Rewiring the System

Serve America: VOTE 2012

Do YOU want to bring back Bolton and the Neo Con Horde?

The End of truth as we have known it Fox News Commentator, John Bolton, would be one of the team. Remember the Group who brought general destruction of our International Stature, (as an exemplary nation), our Privacy, with The Patriot Act leashing out unjust behavior toward all Individuals, and financial debacle world wide for all but the top .001%

John Bolton is a neoconservative!  often equating diplomacy with weakness and indecisiveness. The Neoconservatives want War. That is where they make their money.

There is a conflict between the very rich and the very, very rich with those stratospheric billionaires who are purchasing Governments.

I remembering being a member of a Political Theater Group who dressed up and went to stump speeches called the Billionaires For Bush. Where did I put my extra stickers?

Billionaires for Bush is a culture jamming political street theater organization that satirically purports to support George W. Bush for those activities which are perceived to benefit corporations and the super-wealthy. A secret New York City Police Department intelligence report based on undercover surveillance of the group in 2003 and 2004 in advance of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, described the Billionaires as “an activist group forged as a mockery of the current president and political policies.

They wore conservative jackets and ties (but no bowler hats, etc.) and carried innocuous signs such as “Run, Steve, Run.” Happy to have grass-roots support, the Forbes handlers (who believed the Billionaires were students from a nearby business school) placed them in front of the cameras, very near to the podium from which Forbes was speaking. However, each of their signs had another sign behind it. And behind their banner (which read “Forbes 2000: He wants YOU to win”) was another banner, waiting. At the most dramatic moment of his announcement, the Billionaires flipped their signs, and pulled away the large banner to reveal one which read: “Billionaires for Forbes: Because Inequality isn’t Growing Fast Enough.” The Billionaires started chanting “Let workers pay the tax so investors can relax!” and other slogans. Forbes and his handlers were completely thrown off, a little tussle ensued, and the Billionaires were pushed off to the side away from the cameras. Not wanting to miss the action, half the TV crews left the Forbes speech to cover the Billionaires. The action got lots of coverage.

John Bolton was pushed into the United Nations Position by the Right Wing. Bolton resigned before the end of his term because he was unlikely to win confirmation from the balanced Senate.

The Romney supporters want to remove The United States from it’s prominent place within the family of global community in The United Nations. Beware Citizens!

Yesterday, I heard a conversation wafting above the high fence around the University skateboard park. I live 25 yards from the sound of the rolling wheels and happy masculine conversation. It is a special atmosphere where skateboarders’ can escape being watched and recharge. It was not usual to hear political conversation. It happened on that day that one young man said to the dozen or so assembled: If you do not Vote, it is a Vote for Romney. Take Care you know what you are doing. He insisted that his friends Get out and VOTE. Go to your local City Hall and vote early. This way you can be assured that Your Vote Will Be Counted.


People, Know Yourself

I was thinking about choices people, both in my personal circle and the national political scene, are making lately. The personal choices of staying with a person that you feel no passion for verses reaching out into the unknown to look for that spark which is so vital for a flaming connected real love life.  The Political cycle that is currently lifting rubbish from the very bottom of the spectrum of living together on this One Globe. It is hard for me to imagine Americans voting for a Leader who would not care for All Our Countries Citizens. How horrid! Is there any country of the world that does not have poor and lower working class segments of society?

Our Blue Marble.

“View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon. This translunar coast photograph extends from the Mediterranean Sea area to the Antarctica south polar ice cap. This is the first time the Apollo trajectory made it possible to photograph the south polar ice cap. Note the heavy cloud cover in the Southern Hemisphere. Almost the entire coastline of Africa is clearly visible. The Arabian Peninsula can be seen at the northeastern edge of Africa. The large island off the coast of Africa is Madagascar. The Asian mainland is on the horizon toward the northeast.”

I had a friend who had a penthouse in Monaco. She told me about the lovely flower stalls and those who grew the flowers as well as those who sold them as being citizens of that Principality. She impressed on me that most of the population of that sparkling Mediterranean strip were working class. The mentality of the French gave those citizens truly Great Health Care with doctors who routinely made house calls to all their patients. There is a place for each person to live a joyful healthy life with respect from the leaders.

