Rewiring the System

Support Patch Adams

I met Dr. Patch Adams while he was doing a book tour prior to his selling the rights for the Movie. Robin Williams wanted in some small way to help fund the purchase of the land to house the Gesundheit Institute.

Thought the film focuses on his attention to comedy, the fact is that Patch is a fine doctor who is dedicated to health care as a human right. In one talk, Dr. Adams illustrated the work of human groups by the image of the cooperation in flight of Canadian Geese. The job of leadership means that the arrow of the beak of the first in line goose gets the brunt of the job of breaking into new space. The community acknowledges the need for taking turns in this endeavor. Each goose brings his or her best effort to this task.

Our human condition at this time clearly shows that every person must step up and contribute the best of whatever it is they can do for the greater good. Patch’s example is a good one. The leader does not have to be in front for ever. There is a time for planting seeds and a time for looking at photographs in the living room under the lightbulb. A time for development and a time for enjoying the fruit of all the efforts of the circle.

I will tell more of this story but for this dy Please look at this you tube interview:

Think about giving loving attention and kindness to all the people you encounter today. Know that living this way is a radical step forward in changing the world, one person, place, or thing at a time.  The oft and lofty phrase, ‘Be Here Now’ starts with the relationship you have with yourself in balance and calmness that supports your grace in action in every thought, action, and word.

Watch the video and send in a financial contribution to the Gesundheit Institute Foundation

6855 Washington Blvd. Arlington, VA 22213

or Look up Patch Adams, MD and the Gesundheit Institute and figure out what is needed in their work and what you can contribute. Step up and become part of the revolutionary change that is sweeping the globe. Be the change you want in health care as you build loving relationships. Fix our outdated and broken relationships with one another. Love is the only answer, Love one another.


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