Rewiring the System

Consensual Habits

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 11, 2011
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When people all over believe that it is true. The solid trust in truth of Time is a
Consensual habit.  Time gives us a front and back, a past and a future. All the clocks come from our spin in the washing machine sloshing stars. Pressures, forces, light and heavy or weak and strong are the orchestra of gravity. Its serious that all the facts of the atmospheres we spin in are not taken into assessment of our puny little click clocks in the middle of our bodies just under our chin and 4 fists above our belly buttons. With this wide paint brush some material is rushing at us everywhere. This is past present and future as noodles being tossed in that biggest spaghetti pot bubbling on the “Life” kitchen.

Who wants to step into the past? Yet, the past is your history.  Sigh,  do you call it baggage or wisdom. Are you able to show yourself the difference?

Consensual Habit

Stripes are Keyboard trying to be really convincing

Bravery in the face of difficulties, Stand Tall and shimmer with a flaming heart bursting with fiery Love Stepping up to a commitment, a choice and the love that injects energy at every level of the stair risers building steps toward a change. Today with the one problem to see it through the pulse eyes in the core of heart.

A “Change of Heart” is  a moment when a position of thinking  clarifies a moment. Making it possible to see your emotional investment in a person, place, or thing, groups and even family and friends.  A “Change of Heart” charges with static sparkles living in the prism. The Light is released. The status goes to the person who is living from the very point where they are at, the moment, the light goes off,  when the pain from holding that smoldering coal in your favored hand is thrown or dropped.  The Change Of Heart comes when you ask the question Look How Lucky I Am.

There is a practice that allows the tension from the your extremities, flanks, wings, tongue to feel simply solid and not glittering on the spin around your nerves. JUST let it drop. Now you have a change of heart. The thought puzzle is: Does the air go into your body and move the lungs or do the lungs move like a bellow to push the air in and out and in or does the air go through your body and is drawn to the lub llub pulse-babble of your heart. Gender aside, here is a place to stand, two feet two ears one mouth.


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