Did any of you reading this see the film based on Atlas Shrugged? It is a sexy boring film. The sexiness is from and for a love of Money. I read the book many years ago when it first was published. I had in my last home which had a room full of books, a first edition. I remember the descriptions of ruthless valor measured in the relationship of scale. One wheel of an earth moving, strip mining truck like hands measuring the height of horses. There was NO Concern about what the process was doing for the life of our communities, our countries, or the scar on our Globe. It was just as ephemeral as the gold dollar sign on the personal packs of cigarettes.

It befits a man to know himself and live in the path of the Seven Sages of Greece.  It is a chance which involves knowing yourself. Oἱ ἑπτὰ σοφοί, hoi hepta sophoi,  from the seven early 6th century BC philosophers, statesmen and law-givers who were renowned in the following centuries for their wisdom.

  • Solon of Athens: “Keep everything with moderation.” Solon (c. 638-558 BC) was a famous legislator and reformer from Athens, framing the laws which shaped the Athenian democracy.
  • Chilon of Sparta: “You should not desire the impossible.” Chilon was a Spartan politician from the 6th century BC, to whom the militarization of Spartan society was attributed[citation needed].
  • Bias of Priene: “Most men are bad.” Bias was a politician and legislator of the 6th century BC.
  • Thales of Miletus: (c. 624 BC – c. 546 BC) Thales is the first well-known philosopher and mathematician. His advice, Know thyself,” was engraved on the front façade of the Oracle of Apollo in Delphi.
  • Pittacus of Mytilene (c. 640-568 BC), governed Mytilene (Lesbos) along with Myrsilus. He tried to reduce the power of the nobility and was able to govern with the support of the popular classes, whom he favoured. He famously said “You should know which opportunities to choose.”
  • Periander of Corinth (fl. 627 BC): he was the tyrant of Corinth in the 7th and 6th centuries BC. During his rule, Corinth knew a golden age of unprecedented stability. He was known saying “Be farsighted with everything.”

It is not the direction to measure yourself against some ephemeral ideal. Each of us as more lasting than that. I am not a Mayfly, though it is beautiful with glistening wings, I live for more than two weeks. What I do in my actual life matters. Aside from the biblical definition, od Man Know Thyself, which encompasses a greater wholeness of macrocosm reflected in the microcosm, I mean to raise a way of thinking about you, yourself, as an individual with all your warts and issues as a object for you to LOVE.

Take time to allow yourself to see who you are then grow to see your choices as a reflection of your personal construction. Humans have a solid construction with real brick and mortar.

Peace must be for all the people. Those who are not able to amass fortunes need the attention of those who have the time and means. A good example of the widening consciousness of the monied here in America is a TV show. It is the Secret Millionaire. I hope this rise of genuine willingness to see those  who are working to keep hotels, roads, schools, as well as those who have no physical emotional supports in their communities as valuable. The Teachers and Fireman have a hard time in Wisconsin today because of the Inquisitor Norquist funding of the FAR RIGHT.Who Elected HIM?

Grover Norquist
A middle aged, light complected white male with a round face, frown lines, brown hair, blue eyes, a short graying beard, glasses who is wearing a dark pinstriped suit and a pastel striped tie.
Grover Norquist in September 2011.
Born Grover Glenn Norquist
October 19, 1956 (age 55)
Sharon, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Residence Washington, D.C., U.S.
Nationality United States
Education B.A. 1978, M.B.A. 1981
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Conservative Lobbyist
Organization Americans for Tax Reform
Home town Weston, Massachusetts
Board member of National Rifle Association, American Conservative Union[1][2]
Spouse Samah Alrayyes Norquist
Children Two (adopted)

Grover Glenn Norquist (born October 19, 1956) is an American lobbyist, conservative activist,[3] and founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.[4] He is known as the promoter of the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, which was signed by 95% of all Republican Congressmen and all but one of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, to oppose increases in marginal income tax rates for individuals and businesses, as well as net reductions or eliminations of deductions and credits without a matching reduced tax rate.

If we do not have good teachers what will become of the education of our young? If we do not have sufficient Fireman what will happen when we have a fire or when Grand-mom falls and needs immediate medical attention? The Fireman provide such an important part of the smooth functioning of our complex modern society.

Choose the Greek human centered political system or the Sludge of Tea Bags molding in the monstrous pits of social amorality.