a leader as Bayard Rustin was.


Goodness is normal, caring about other people is right, and the natural normal aspect of our evolution, to walking upright on two feet: bipededness

Is there any one reading this who is completely against and ready to stand up against the kind of Big Government that passes laws which currently condone mass surveillance, penalize both legitimate protest and dissent, using the News Media they own, issuing a flood of bad press against all organizing including the Occupy Movement platforms?


The ability of people to move into the landscape of life by moving into the the light, the light in the world and there is a light at the end of the tunnel is essential for life itself. I am ready to make this assent. I believe that now is the time to gather together and walk peacefully together functioning and acting as the Heart of Our Country.

The Grover Norqust Gang is actively working to suppress and ignore our Constitutional checks and balances. Not one of the American citizens voted or elected this man. His group are funded and backed by big corporations in concert with wrong military minds, and bought politicians intervening world wide. Grover Norquist orchestrated the Iran/Contra, by funding Oliver North! Norquist has designed programs which have taken over our Congress.

Where is Thomas Paine? He emigrated to the British American colonies in 1774 with the help of Benjamin Franklin! Where is a man with the character and cash of the likes of Benjamin Franklin NOW?  Paine had the good fortune and timing to arrive in time to participate in the American Revolution. His contribution was the powerful, widely read pamphlet Common Sense (1776), the all-time best-selling American book that advocated colonial America’s independence.


Where are the powerful intelligent peacemakers hiding? I hope to, by this post, to draw out men to serve simply and simply serve.  In the way Rustin served as an unidentified member of the American Friends Service Committee‘s task force to write “Speak Truth to Power: A Quaker Search for an Alternative to Violence,” published in 1955. This was one of the most influential and widely commented upon pacifist essays in the United States. Rustin was a member of the New York City Fifteenth Street Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  He traveled widely in service to peace.Can we look to the Quaker’s for resistance and leadership?




Guardian Mayonnaise: Elect Greenwald

Glen Greenwald, I want to thank you….

I want you to know that I support your work to stop the fake security masking truth. Thank you for publishing the stories about Prism and the other sweeping privacy invasion.

Please…Let me know how I can with my one individual action join with all those who are wanting to reach critical mass. Together, Mr. Greenwald, help us get together to stop the global Tyranny. Let our American Government know that what Obama has done and continues to do that ignores Several Amendments of the Constitution.  Our Founding Fathers wrote the constitution to assure individual and group civil rights and boundaries to freedom.

I do not want to wonder why almost all the elected officials are listening to my life. I am unhappy that my President and all government servants feel it is ok to catch my every key stroke, every whisper, and every movement I make.

Bradley Manning must be released from prison. It is time that the Nobel Award Representatives award Private Manning for having the courage to let all world citizens that they are being watched in a totally illegal way.

Now is the time for the infinite power of creativity generated by privacy and personal freedom.



Gold, Goldman Sacks, Palin, Tea Bagging Baggers, Change and Obama Democrats, did I miss any segment of the insanity?

Why have we started hollering without listening. Communication is my most important goal.

When people are happy, listening to one another is a joy. Since so many people are not happy they do not listen to one another. What is around the corner if all we can do is “like” a comment or a point of view?

As my teacher said, ‘Talk does not Cook The Rice’.  The event of yesterday really rocked me to my very core. I have been nervous about the quaking nervous system in America and around the world. Some places the angry mass mind burns property. Yesterday an angered youth shot a person that he disagreed with politically.

January 10, 1776
“Common Sense.”  Thomas Paine eloquently questions the fundamental legitimacy of the rule of kings, while advocating the doctrine of Independence from inbred political demagogues. Rallying Americans to take a stand for the rights of all mankind.

DONT BUY BECK’S BOOK OF THE SAME NAME! It is important not to fund the loud negative pounding of Hate. Try to remember what all the news media, print, radio, and television did not try to put some people in a lesser position? I remember a time when the news was not entertainment info-tainmention.  Fear and danger is now being used to manipulate your lives for the economic benefit of the very few people who actually give no value to the forward movement of society or the human race.

Try this book:

I do not know what to do or suggest as a program for changing the system of rewards of hard work and ethics for society. Perhaps we can start a facebook group as a round table to come up with suggestions and a direction for leading us as a human race, a society and family. Both Religion and Politics has failed people as the other legs of economic stability. We did not vote Hilary Clinton into office yet all the Clinton people are in positions that reinforce the sort of NAFTA, anti Union, anti middle class backbone populist family values. I believe that the persons who are stirring up anger ‘AGAINST’ whatever are just doing a dance of swagger with no plan for any positive direction. He might say he reads the Bible but does not behave As My Brothers Keeper. I am my brothers keeper because if the least among us is suffering so I am suffering also.

How did we get so deafened to one another while listening to the language of confrontation in ever esculating levels of hate and anger in all our media. Why are we listening to this junk?  What are we to be angry about if not angry at ourselves.

It must be taboo to stratify society with the rich getting richer and the middle class in food bank lines as this leads to irrational actions?

We are in danger of being overcome by a media created fear. If you are afraid you are like a bucket full of holes with all your creative energy flowing out of our  mind, hearts and bodies.

The shooting is a wake up call that we have given our power to people who will not make our lives better.